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7 días (2005)
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A Great Film, 12 January 2007

I must admit that my reason for seeing this film was none other than hottie Jaime Camil. I didn't even have a clue as to what the plot was, but nonetheless I was determined to watch it. Well, I was in for a really good treat because this movie completely blew me away. Although I am Mexican, I am saddened to say that I am not a big fan of Mexican movies. I am a proud Mexican, but for some reason these movies don't attract me. This movie was a good slap in the face for me because I realized that perhaps Mexican movies CAN be good. I was actually shocked at the very interesting plot and the performance by all the actors, including Camil, of course. Over all this movie definitely deserves 2 thumbs up for it is entertaining and funny.

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One of the most touching films I've ever seen, 13 October 2006

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When I first saw this movie announced on t.v. I immediately knew I wanted to watch it because it had two of my favorite young actors in it: Ricky Ullman and Danielle Panabaker. However, I never thought that the movie would turn out to be so good. Danielle did such an amazing job as the sister of a young man named David who passed away, and is now curious to see who the recipient of her brother's heart is. Throughout the entire movie she and the character played by Ricky Ullman, must travel to the place where this boy is located. Her perseverance and struggle are portrayed beautifully and it is touching to see her surprise once meeting the boy who has the heart that once belonged to her brother. One part of the movie that truly made me cry was when Danielle's character told Winston if he had ever cared about how David's family felt when he died. Although it seemed a bit cold, it's hard to understand the pain she must have been going through to meet him and to know that her brother is dead. It's great to see that there are still good young actors out there, and Danielle Panabaker and Ricky Ullman definitely deserve a 10 for their acting. This story is a true tearjerker.