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Crash (2004/I)
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I cried and just felt such understanding, 18 January 2006

Wow! All I can say is that this movie pulls the most sensitive issues laying underneath your skin and makes you realize that you might have stereotyped another due to socio-economic environment and personal attitudes about intolerance. This movie touches the depth of your humanity and speaks with you like a ghost in the night. Once you watch this movie, you will have an understanding of negligence on the part of America. I think the one thing it lacked was the gun owner should have reaped what he sowed. We as a nation should all watch this movie and remember that regardless of the color of our skin or our religious or ethnic differences that we all live here. We have to live together, so lets get to know each other and lets get along! I will definitely own this movie!

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oh my it was funny, 25 December 2005

movies that touch your heart and remind you of your own childhood. that is what i pulled from this movie. Jenna was my best friend and maybe later my competition:) Growing up in the early 80s i remember roller skating and Michael Jackson's thriller. those were carefree days and Freddy Krueger night shows. Jenna portrayed what the 80s were like and then later her innocence was so endearing like the phrase "I saw his thingy", and "he didn't have any games to play with". Movies these days are too absorbed in drugs, sex and how to combine the two. I was so thrilled that this movie was something that an adult and teen could get something from. This movie although somewhat risqué was still innocently playful and a delight to all over 12..:)