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Bridal Wave (2015) (TV)
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A perfect and predictable Hallmark, Movie, 22 March 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Here is the thing. Those of us that love Hallmark movies know what we are getting into, and we love it. I'm so tired of the negative comments against these type of movies. If Hallmark isn't your cup of tea then don't watch them. They are my favorite kind of tea.

***SPOILERS**** This is a story about finding someone who values the right things. Contrary to another reviewer, our hero is not a loser. He is a guy who has been successful, but taken a break to find himself. Since when does that make one a loser? He owns a home and is a wonderful hero for our movie. It's a story about not getting married because it makes 'sense', but because of the unexplainable connection that you feel with the right person. Another reviewer commented on wealthy snobs winning over everyday people. Huh? The movie is the opposite of that, sounds like bitter grapes to me (or total immaturity). It's the journey of three people, two of whom are not seeing clearly and it took the presence of the third character and his absolute certainty to bring clarity to all three. What is so great about this story is that none of our three main characters are 'bad' and all of them end up with what/who they really want.

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Pleasantly surprised, 7 May 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

*******This review may contain spoilers*********

I'm not a fan of modern day half hour sit-com. Just not my cup of tea in the post Taxi/Cheers/Seinfeld era, which means I don't usually watch them or review them. But I did love the Movie of the same name. What did I love most about it? That the romance was not between the boy's mother and the lovable but slightly misguided man/child. Somehow it made the relationship between the man and the boy more authentic. No ulterior motives involved.

Because of my love for the movie I gave this series a try and found I absolutely love it. The entire tone of the show hits me in the right way. I love that these two adults, who could not be more opposite, can develop a relationship that is completely based on their mutual love for Marcus. They often disagree but every now and then one will come to realize the other is right. It is a not too sophomoric but is totally feel good. Is it a 10 compared to an Oscar winning movie? No, but it is an 8 for me when judging as a sit-com in the year 2014.

To the reviewer who wrote such blistering criticism towards Minnie Driver, saying how can we possibly buy into the young hot Will ever being with ugly old Fiona, what are you talking about? You are entitled to find her old and ugly (which I don't agree with at all) but there is absolutely no romance set up between these two. That was a big part of the original story. I hope that the writers understand how important that we never go in that direction. It would ruin what I consider the heart of the story...a man being there for a fatherless boy, and a boy helping him grow into a better man.

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I love this show!, 18 December 2013

I don't understand all the hate here. It seems like there is so much animosity directed towards anything that supports, well, home and family.

I adore this show. I enjoy the energy between all the people that appear regularly. Their interactions feel very authentic. You can tell their guests feel that energy and always seem so comfortable! I enjoy the topics they cover and often pick up tips or ideas that I find useful.

I hope that they have enough viewers to keep it around. If it's not your cup of tea that's fine. Maybe you prefer Today or if you're in So Cal, Good day LA. But there are some of us who don't need the political jabs (yes, I reside right of the middle) and just want enjoyable non-confrontational morning TV with people who seem, well, nice.

TV should be about variety since that is what makes the human race so unique. Thank God we don't all like the same things. I don't go onto IMDb to smack down the shows I don't like. Instead I don't watch but respect that others may enjoy them.

So you have your shows and let me have mine...

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A really entertaining new series, 31 July 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I often will DVR a new show and watch it after 3-4 episodes have recorded. I'm really glad I did that here, because the first episode was OK, but didn't grab me until a few episodes in.

Can I say that one thing I LOVE is the way Maxwell dresses. I am so TIRED of seeing women playing cops on TV dressed like they're going out for a beer on a Friday night, cleavage and all. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure a time will come where she's all decked out (in an appropriate situation) and will knock our socks off (like Kate on Castle). It's refreshing that she (the writers) don't take that tired road here. In real life we don't all run around all day showing cleavage and wearing the extra tight jeans in our work environment. We save that for 'after work' time :)

I really love everything about this show; plots, conflicts, character development, zany 'not lead' characters. ***Spoiler*** And how fun was it to have a cameo with Rebecca's real life husband Jerry, playing a sleazy guy named Jerry!

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What a great romp back to my 'young' adulthood!, 19 January 2013

Wow. I read some of the reviews here and find some of them absolutely ludicrous. People, this is not a movie whose purpose is to push you to ponder the meaning of life. It's like eating junk food….pure unadulterated fun! Rock of Ages hits perfectly what this movie is supposed to be…a fun musical romp into an era of time with a little cheese thrown in and fantastic actors to back it up. For me it was perfection. If you're of a certain age, Rock of Ages is a trip down a musical memory lane, but with better eye candy than how I remember it.

I grew up 60's/70's but was a young adult in the 80's. I always say I hate 80's music but this movie reminded me that I don't. In fact some of the songs put a visual context that made me feel much more nostalgic for those days of the big hair bands. I think 1987 was exactly the point in time I was following my 'wannabe rock god' boyfriend and hanging out at those clubs on the sunset strip. It made me remember a slice of my life that isn't quite the same in today's world. Do people still rock out or get discovered at clubs like the Roxy, the Whiskey, Gazzari's, club Lingerie, the Central? Is 'Pay to Play' still going on? Maybe it's exactly the same and I'm just old now.

Regardless, this movie brought that period of time back to me, but it looked prettier here than how I remember it and provided a much happier ending. I LOVED IT.

If you're looking for a movie to have some fun with, this is a gem. Don't over think it.

"Touch" (2012)
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Wow^2, 22 March 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

As a few reviewers wrote in their titles….Wow! I squared it.

***Spoilers Ahead***

As someone who knows a bit about mathematics and has long been fascinated by the connection between Autism and genius (yeah, since Rainman) I found this show sucked me in right from the beginning. I usually don't go for sci-fi fantasy type stuff unless it has some basis in reality that I can grab on to (Person of Interest) but this is one that surely got my full attention.

If you're the kind of person who hates Hollywood 'feel good' then this may not be your cup of tea. But if you do like to feel good and don't mind suspending reality for an hour, then this is a heck of a ride. Kudos to whoever came up with a premise that gives a father hope that his son is living with this amazing ability, this amazing life, while not speaking a word or able to stand human touch. I would imagine that any parent of an autistic child would be thrilled to find out that their child's life had such incredible substance and meaning. Or a parent of any child for that matter...I'm not suggesting that autistic children's lives are meaningless.

So yes, it has high 'sap' factor but my days of watching French 'slice of life' films are long behind me. Now just give me some sort of satisfaction and a warm fuzzy feeling in the pit of my belly.

Ceremony (2010)
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Absolutely worth watching, 9 January 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS!!!! I have a guilty secret. When I start to watch a movie that I've taped on my DVR I usually come to IMDb and read some of the reviews just to get a sense of where it's going before I give up my time. I know, terrible, but there you have it.

So I read some of the reviews here and though uh-oh, I might as well work while I watch this one, which I did but not very successfully. As in I didn't get much work done because I was completely entertained by this movie. I know we've seen all kinds of wedding movies with similar plots. But if you really think about it there are only 5-6 plots in movies anyway (if you take out the specific details). So I'm fine with watching similar plots over and over, because there really is no choice on that anyway.

I thought the storyline was great. I read another person say that the characters were all unlikable, but I disagree. I thought that it was a story about a very immature 23 year old who had a fling with an older woman and is handling it like a 23 year old. His insecurities made him act a certain way, but I had empathy for the pain he was really feeling and and the sincerity in his feels of love towards this woman. He was the kind of person who has the gift of gab and which led him to throw phony compliments to his friend while he manipulates and uses him. But that didn't take away from what I saw as real caring for his friend, Marshall. In fact I'm sure Marshall really appreciated the attention he got from Sam as he had his own issues which made him appear as someone who doesn't get out much.

I also appreciated the fact that this wasn't the predictable boy loves girl, boy tries to break up impending marriage and boy succeeds.

I read someone else complain that Zoe was marrying an *hole who you knew was an *hole from the start. I didn't see it that way at all. I thought the finance Whit was 'who he was', but really loved and cared for Zoe. He even allowed this 'fling' to be a pen pal of Zoes and when he shows up at the wedding there was no hissy fits, because he loves Zoe so much. Yes he was a bit self absorbed but so are many successful people.

I thought the emotions that Zoe felt for Sam were very real and appropriate for what their situation really was and her reluctance to hurt him was well written. I didn't take it that she didn't love Whit or was marrying for the wrong reasons. Her relationship with Sam was this slice of life thing for her and she was happy moving forward in her life, but for Sam it was so much more. At the end you could see that Sam (and Marshall for that matter) grew up a little bit more. Isn't that true for your one big heartbreak? It sends you to the next phase of your life, and that's what I felt for both boys at the end. New phase. Growing up, but not yet grown up. Ah, to be young and that crazy in love again!

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A really great Romantic Drama/Comedy, 29 December 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS I voted higher than I really wanted to because there is no way this movie is what it's currently rated at which is 4.6. It wasn't a '10' but it was a well written and acted romantic comedy/drama. I actually would not call this a romantic comedy. I would characterize it more of a drama with comedy on the side.

I thought the story was entertaining and believable and the actors all did a good job. It has all of the dysfunctional family drama that drives the plot of this type of movie with the prerequisite lessons learned and ******SPOILER ALERT****** happy ending. I am a lover of all things romance and LOVE my predictable Hollywood happy endings. No more french 'slice of life' independent flicks for me.

I really enjoyed this move and even cried at the watch it if you haven't. It won't be the best movie ever but I doubt you'll be upset that you took the time.

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I don't miss an episode, 7 August 2011

I watch almost all of the crime TV shows. This is by far my favorite mostly due to the delightful chemistry between the two female lead characters. I think Angie Harmon is so perfectly cast, that alone makes the show a hit for me. She is so believable as the not 'girly girl' cop with the crazy dysfunctional Italian family (boy can I relate). I was not familiar with Sasha Alexander (NCIS is about the only crime show I don't watch) but I think she too is perfectly cast. I am now a big fan of hers. I love the writing, particularly as it pertains to their relationship. It's so yin/yang. As others have mentioned, just the right amount of humor to make it human.

If you haven't watched this show get on board, you won't regret it.

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My favorite new series, 5 February 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Fairly Legal is witty and entertaining both visually and mentally and the premise is fresh and new. It helps that I absolutely love Sarah Shahi, one of the most attractive and engaging women in TV, and was heartbroken when my favorite old series 'Life' was canceled. I love the whole 'USA...characters are welcome' slogan because thats exactly what they provide. Crazy messed up flawed funny likable characters. Sarah plays Kate who is clearly as obsessed as I with Christian Louboutin shoes (the extra high ones), yet she still has a sense of tomboy about her. One of her 'character' traits is wanting to flee when she feels anxious or nervous about going face to face over a particular issues. Of course that also makes her chronically late. She gets this deer in the headlights look and...RUNS. It's hilarious.

The 'mediator' premise which lends itself to lots of conceptual dialog about the difference between the law and justice is thought provoking as well as her point of view that in court someone wins and someone loses but in mediation its 'WIN WIN!'. Add to that the complicated relationship with her step mother Lauren, whom she tells to her face that she hates, but I'm certain that over time we will see these 2 woman gravitate towards each other (kicking and screaming the whole way). The underlying premise of this show is need for Kate to make peace with her dead father and it will be an interesting ride.

If you haven't started watching yet get caught up either on the internet or through your cable on demand and get on this fun ride.

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