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The Hole (2009)
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Creepy & Intense children's thriller, 25 September 2010

The Hole 3D is an intense thriller directed by Joe Dante and stars Teri Polo, Chris Massoglia and finally Haley Bennett. It's about a family who move into an abandoned house in peaceful suburb and small town. To begin with the film starts out as your average children's film with a few laughs and loving family setting but as the story slowly starts to unfold they discover a mysteries Hole under their home. This is when things start to change, not only does it keep the loving family remedy but secrets are unearthed and for a film that has been given a 12A certificate it's actually pretty scary. I went to watch this film with my uncle, younger brother aged 20 and his girlfriend aged 19 and seriously, without a doubt she admitted to us that she was scared. The camera work and unseen presence is great in The Hole 3D, I highly recommend going to watch this film, you'll love it from start to finish.

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Fun & Frantic 95 minutes of comedy, 24 July 2010

Okay well as a guy who for many years now has dated and been with older women I just had to go and watch this film. Not only does it star two great actors, Catharine Zeta Zones and Justin Barber but there are also two amazing young kids that add to the humour and inspiration behind the story. As you can tell from the films trailer it's about a lad who is in his early 20's and becomes attracted to a newly separated woman in her late 40's. There are many websites and viewers that have tried slating this film but personally I think that's just down to the way the public look at older younger relationships. For a comedy film based around the term older younger relationship it was very funny and reminded me a lot of the 80's comedy films from John Hughes, go watch this film if you're after a fun and frantic 95mins of comedy.

Shank (2009)
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Realistic and Graphic, 9 April 2010

So this film Shank…. I was round at a friends house one night and I must stress he his gay, now he knows that I'm not but I'm also very much into my films. With a huge smile on his face he hands me a DVD and told me not to ask any questions but just watch it and review it so here I am doing just that....

For the first few scenes of this film it comes across as very graphic, I won't say exactly how graphic but let's just say in terms of films that have concentrated on subjects such as the one portrayed it's the most graphic I've seen. It's clearly stated in the summery and plot synopsis that it's about a lad that after a chance meeting hits off a relationship but not just that this film has such a strong message on the kinds of things young gay couples or teenagers who think they are gay go through when it comes to telling family members and friends.

Yes this film is also very graphic in terms of violence, in fact the finale of this film was very graphic, in some ways I wish I could have turned it off but I continued watching for the fact that the story of fear, changes and the intense storyline makes you want to watch it through till the end but trust me when you do finally make it to the end there is one last twist which will leave an impact in different ways on different people. If you're gay, straight or even bi try and get a copy of this film, even if your friends take the mick out of you for doing so then once you've watched it convince them to watch it and trust me they'll see that this film is much more than just a film about a lad figuring out that he's gay, it's something much different.

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Heartwarming and so real, 21 March 2010

Starring Johnny Depp in the films lead role as Gilbert Grape alongside Leonardo DiCaprio as Archie Grape the autistic brother to Gilbert we soon from the opening scenes get the sense of a town being somewhat of a prison for the kids living there. You can tell straight away that Gilbert wants to leave but he's constantly pulled back into the lifestyle of looking after his younger brother and very overweight mother, he just wants to what's right by his family. If you want to watch a film that is so true to life in so many respect then What's eating Gilbert Grape is the film for you because once those end titles role up the screen you'll be left feeling so grateful for what you have and so sorry for the people that have to deal with the things shown in this film.

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Emotional and Fulfilling, 19 January 2010

Life Unexpected from CBS & Warner Bros channel The CW is about a 15-year-old girl trying to get herself emancipated to get away from the foster care system. Before I heard about this show I was hooked on another CW show One Tree Hill but then "Life Unexpected" popped up and I just thought "I have to watch this" because not only does it look different but from previews it looks exciting.

From the opening of the first scene right up to that finale of the first episode you can really feel the emotion that our main character Lux, played by Brittany Robertson is putting out to the audience followed closely behind her co-characters Cate Cassidy, played by Shiri Appleby and Nate, played by Kristoffer Polaha. By the way let's not forget the amazing Karr Smith who plays a love interest Ryan Thomas who ultimately gets caught up in the deep history as it unfolds.

At the end of the day without saying to much on the story of a young girl whose been thrown around the foster system for way too long before wanting to become emancipated I'm just going to leave you with one final thing… Whenever possible try and catch the first episode of this truly emotional and fulfilling new show, then you'll just want more and more episodes as the story unfolds, I honestly think there's a bright future for "Life Unexpected" catch it Monday's 9/8c on The CW.

Good sound effects, story a little weak, make up your own mind, 29 November 2009

Here we are again with another hand-held film edited together with supposedly found footage, the exact same way Clover field and REC were put together, well let's forget the other two films for now and just concentrate on Paranormal Activity. So we have a couple who are engaged to be engaged, the female is complaining about paranormal activity in their home and well her boyfriend is finding the whole thing funny as hell and it soon becomes clear that all he wants to do is capture some form of activity on camera. Throughout the film he pokes jokes at almost everything, even himself but his girlfriend isn't in the funny take the Mick mood and so the film slowly starts to unfold well that's until the paranormal activity begins taking nasty turns, watch the film to try and understand my review but then again also go to the cinema to laugh at the girls in the back row throwing popcorn all over the place when they burst out screaming, by the end of the film I was covered in popcorn from my girlfriend.

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You will want more....., 20 November 2009

Okay, so this is the first ever time I've done a review like this but I just got a brand new I-phone which means I can review as I'm there without getting busted for having my phone in the screening room. Twilight: New Moon, so I'm there right now at a 00:05am premier on Thursday morning and the opening credits are starting to roll, it looks like it's going to be a great sequel, I shall continue…. We have the gorgeous Kristen Stewart playing the lovely Bella Swan and Robert Pattinson playing the quiet Edward Cullen but then finally let's not forget Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black. So I'm going to watch the rest of the film but will continue my review when I leave the screening room…. So the film just finished and I just have to say the acting in this film compared to the acting in the first film was great, the story drags you in and makes you wonder what's going to happen next but in all it lives up to the expectations of the books. The visual effects in the film are amazing and to add to that the music has considerably been tweaked and now resembles that of a great soundtrack, some familiar songs you may just recognise. To finish this review I'm going to leave you with a simple line from Edward Cullen, oh no…. only joking I can't do that because then I'd spoil the film for you but trust me the ending will leave you wanting more!

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Low budget with great scenery…., 23 August 2009

The film stars Steve Zahn, Timothy Olyphant, Milla Jovovich and Kiele Sanchez in this low budget but really entertainment thriller mixed with awesome scenery and acting. I went into this movie expecting it to be a full blown slasher movie like the trailer kind of emphases on but in fact it's just more like a low budget thriller spiced up with some big stars. As the film progresses you do get a sense that things are all perfect but then things slowly start to get complicated, we start to see what's really going on but in all it's got a great story and is set on a beautiful island, anyone who is into their good thrillers then go watch this film.

Bates Motel (1987) (TV)
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Something different, 18 March 2009

As someone who really loves his horror films but will delve into other genres this film is something I went into watching with an open heart. The name never said Psycho to me or anything to do with the actual Psycho franchise but then again it doesn't need to be a part of the franchise because it's got a completely new story of its own. Let's move onto the cast, the cast is a bit of a weird line up but then again I think that's what made me continue watching it and yes it's actually got a story to it and tries to take helm from Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho franchise. I know I'm not really reviewing this movie and explaining much about it and that's because I don't really know what to say, what I will say is…. If you can grab a copy of this very rare film just watch it for the way it plays out, you may just enjoy, I know I did, maybe you'll book a night at the Bates Hotel just like myself.

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3D is the new meaning of cinema, 25 January 2009

Just got back from watching My Bloody Valentine 3D and I have to say I loved every minute of this film and when I say every minute I mean the full on 3D coming out of the screen scenes. I must state the fact now that this film doesn't really have that much of a story, it's a 3D film that just plays on the 3D of trying to tell a story and fails unfortunately. On a second note the acting is pretty good, actually it's really good, if you enjoy films literally in your face in 3D then go and watch this film, if you enjoy a deep story then don't go and see this film but then again if you enjoy gore and great special effects this is the one for you. There you go I just gave you three reasons as to why to go and see this film and only one in which not to go and see this film, what choice will you make?

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