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same old, same old, 15 May 2012

Nothing new, again no convincing performance by Sofia and Rico. The character of Rico is just stretching the suspension of disbelief and he's doing it in a boring manner. The rest of the episode is also so-so, Dylan is bwaark. As you have noticed I have given expression to my gut feeling, because there aren't a thousand ways to say that you are not hooked on a sitcom due to the fact that some characters have outstayed their welcome and/or aren't portrayed in a compelling way. To me it feels like the writing team is in a slump. Maybe the well has dried up, I don't know, but besides Phil with his nausea and Jay with the warm reminence of his last visit to Disneyland this episode was not good, to me.

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Meh, 29 April 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First of all, love the show.

But this episode (s3e19) leaves me bit disappointed. A bit to far stretched and predictable storyline. And with the storyline I mean Claire running for office. The build up of goofs and things that go wrong were over the top for me (for example, we know Walt's an antisocial character, but the way he acts in this episode is so extreme that I was waiting, in vain, for the moment that Phil, in anger, euthanises Walt with a pillow).

I feel like the freshness was a bit missing, I've had it before with Modern Family but each time they pull through with a next episode that's hilarious. I hope they can do it again.