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Fisher King – Another masterpiece from Gilliam
18 December 2007
New York is not just a city. New York is a model, model for the "world full of busy people," where the person is too grounded and too occupied to stop, look up into the sky and simply say "look it's beautiful".

Jeff Bridges plays a guy, anchor of the popular radio show and his popularity allows him to "make love with his ego." No one can stop him from self obsession, even the beggar knocking on his Porsche car window. Almost nothing can wake Jack Lucas(character played by Jeff Bridges), except for his own announcements in radio, which gives birth to tragedy.His ego can't stand this and turns him into heavy drinker. Once being drunk to death he goes wandering in the streets, thinking about his lost fame, here he encounters character named Parry, played by Robbin Williams. Possibly Gilliam influenced by his early work for Monty Piton(Monty Piton and Holy Grail) turns Parry to a character who seeks Holy Grail, however in this case Grail is just a symbol, symbol which will allow Parry to return to sanity and forget the tragedy which happened to his wife, the tragedy which links to Jack… However before the search for Grail begins the movie prepares us to this point. In the legend of Holy Grail the person should have been prepared to find it finally, he should have faced serious challenges and then become ready for the quest, so does the movie. Parry wants to get possession of the Grail during the whole movie, he knows where it is, however somehow he can't reach it and thinks Jack is the one chosen for this mission, however Jack does not even think finding it. However finally we get to this point and as mentioned above the grail is found and links the various topics of the movie together.

The atmosphere in the movie is typical to Gilliam's style, which reminds his early "Brazil" and later work "Fear and loath in Las Vegas". The scenes are overloaded with various subjects, which is normal for Gilliam, the camera moves in experimental way and so on. The movie features "Snap's" "I've got the power" song and appears every time Jack Lukas enters his luxurious house, car or office. However the question in the movie is what real power is, Jack having fun in his pent house, Parry dancing naked in the central park of New York, finding true love (by the end of the movie everything comes to this point), or maybe simply the human relations? The movie raises all of these possibilities and it is up to the viewer to find sense in the messed tale like world of Terry Gilliam.
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Ostrov (2006)
16 May 2007
Though all of my friends were recommending this picture I was very skeptical about it at first, I could not imagine the director of "Oligarch" to make something really worthy, I was mistaken and I realized it within the first moments of the movie. During the whole film I was filling delight for every moment of the film, the acting, the work of operator... everything was great, especially the idea, to be more concrete the way director brought the idea to us. It took Russians more than 20 years to make movie of Tarkovsky's level, so I am not afraid of the word "masterpiece" in this case. So far I have watched this movie two times and I am sure that I will watch it some more times. I think that this movie will be interesting for all kind of people, despite their likes in the field. So if you have not seen it, go and watch it!
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