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Maybe the dullest show in ABC history., 9 November 2008

Here's my comment on "Dancing with the Stars" or as I like to call it, "Dancing with Obscure Bald Sports Figures and Other People Nobody can Name." Boy is this show dull. I tried watching two episodes and it was really very hard to stay awake. First of all, from the start the show doesn't work. Aside from Susan Lucci, I don't recognize ONE "star." Obscure athletes and hosts from bad shows on CABLE? THESE ARE STARS?? American Idol works because you are seeing waiters and waitresses become actual superstar singers. Kelly Clarkson is a perfect example of this. So is Jennifer Hudson and Carrie Underwood. What is exciting about watching a bunch of obscure celebrities that can barely dance, get praised for being better than other obscure celebrities that can't dance? I don't see the fun here.

And as if things weren't dull enough, AFTER the dance is over, the two "dancers" have to stand there while the annoying judges give them their opinions. Then as if THAT wasn't dull enough, the two "dancers" are then walked over to ANOTHER room and STAND THERE. All this so they see the judges scores. Why they have to go into another room for this is never explained. At this point I start to nod off. And do all judges on American Idol ripoffs HAVE TO HAVE A FAKE SIMON? it is all getting so boring already. The dopey judge at the end seems to be trying to get onto his own show or something, he just tries so hard to be funny and he's just pathetic.

How does anybody really get excited about this?

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Best fight scene ever in a Japanese Monster movie, 11 September 2008

I have seen just about EVERY Japanese monster movie including all of the Godzilla movies. This has got to be the very best fight scene of all of them. The two Gargantuas are relentless. They push each other into buildings and slam each others heads in the ground and all this happens while the army shoots lazers at the green one! Also, the miniature work in these scenes is also wonderful. The fight goes into Tokyo Bay and it just KEEPS GOING. The green one throws a ship at the Brown one and then the Brown one throws it right back! NEVER has a Godzilla movie or a Gamera movie come close to this. A truly wonderful monster movie.

When I was a kid in Los Angeles in the early to mid 70's, they would show "War of the Gargantuas" EVERY SINGLE NIGHT, for an entire week! It was called "The Channel 5 Movie Theater." They would really show the same damn movie every night at prime time! It seemed like every two months "War of the Gargantuas" would come on for it's weekly run! Every kid kid knew this movie. I am watching it right now as I write this.

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Not exactly a "compelling" story., 27 December 2007

I saw this as I was going through the dial. I watched about half of it because I was amazed anyone found this story interesting enough to make a movie about. I mean a high school janitor who has to take a test to keep his job as a janitor isn't exactly "ROCKY." I mean there are so many things to make movies about, who could've found this story and said "This is gonna make a terrific picture!" Also, the janitor fails the test! Then he finds out through a phone call that he never needed to take it anyway because he had been there long enough, so he can remain being the janitor! It doesn't exactly give you chills. The writing was nothing to boast about either. Whats next? A man that works at Target stocking shelves has to take a test to keep his job, then fails, but still gets to keep his job because he's been there long enough. WOW!! LET'S MAKE THE MOVIE!!!!!

Training montage comes too quickly into the film., 7 April 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The best thing about "ROCKY BALBOA" is Stallone's amazing heartfelt performance. The other thing is it is so far beyond the last two Rocky films, it's as if they were never made. One thing I had a problem with. The "Gonna Fly Now" training montage seemed to come a little too quickly into the story. When you look at the first three Rocky movies, we get to see Rocky struggling through his training sessions. Sometimes his training goes so poorly Rocky wonders if he should just quit. Then something wonderful happens like Adrian awakes from a coma and says "WIN!" or Adrian gives Rocky a great speech on the beach, and then the music starts and Rocky trains with his heart and sole and everything is happy and wonderful in Rocky's world. Not in "ROCKY BALBOA." The one and only time we get to see Rocky train, it is the "Gonna Fly Now" scene.

The way the film plays now, before any training we see Rocky sitting alone in the cemetery and Rocky Jr. comes up to him and tells Rocky he has just quit his job and wants to be with his father for the fight. The next scene is Duke telling Rocky about all the things he can't do because he is too old and all that. The VERY NEXT SCENE is the training montage. It's damn good, but it is just too quick into the story.

When I saw the deleted scenes on the "ROCKY BALBOA" DVD, I noticed something very interesting. There is a deleted scene where Rocky is sparring against a man who is knocking Rocky around pretty good. Rocky looks very depressed and looks like he's gonna quit. Paulie and Marie exchange worried looks. Now this scene should have STAYED IN THE FILM!! The next scene should have been Rocky sitting in the cemetery alone. Now it would look as if not only is Rocky thinking about Adrian, he is now wondering if he should really have this fight with Mason Dixon. Rocky has the weight of the world on his shoulders. Rocky's son comes up and tells him he just quit his job and will be there for him. When father and son hug, we NOW hear the first few notes of "Gonna Fly Now"!!!! That would have been a great "ROCKY" moment!! It also makes the scene with the son so much more important to the story. Another note on the training montage, I think Sly made a mistake not to have Rocky run through the market place. It would have been a great happy "Rocky" moment reminiscent of the first two films,. The film is very damn good the way it is, it just could have been GREAT. Sly talks about doing a directors cut on the DVD, so let's hope he makes this change!!

Pecker (1998)
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plays like a bad student film, 3 February 2006

Once again John Waters attempts to "Shock" us with his "Bad taste" and "outrageous" casting, but does nothing but bore the audience to death with another pointless dumb movie. The story is about some kid who is nicknamed "Pecker" and he takes pictures of just about anything like an old lady putting clothes into a washing machine or a chef holding a bottle of get the idea. This kid sees art in everything. The movie is so pointless and bad, it plays like a bad student film. A bad student film where the young director is trying to emulate David Lynch or something. There is an old lady in the movie that walks around carrying a talking statue of the virgin Mary. She makes it talk and she just walks around with it. You can hear John Waters saying: "The audience is gonna think this is so weird. I'm just soooo strange" No, John your just boring. Patty hearst makes an appearance as an art admirer or something and you just can tell John Waters thought it was just sooooo outrageous to cast her. No, John it is just boring. Maybe if she could act it wouldn't be quite so bad. There is also a Little sister character who constantly eats and she just likes candy. I suppose that's supposed to be hysterical. OOOh, candy! Lilly Taylor is in it, just so we know it's a small "quirky" movie. Pass on this one.zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz