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Was there a point?, 12 March 2006

Why? WHY?!??!?!??!?!!? This is beyond ridiculous. They could not possibly have been making a movie in their right minds. They must have had ecstasy slipped into their drinks or something of that nature because there is no other possible reason. My friend said this movie was so bad it was funny so I figured what the heck, I'll give it a shot. And funnily enough, it wasn't as bad as she said it was. It was worse. A lot worse. Trust me, this movie is what they make you watch in hell. If you're thinking, what's the plot, I'll laugh it at you, not because you've asked a silly question, but because of this movies absence of plot. Its unbelievable. There simply is not a single hint of a plot anywhere. Its just the same vacant looking girls with bad music running around bumping aimlessly into things. Don't touch it, talk about it, or even think about it. This thing makes a baboon's rear end look good.

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I don't believe it., 9 January 2006

I saw this cartoon rerun in Zurich (where i live), and I could not believe my eyes! The movie back in '98 made me disappointed, a. for having one monster fighting off a military (people don't come to see a monster fighting just the military, they want monsters fighting each other) and b. because they were trying too hard to be like Jurassic park at the end.

But this takes a completely different approach. The last baby of the Godzilla movie considers Nick (the main character) his "father", so whenever some ugly creature starts rampaging around New York (the enemy monsters can also be very well designed), so Godzilla comes and pretty much makes sure they can never touch New York again. He has the same design from the movie, and he can finally shoot fire from his mouth and is a lot more nimble. Godzilla fans rejoice.

Incredible., 3 January 2006

This is probably the best crime movie i've seen since Sin City. The way the camera fits in with the mood of the scene, music, and actors is with such perfect coordination, its easy to forget your're watching a TV screen. On a side note, the music was good too. The story is about 4 crooks in London trying to get something more out of life. They try to beat cards with local crime kingpin Harry, but fate turns against them, and they have to get £500,000 in 7 days, or face nasty consequences. This sparks an entire trail of events, flipping over from one person with their goals to the next, all coming together in the end for an explosive ending, which will leave you dumbfounded. Take it from me, when you and your friends are just really bored, get this movie and watch it with them.