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Most Touching Character Death Ever, 3 June 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Beast Wars was one of the best shows, if not the best, that was on television. The characters were real. The stories were interesting. For a children's show this dealt with some very adult themes such as death, revenge, treachery, and more. But this episode has to be the best episode of the series in terms of emotion.

Dinobot's sudden change in allegiance causes Rattrap to distrust him even more. Megatron and Rampage discover that they can indeed change the future as they see fit using the golden disc. They find a valley where early anthropoid humans exists. Dinobot decides to correct certain mistakes he has made and decides to confront Megatron. He finds Megatron and the valley. Megatron decides to destroy the valley and everything that was in it to prevent the human race from existing to prevent their help of the Autobots in the Great War. Dinobot realizes that Megatron's powers will be limitless if he doesn't stop him from destroying the valley. Dinobot then radios Optimus for help but finds that he must make things right. He knows that Optimus and the others will not arrive in time to save the early humans. He knows he must stop them himself. In the process of saving the valley he destroys the golden disc and pays the ultimate sacrifice in a battle with Megatron. The other Maximals arrive too late. They can only watch helplessly has Dinobot lays dying. Rattrap forgives Dinobot. Dinobot's last words are to tell his story of the good with the bad so he may be judged accordingly. As his spark enters the matrix Optimus calls him one of the greatest of Cybertron. Dinobot is given a full warrior's burial. The humans use what they learned from Dinobot's last stand to use tools to prevent predators from getting them thus entering a new stage of human evolution.

This is the most touching episode of Beast Wars, and possibly any television series. Dinobot's sacrifice is incredibly brave. The musical score is so touching. Off all the deaths on the show Dinobot has the most memorable and touching. Transmutate was a touching episode, but we only saw Transmutate for one episode. We had a whole season and a half of Dinobot. He was in the first episode. We got to know him very well throughout the series. Plenty of other characters have died, but none were so memorable. Tigatron and Airazor disappeared and didn't really die. Depthcharge and Tigerhawk had noble deaths but so much was happening in that episode that we did not get to think about it for too long. Code of Hero just focused on Dinobot.

I cannot watch this episode without feeling touched. I cannot even think about Dinobot's last words without being touched either. He was everything a hero should be. He fought a battle he couldn't win against an enemy he couldn't defeat. He fought to the end because he knew it was the right thing to do. He started off as a bad guy, his allegiance may have faltered, and he may not have been the most trusted but he was the most honorable and bravest of them all. This may be a fictional tale with computer generated characters, but that does not mean it cannot affect you.

"The rest is silence."

Poseidon (2006)
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The Poseidon Remake, 19 May 2006

A brilliant testament to the good old 70's disaster films. People both good and bad die. A disaster that couldn't really happen. A group of people who couldn't really do what they did. All along the audience doesn't really care. They're just having fun.

This is a good remake. One of the best remakes I've ever seen. It doesn't try to completely redo everything from the original like Psycho or completely change the story like The Mummy. It takes the basic premise and makes a new movie around that.

THE PREMISE: A ship, called the Poseidon, is traveling on a cruise for New Years Eve. A large wave comes and knocks it over so it's upside-down. A group of strangers must come together and get out through the bottom. They face dangers all along the way. Not all of them get along but they must work together.

The original did it one way and this one did it another. Each does it pretty well. The original, without all the special effects, focuses on the interpersonal conflicts that arise. This one, with the better special effects, focuses more on the dangers of the ship and how the group must work around it.

If you're looking for the liberal priest, the tough-as-nails cop, the ex-hooker, the know it all kid, the mentally challenged singer, the overweight former swim champion, and all that from the original then the original is what you want to see. If you're looking for the scene where the ballroom fills with water and the hero must close the door watch the original. If you want to see the shy guy and the singer get make jokes in the upside-down barber shop watch the original. If you want to see the hero yell at God while he turns the steam valve watch the original. This movie is almost completely different, with few exceptions. There's the ballroom, the kitchen, the shaft, the ventilation ducts, and the long hallway in the bottom of the ship. A few people die the same way, some slightly different, but most completely different. It's a different movie.

You can't expect much from the movie. Don't expect this to enlighten anyone. Don't expect to find some deep meaning. Definitely don't expect the original. Just go in expecting the ship to turn over and them trying to get out. Go in with that and you'll leave happy.

The movie does have some flaws. The characters doesn't seem as developed as the original did. The wave is a "rogue wave" with no reason whatsoever while at least the original gave it the excuse of an underwater earthquake. There's almost no conflict between the characters, while the original focused on their conflict. The only conflict is with the jerk and he doesn't seem to really have a reason to be such a jerk. Richard Dreyfuss, God bless his soul, is a wonderful actor. But I heard he had done this just for money which is a shame. He does a pretty good job. But it seems like every time he's on screen he's just trying to show you he's gay. After the first couple scenes of him you're just like "Ok, I get it now. He's gay." The music during the parties doesn't seem to fit really well with the movie.

This is an edge-of-the-seat kind of movie. The ship turns over in the first half-hour. You get right into the action. While you know the whole time that they'll get out, you just have no idea how. This time there's more locked doors, more dead-ends, more debris, more water coming at them, more of it all. But beware, this is not for the faint of heart. There are lots more deaths and dead bodies. The original seemed to show the ballroom and the kitchen full of people and the rest of the ship was almost empty, except for the bunch on the bottom of the ship. This one is more like a real cruise ship. There's plenty of people all over the ship. Definitely see this in theaters. It's just one of those movies you can't watch on your TV. This special effects movie needs to be seen on the big screen. So go to the theaters, get some popcorn, candy, and a soda and enjoy the movie.

One last thing. Anyone who reads Mad Magazine will notice something that happens. If you read their original parody they make a joke. Well it would seem that the director thought that joke was funny and did a small testament to that. I won't say what it is, but those who've read old Mad Magazines will know what it is.

Enjoy this movie while you can. It just won't be the same on DVD.

Godzilla (1998/I)
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Come On People, Relax., 29 April 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

So what if it's not the big hit like Star Wars or the huge Oscar winner like The Godfather. Not every movie can be that. This is still good. It's not the kind of movie where everyone who watches it says "Oh my gosh that was the best movie EVER I just have to watch it over and over again!" But it's not the kind of movie where five minutes in you're wondering "Uh, what is this crap?" But after reading some other comments I'm going to try to respond to a few.

"He doesn't have the screen presence of the original!"

Of course it doesn't have real screen presence! It's a computer generated image. But the original was a guy in a rubber suit in a model city. That's about as fake as they come. At least this movie used real locations and put the monster in. Of course since people have nothing to base a fifty story lizard off of it looks real enough. The original is just a guy dressed as a lizard. He moves and acts like a person in a suit. This one actually acts like a giant lizard. If a lizard was fifty stories or so that's probably how it would act.

"Does he breathe fire or doesn't he?"

No! But do real lizards breathe fire? It's hard enough explaining how a fifty story lizard came to be. They don't need to complicate it anymore by having to explain fire breathing.

"How hard is it really to pronounce Tatopoulos?"

It's a joke people! A running gag. If you saw that and didn't hear how it's pronounced could you do better?

"The story is unrealistic."

It's a movie about a giant lizard. How realistic is it supposed to be? John McClane gets through all of Die Hard with no shoes. Indiana Jones seems to single handedly defeat every single German that comes at him. Axel Foley can solve any crime in Detroit and Beverly Hills. Movies aren't made to be realistic. They're to be entertaining.

"He goes down way to easily."

They seem to hit him with a lot before he actually goes down. Torpedoes, missiles, machine guns. He takes a lot of damage before he dies. Also I think he kind of gave up after all his kids were dead.

"All the baby Godzillas look like raptors."

Alright I'll give you that one. The whole thing with the babies probably could have waited till a sequel to do. It does seem to drag on the movie a little longer than it really needed to be. It doesn't really have you looking at your watch waiting for it to end. The movie is action-packed enough so you're not thinking about the time too much.

"It's too much like Jurassic Park."

You could say the same thing about Star Wars and Star Trek. But those two seem to get along fine.

"He only runs, he never fights."

He has no weapons. He's an animal. Not a person. He could stomp on them I guess but that would probably make him an easier target. He's not stupid. If you were to start shooting things at your cat or dog and it hurt it would it attack you? Probably not. It would probably run from you.

"It's just not the original."

Neither is The Mummy with Brendan Fraser. But for some reason that one's considered a great remake. Both pretty much do the same thing. They both took the basic idea of the original and applied it to a different situation. They couldn't just do exactly what the original did or you get just another Psycho remake. They took the idea of a lizard, enlarged by radiation, coming to modern day America, and how America tries to deal with it. People have seen all those campy monster flicks. You don't keep eating the same breakfast cereal every morning. You got to give audiences something different than what they expect.

"He doesn't destroy enough."

What do you want him to do? Just walk around destroying everything he sees? He's not there to destroy the city. He's there to live, to make a nest. You don't go around destroying your household. He's trying to make New York his home, not a garbage dump. He could go around destroying everything, but for what reason? It would make no sense to have him mindlessly destroy everything.

"It's GINO (Godzilla In Name Only)."

LIGHTEN UP PEOPLE! If you really wanted to see a guy in a rubber suit attacking Tokyo then watch the Japanese movies. This is supposed to be different. It's supposed to not look like the original. If you want to see the Mummy as a well-known member of society then watch the Boris Karloff Mummy. If you want to see the Mummy turn into a wall of sand then watch the Brendan Fraser Mummy. If they did have a guy in a rubber suit you would all be complaining that "It's just copying the original, it's not doing anything different."

This is a great movie if you just give it the chance. So at least watch it once. It seems that it's just one of those where you either love it or you hate it. Don't go in expecting the original. The original is a classic in it's own right. It's a good action film that you can take your kids to without worrying about blood, gore, violence, language, etc. The worst part (violencewise) is the ending, which only shows Godzilla getting hit with missiles. Other than that it's pretty clean.

It seems to me that there are plenty of people who do like this movie. I like this movie. I bought it. I would like to see a sequel. I think it was well done.


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How Movies Should Be Made, 22 April 2006

This is one of the most fantastic movies I have ever seen. Brilliantly done. This will be one movie that will be remembered for years to come.

The story works. I ride the Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland all the time. It's so refreshing to see that they just didn't copy the ride story like Haunted Mansion did. It's original and doesn't feel like you're just going on the ride. They used parts of the ride but only when it fit into the story. They could have perfectly well made this story without the ride at all and it still would be good. The scene where Jack is in the prison and the others are trying to get the dog to come over is hilarious, if you've been on the ride. But it's not like the whole movie revolves around that dog. Just one of the subtle touches that people love.

I could go on forever on the acting. Every character is perfectly cast. But the two that I must point out is Johnny Depp and Geoffrey Rush. While every single actor and actress does a good job, these two stand above the rest. Barbossa is no nonsense and completely threatening. A villain worthy of the ranks among Darth Vader, Sauron, and Hans Gruber. Jack Sparrow is . . . well he's different. Completely unique. Like none you've ever seen before. Depp plays him almost like Christopher Walken would. He does goofy things with all seriousness. He steals just about every scene he's in. And when those two characters meet it's like when Batman and Superman meet. Two great characters, great on their own and even better together. I just love the way they play off each other.

The CGI also terrific. It's not over the top like some movies tend to get. When they need CGI they use it but don't use it everywhere. Just the right amount. The most incredible scene is the Barbossa-Sparrow fight. The two go in and out of the moonlight, both turning into skeletons, and yet the CGI doesn't take away from the fight itself. The CGI use is so great you'd have to go through the movie frame by frame just to get it all. The CGI is just used to enhance the already good story.

The soundtrack is outstanding. The music never overwhelms the movie. It fits in perfectly. It's also a great soundtrack to listen to on it's own. It's one of my favorite CDs.

Now, no movie is without it's flaws. The rules for the curse seem to change. Like how exactly did Bootstrap Bill get out of the curse? Why does Barbossa die when he's shot before Will drops the coin? It seems that a movie of this size should have had such an important part of the story a little more defined. But unless you really stop and think about it or are just picky like that who cares. Also the last fight scene seems a little tacked on. They just had this huge climatic battle and then they decided to add just one more. It sort of seems like a pistol shot after a cannon blast. It is nice to see Will and Jack working together but after the previous fight it seems to drag the movie on longer than it needs to be. But the movie works anyways.

A great movie for everyone to enjoy. Go out and rent this, then go and buy it. You'll love it. A movie you'll never regret seeing.

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It's Different So Give It A Chance, 13 March 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I've read a lot of criticism and they all say the same thing "It's not the Animated Series with Kevin Conroy." Of course not. And they're not trying to be. This show is a response to Batman Begins just as the original cartoon was a response to Tim Burton's Batman. It's trying to take a different spin on the classic idol. If it did try to copy the original cartoon people would only complain that it is coping it. Joker could never do what Jack Nicholson or Mark Hamill did because they did too good of a job being the Joker. Everything on the show is trying to do something different and unique. Something we haven't seen before. Whenever someone does another version of something we already know you just have to let go and accept it for what it is. Batman Begins restarted the Batman movies and The Batman restarted the Batman cartoons.

The problem I saw with the original series is that it just ended. It was a great show but it just got absorbed by all these other shows. I loved Batman, his allies, and his enemies but I want to see just them. Justice League is a good show but Batman is just a co-star. I want to see what happens to just Batman. Teen Titans is fun to watch but Robin is just too good. I want to see Robin be Batman's sidekick and mess up as he's supposed to do. Batman Beyond was great but it showed the end of everyone. I want to see the battles of Batman and the villains not the end (I mean they showed how Joker and Mr. Freeze died and why Robin and Batgirl quit). It's refreshing to see a show focusing on just Batman and how he began. It's a little different but you can't always show the same thing all over again.

I like this show. The animation looks good. The stories are interesting. I like how not all the gadgets work right and Batman doesn't always know what to do. It shows that he's still learning. That he wasn't always the great hero who did it all. He made mistakes and learned from them. It's nice to see him learn how to do it all. Alfred stills has to help Bruce along. He's still learning to deal with Bruce's nightlife himself. The police haven't learned to trust him yet. It's not the "everyone is fine with Batman" that the original series became or what Justice League is. It gives it a better sense of reality that not everyone trusts him right off the bat (no pun intended).

Now I do have my complaints. I don't like Mr. Freeze's far less sympathetic beginnings. He's more of a common thug than a scientist gone bad. Bruce's friend became Clayface and instead of trying to get help he's out for revenge. Then he became pure evil with no chance of help. Too many episodes with Joker and Penguin and not enough of the other classic villains. Instead of having Bane come back Joker just took his technology. Commissioner Gordon just appeared after never being seen. Once they introduced Batgirl they focused a lot less on Bruce and Alfred and more on her. But the show is still good regardless.

Die hard Batman fans can complain all they want but really only the comics will have the comic's stories. No show or movie will have those stories exactly. Something will get lost or replaced at some point no matter how hard you try. I can see a lot of new fans being introduced thanks to this show. If it wasn't for the original cartoon I never would have been into Batman. And I'm sure many youngsters will have the same thing to say about this show. It's light enough so children can watch it. But still dark enough so fans can enjoy it too. Batman is still pretty dark and mysterious but not dark enough to scare kids. So on Saturday mornings just sit back on the couch, flip on The Batman, and relax. It's a good show for everyone to enjoy if you just give it the chance.

8/10 A good show that has some room for improvement.

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