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Magical, 7 July 2006

The Timeless Tales movies brought so much magic into my childhood. Every year for Christmas my grandfather would buy my siblings and I each a different movie. We watched them over and over again. I can't even explain the effect they had on us. It wrapped us up and made us believe that everything was good and the world was at peace. It made everything seem right. The Ugly Duckling was probably their best. The music was great, I remember we'd always sing it, everywhere we went. The Steadfast Tin Soldier made us cry! As sad as that sounds. These movies were a great idea, and magical. I recommend them to anybody with children.

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Horrible, 4 June 2006

If you've read the book, don't watch this movie. You'll be severely disappointed, especially since Mischa Barton played the part. Awful acting added to an amazing storyline does not work out. This is one of the few disappointing Disney channel originals. I know that it's common for the movies to be worse than the books, but this was ridiculous. The plot was completely changed, and some characters were left out entirely. I didn't even think I was watching A Ring of Endless Light, that's how different it was. Ryan Merriman did a pretty good job, as he normally does. But this movie had no where near the same effect on me or others I know as the book did. This book is amazing and I can't believe it's been degraded like this.