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Eye-Opener for Mille Milliard De Dollars (1982) ~ GTI is ITT, 30 March 2006

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This is just a minor comment but... I just want to say this movie is great. It contains a lot of economic strategies and shows that multinationals are more powerful then entire nations. It is still very actual nowadays, maybe even more today... Less and less multinationals still exist today with larger and larger corporations controlling the world. However what I'd like to stress here in this quote is; GTI is ITT. The company in the movie, called GTI is in fact ITT (International Telephone and Telegraph). I'd like to refer to the book "The Sovereign State of I.T.T.". Most scenes of the movies are literally taken from the book. Of course they didn't include it into the movie's credits, it would come under fire. If you compare them, then it should be clear. Just my two cents.