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Meanwhile (2011/III)
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A Return To The Style, He Does Best., 14 November 2012

In 60 minutes, an hour, Hal Hartley gives his loyal fans precisely what they want.

A deceptively simple story about a man (Joseph), who has many projects on the go, but still has time to assist others, during his busy day.

I have watched it once to date, but it reminds me strongly of "Book Of Life", in attitude and style. (High praise.)

Outstanding performances, delivered deadpan, with his trademark humour.

From what I gather, it is unlikely to receive a theatrical release, any time soon. So, do as I did, and buy it direct from Hal;

"Trust" me. ;O)

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Pretentious, Smug, Tedious and Infuriating..., 30 September 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

and those are the good elements ! Find a blank wall and stare at it for forty minutes. You've now experienced the first action packed segment of the film. It then perks up for five minutes with the introduction of an elderly Cafe owner's musing on men, specifically husbands.

Then the tedium returns with the pretension quotient heading towards infinity. There's the occasional laugh and the cinematography is outstanding but I wish I'd joined the couple who walked out after fifty minutes.

I want to shoot the scriptwriter twice, as they say in Miller's Crossing "You shoot him twice, your first shot puts him down, then you shoot him in the brain, then he's dead, then we all go home".

It's well acted but to what purpose ? The infantile attempts to say something profound about male/female relationships are intensely irritating.

So if your dream cinematic experience involves being bored catatonic, leavened by an occasional laugh, with a mounting feeling of fury as the leaden dialogue strikes again and again, falling on a bruise, then this is the film for you.

Otherwise, avoid.