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awful movie!, 6 July 2011

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I cannot believe the reviews I am reading for this movie! I would have walked out except I thought my friend was enjoying it, after leaving the theater I found out she did not like it as much as I did. From the beginning when Larry gets fired, it felt so stiff, acting and screenplay was not done well. He goes off to college, big surprise here! Meets young, hot girl who will change his appearance, and make him better looking when he was fine the way he was. All this movie promoted is what is wrong with America, change your looks to suit everyone else, foreclose on your home instead of paying your bills, divorce your husband and as he is getting pulled over for DUI laugh at him, etc. Hello, Julia Roberts is an alcoholic in the film and yet she and Hanks hook up and both of them have issues to work on, no chemistry at all between them. When they kissed it was so fake. It could have been so good, the right actors were there, loved the economics professor, when he was on screen it was the only time I got a good laugh.

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Really great movie/tearjerker though, 6 July 2010

This movie was incredible. I was crying so hard my kids thought I was nuts and when I looked in the mirror my eyes were swollen. But all in all it was worth it, as it makes you believe in love and loyalty to the end, definitely worth seeing. The dog, an Akita, was so amazing. It made me want to look into the breed a bit, but I think the idea is that any dog could be this loving and loyal to their owner. The actors/actresses did a great job, and just knowing it was based on a true story made it even more profound in my opinion. I am glad I did not see this in the theater and at home as I am afraid of how much I would have cried with the big screen, bad enough on my TV at home.

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Awful!, 1 July 2010

I sat through this movie wondering when it might be over. Would have left, except for my two daughters were slightly entranced. My 7 year old liked it, 9 year old could not stop pointing out the flaws afterwards, so that should tell you something. We love the series on Nick, this movie just misses the mark on so many levels. It is a shame as M. Night could have proved to us that he still has it, but alas that is not to be. Just as other reviewers noted, the acting is awful except for Uncle Iroh, and each nation has their own race which I found odd. Fire nation/Indian, Water/Caucasian, Air some mix between white and black, Earth/Asian? So many things were left out, and as the movie seemed quite short, there would have been opportunities to put them in, such as let us know about the necklace Katara wears (Gran Gran's), etc. I do not look forward to seeing the next one, even Azula could have been better cast. I would recommend to anyone to wait until it comes out on DVD, should not be long.