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The Motel (2005)
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Heartwarming, 6 July 2007

This is one of the best Sundance Selection films I've ever seen. I'm a big fan of these types of films, ones that don't usually make it to the big screen.

This beautiful depiction of a young kid going through puberty in a hotel really show us still growing up that our childhood wasn't as desolate as we believe. You can connect so well with these characters and their story. The language really feels authentic.

Even little things, just small selections of dialogue make things feel all the more authentic.

Trust me- watch it and relive your childhood, and realize that we aren't alone in our struggle. The awkward difficulties and everything.

It'll make you laugh and cry, definitely worth a good 20$

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What A Movie Theater Was Made For!!!!!!!!, 18 August 2006

This movie is a fantastic, and fun film. While it does not have the great writing of movies i usually enjoy, "adaptation", "royal tenenbaums", and other movies like that, with the exception of certain comedies.

This movie is fantastic. Perfectly hokey, extremely over the top, snake violence with screams, and thrills, chills and everything.

It's funny, its scary, everyone screams out funny comments and screams in horror, people laugh, you will smile through all 2 hours of it. And stay even for the little music video by some weird band playing a song dedicated to snakes on a plane.

PLEASE go see it It's more worth it than anything, take it from me. I'm not even a fan of this kind of movie It's amazing!

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This show is great, 31 July 2006

Seriously, The true show that begs comparison to Seinfeld. Like the tag says its Seinfeld on crack, weirdest crazy situations that you can oddly relate to in some psychotic parallel universe.

Awesome show i also like how its made by a few buddies and then FX picked it up and it took off.

Try it, You'll LOVE IT

Also i love the group of friends in it their personalities reflect so funnily on each other which makes it seem like Seinfeld in such a likeness.

Also begs comparison to friends but friends was never this funny.