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loved it! so beautiful....., 7 February 2007

what a beautiful film. I think it really shows what true love is: waiting for someone whom you haven't even met in person. quoting

"More than anything, it's wonderful to watch as the main characters grow to love each other based on friendly conversation, not physical attraction or some personal agenda. Sandra Bullock was drawn to that, too, noting that the couple avoids "the superficial song and dance that always happens when people first meet and are trying to present their best side. ... Because of the unusual nature of the connection there's no embarrassment and no fear of sharing all of yourself because there's a part of you still saying, 'Well, this doesn't really exist,' or 'Even if it does, I'll never meet this person so what's to worry about?' What makes them fall in love so deeply is the utter fearlessness they have in revealing their vulnerabilities up front."

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better than most small movies, 6 September 2006

Sing Moment of Truth is better than most small name movies. it has good wrestling footage, and is intense enough that you're not bored to death. It was good for what it was, and I recommend it to wrestling fans who liked Sting. it does have a rather weak ending, though. however the pictures of his family during the credits are good. you can see more or less what he's become. kudos to his wife for putting up with him! and good emphasis on the message that God forgives no matter what you've done. bravo. so good luck with the next movie!

there is some weirdness, and you might want to look somewhere else for a good kids movie.

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a movie i was truly glad to discover. i had so much fun sharing it with my friends and family., 30 April 2006

a great movie that shows many realities. it should be watched carefully and open minded, so that you don't miss anything. also, this movie introduces many elements that induce deep thinking, if you are a thoughtful person. this movie combines a wonderful mix of action, suspense, romance, and sufficient drama to put any viewer on the edge of their seat. also, it is healthy, something even my little brother could watch and enjoy. the characters are delightfully unpredictable, and intrinsically entwined in a way you never would expect. they are very entertaining each in their own way and i found the acting to be superb! esp Jim Cavieskel! his depictions of his heavy emotion led me to understand how he got picked out for his role in the Passion of Christ. watch it!