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Most movies and tv-series about super heroes are rather crappy. The film makers rarely put enough effort into the details, but leave it all to the classical "super hero story" and the special effects.

A few movies and series deviate from this formula and create something really great. Below are my favourites - the only ones I believe are any good (although I might have missed some). Not really in best-to-worst order.
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For better or worse, I really love spy movies and crime movies. I think the movies listed below share the same spirit, in some way. The main character is often a spy or criminal and operates outside the law. Sometimes she/he is good, sometimes not. But it isn't just the usual morality tale.

(Or something - the essence I'm trying to describe is more than just that.)

Also, this list isn't quite-in-best to worst order - all movies here are great. But some are better than others...
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