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21st Century cinema and television that still has the power to remind you exactly why you fell in love with the magical medium of film in the first place...
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classic films
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list of documentary films at the edges of consensus reality...
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Strange, beautiful and weird films from South-East Asia.
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Science Fiction, Fantasy, Surreal, Bizarre, Apocalyptic Films, High Weirdness
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These are the shows and series that exist on the edges of television consensus reality, some forgotten, some half-remembered and some celebrated as cult classics.
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A list of films and documentaries related to the coup d'état that took place on November 22nd 1963 and the subsequent cover up.
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Fantastic and phantasmagorical science-fiction, fantasy, horror, fairy-tales, surreal cinema and television from Russia and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe during the 'Soviet' and 'Eastern Bloc' era of global geo-politics, covering the period of 1924-1991.

We are often given the impression that films like 'Stalker' and 'Solaris' are the few exceptions to the steady diet of communist 'propaganda', film and television makers were compelled to produce; yet the vast majority of these films are completely at odds with this belief.

This is an entire cinematic universe waiting to be discovered and it has hardly begun to be coherently mapped out in the English speaking world (though there are a number of books and articles on the net if you dig deep enough) and this is one basic attempt to gather some raw data:

Any recommendations via email are very much welcome, particularly the more obscure films and television programmes that have yet to be translated.

Likewise, if you are from one of these countries and are interested in helping to translate any of these films into English, please get in touch as many of these deserve a far wider audience than they currently enjoy.

I am more than happy to go through the process of translating and making subtitles and give you all the help my time will allow: so no experience is needed, just a lot of time, effort and love for these films.
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All the films and television programs in this list have as far as I know (email me at address below if there are existing subtitles) yet to have official or unofficial "fan" subtitles created for them. All of these films will be representative of the genres of science-fiction, fantasy, horror, animation, arthouse/surreal from former "Eastern Bloc" countries like Poland, Yugoslavia, East Germany and Russia to name a few countries and were made during the "communist" period (1917-1991). If you are new to translating and/or subtitling and the film is available(most will be) as a video file, I can send you links to the rip and the dialogue timings already done on a simple text file, then all you have to do is fill in the blank spaces! - If you want to learn how to make subtitles files I can help. - If you already make subtitles, that's great, then the issue is just that of film availability. It is long, hard and often thankless work, translating and making subtitles, but once they are made, they are there forever! Also you are helping these films to reach a wider audience which all of them deserve. All credit will be given on the subtitle file to each person who helps. I will check all subtitles for grammar, punctuation, spelling - and give you any feedback you require concerning sentence structure - so at the very least you get an informal English lesson!
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List of Soviet and Eastern Bloc era animated science-fiction, fantasy, folktale and fairytale films from Russia and the countries of Eastern Europe covering the period 1924 to 1992.

Any suggestions would be most welcome and if you know of any articles, papers or reviews covering these genres of animation from this period, please let me know.

There a number of animations from this era that have never had an English translation or have been machine translated into English and need proof-reading and revising, if you can help, please get in touch.

There are currently, a small number of these animations for viewing on the Kosmikino You Tube channel: visit the blog address above for the link.