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"Extras" (2005)
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Comical drama, 6 August 2008

I think the genre of the movie is not clear to all... This is FAR from your normal comedy. It's borderline dramatic. You'll get to gigel and even laugh yourself to tears but the genius of the show doesn't lie here. It's the awkward moments and the depressing ones that make this show like no other.

I find myself sometimes wishing that Andy would find a new best friend, a new agent or at least a small break but the awkward comedy that follows always leaves me wanting for more, wanting to see how much he can take before he breaks.

The sadness that sometimes appears in Andy's eyes reminds us of all the unfortunes we had to go through in our lives. But he stands strong and so do we, just waiting to "have a laugh".

The ending fits perfectly with the theme of the show. "Tea for the Tillerman" offers a strangely thin comfort until the next time it will play, maybe under somewhat better circumstances (witch never really happens). I really think there is no better show to watch after a hard day at work. It always leaves you satisfied. So chin up Andy and do the magic that you do and maybe one day it will all be worth it!

The Hole (2001)
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HIGHLY overrated, 17 August 2006

How this movie has a ratting higher than 6 is a complete mystery to me! I consider myself to be a regular viewer. I especially enjoy horror movies and i trust IMDb whenever i feel the need to see one. After going through a few unpleasant situations (uncontrolable laughter followed by nausea) regarding a few <5 ratted movies, i have decided to take the viewers word and never see one again.

This is why i was looking forward to seeing the hole. Why? Because it is a 6.5 HORROR movie! But is it really? WHY is this a horror movie? Because of some chick spiting blood? Because of the site of a few worms? NO!!! Because it is HORRIBLE! I guess the genre is mistyped :) There is absolutely nothing worth seeing in this movie.

You have the two opposing stories cliché, a stupid uninteresting plot, below sea level acting, bad camera work, everything you need to create a "masterpiece". So please! If it's a scare you are looking for, try one of those satanic/end of the world productions. You might have better luck.

I rate this movie 0/10. Don't trust the star system :)