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re: wilderness family
15 February 2006
I saw this movie as a child around the age of 10 i thought it was a one of the best movies. I ever saw that family had a beautiful life . i wish we could all live the life they did because if we did this world would have more peace the Robinson's really are a true all American family that believed that they could live in this world and be a family that are not really happenings today in this world there are two many divorces to much poverty love and hate and the world isn't like what it is today as what it was along time ago. the Robinson's stuck together and they know what the true meaning of love is which this world doesn't know they had very thing an all American family . i wish this movie would come back on shelves in Canada so we can buy it . i really wish people would stop and really see the love this family had cause if they co9uld do then why cant were this world would be a better place to live in if people would stop to think that we are people with feelings thats all i have to say Ty bye for now
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