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This is What Comics Mean to Me, 27 November 2010

Like most comic readers, I am surrounded by people who simply just don't get it. Even in 2010 with superhero movies charting the box office, many people still view comics as simple childish escapism.

Now I can show them this documentary as an explanation of how important the comics industry is to the world. It's our modern mythology. DC comics has been around for 75 years and in that time A lot has happened, not just in the comics but in the real world as well. So naturally there's only so much you can fit into an hour-and-a-half documentary.

But it talks about all the most notable and important moments and people, it shows the evolution of these character and their stories and how they adapted to the times. Comics aren't removed from reality, they make a statement about it.

A common complaint I've heard about this film is that it skips Infinite Crisis completely, not even a single mention made. While I agree it was a significant series historically, I believe it's too complex of a plot to accurately summarize and justify within the time limit. I think it would have completely disrupted the pacing. As it is, this documentary is light easy viewing filled with all sorts of interesting trivia. The kind of thing to bring new people into comics.

Any one of the many things they covered in this documentary could have had their own films. Like Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman or any single member of the Justice League could easily fill movie on their own. So I appreciate that they managed to successfully compress a titanic amount of information while still doing it justice.

I also love that it focuses on the personal and emotional connection people make to these superheroes. It definitely sells the idea that there's more gravity to the genre than the reputation would have you believe. And at no point does it seem like the people who are passionate about comics are pathetic losers. It encompasses a wide variety of people, some of them very talented who went on to working in the industry themselves.

If only I could have shown this to my parents when I still had dreams of being a comic artist. Oh well, costume designer is close enough.

An Unexpected Treat, 16 November 2010

I never saw this movie as a child, but I've seen the other Sesame Street and Muppet films and like everyone else I grew up with the series.

This morning I saw it on TV and couldn't stop watching, I'm 18-years-old and I fell in love with Sesame Street all over again. The greatest children's films shouldn't talk down to it's target audience. Follow that Bird is fun, entertaining and has a sense of humour even an adult can enjoy.

I tried to rewatch the Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland a few years ago and couldn't make it all the way through. It's not a bad film, I liked it when I was seven but it didn't stand the test of time.

Follow that Bird on the other hand has something special about it, the plot has some weight to it. The whole adoption story and the birds wanting to be with their own kind seemed to be conveying a message about racism.

And it also gets a little serious and emotional in places. A lot of people found the Blue Bird song to be sad.

So if you're looking for something to watch with your kids of just want to take a trip down memory lane, Follow that Bird won't disappoint.

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Better Than The Original, 21 October 2008

Ben 10:Alien Force premiered a few weeks ago here in Australia and I'm really enjoying it. As a fan of Ben 10 from the beginning, I think it's a natural progression in the story. Unlike say Rugrats All Grown Up, for example, that simply made the characters older for the sake of it.

They wrote ten-year-olds rather accurately (and I would know,I have a brother that age). But now that the characters are my age I can relate to them and they're more interesting. Plus they are all drawn rather attractively. They can do things with the characters that they couldn't do before, such as the relationship between Gwen and Kevin (I especially love Ben's disapproval of it all). Plus they're on their own now, making their own decisions without Grampa Max helping them out.

I miss the old aliens, all of them had such interesting and unique designs. My favorites being Ghostfreak, Heatblast and XLR8 (don't you just love how they sound like they were named by a little boy?). Although I do like Big Chill, the rest of the aliens are unimpressive. But I think this new series is driven much more by plot than by the look of the creatures. Which reflects how Ben probably feels about having an Omnitrix at this stage. He's grown accustomed to it, the novelty of playing superhero has worn off and now he has responsibilities.

I hope this show runs for a long time yet, I hear there's even a live-action movie in the works.

Jumper (2008)
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Not All Movies Are Intended To Be Groundbreaking, 21 February 2008

Some people have unrealistic expectations. This movie is aimed mostly at teens and sci-fi fans or anyone wanting a good popcorn movie to kill two hours of their life. If that's not your thing then don't complain if you didn't like it.

If you can't stand Hayden Christensen, then don't see a Hayden Christensen movie. It's as simple as that, folks. He's not Johnny Depp or Leonardo DiCaprio, don't expect an Oscar worthy performance. However he's not bad on the eyes and as shy as he is, he's not unbearable on screen.

Personally I thought it was entertaining from beginning to end, not memorable. Acting was bearable, Sam Jackson played a badass as usual. There was a bit of humour, I liked Jamie Bell's character. It's a fun concept and with and imagination like mine the possibilities of such a power are unlimited.

I did feel that you never really connected with the characters on an emotional level and the plot was very straight forward and basic. No twists and the ending was fairly dull.

It did bring up some interesting points, like real world superpowers. Yet as an Alan Moore fan this isn't anything particularly new.

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My Favourite Movie...Ever!, 3 December 2007

I know this is the least popular movie in the Blade Trilogy and I understand that because it is very different from the first two. But personally this movie totally kicked ass! It was enjoyable, fast-paced and funny, not to mention how many hot guys were in this movie.

This was the first Blade movie I ever saw and it got me hooked onto not only the franchise but all things vampires. I'm glad that it was lighter than the first two because vampire movies are mostly dark and scary. I think this gives them a new dimension. Like that for vampires, killing people is just a part of their daily lives.

So lighten up, this isn't supposed to be taken seriously!

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Just Like Any Other Episode, 5 August 2007

The Simpson's, the longest running animated series of all time. It has had an effect on the world like no other. All around the world people know who they are, the animation style is unique, simple and original and they've brought us words like "DOH!" "meh", "Jeebus", "okely dokely" and "craptacular".

However I believe it's time to end will it's still relatively good. The Simpson's has pretty much covered every situation the modern man could face. Think of an experience in your life and tell me the Simpson's haven't already done it. They're beating a dead horse now. What happened to intelligent jokes that parodied our everyday lives and society? Homer used to be the catalyst for most of the plots and had his well timed slapstick moments. Now it's all Homer, appealing to the lowest common denominator.

I love the Simpson's, I've been watching it my whole life and only recently have I gotten that critical about it. Maybe it's because I'm more mature but there is no denying that the show has gone noticeably downhill over the past few years. I've noticed that my friends don't even talk about the episode from the night before any more either.

As for the movie, it's typical comedic trash. A good way to keep yourself entertained on a slow weekend, nothing more. This could have been the perfect way to end the series, tie up loose ends and do something completely new and different. But it never strived to achieve anything the series hadn't already, expect more mature themes, violence and nudity for the sake of it.

Although I did find a few parts funny, like the scene with Mr.Burns about the "rich white man in power" and Homer making fun of the audience for watching something that they could see on TV. Especially because it's exactly what my father was complaining about before we saw it. And Maggie said her first word! Not really her first word was "daddy" after Homer had put her to bed in an episode five years ago. Which was adorable. There was one moment in the movie that made me almost cry though and it was the tape Marge left Homer.

But that nonsense about a giant dome going over the city, lame political jokes, it's the most uninspired, unimaginative thing I've seen all day.

I guess it's everyone's duty to see it and remember: Together we can stop crap. I have vowed to stop watching the show after this movie and if you do too the ratings drop, Fox will cancel the show, all they care about is money. A fifteen year old has figured that out.

I have to say though, the animation was superb it makes good use of the cinematic format. Courtney

Hot Fuzz (2007)
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A Different Kind Of Comedy, 30 July 2007

An instant classic, an interesting story with some memorable characters and a unique comedic style. While it wasn't hysterically funny, the slight references to just about every other cop film ever made and the intensity of Nick Angel are pretty good. When it comes to mystery movies I'm like Batman, I figure it out pretty early. It still kept me interested all the way though and the exact details of how everyone in the town was involved in the conspiracy surprised me. I think the best comedies are the ones that parody a particular genre like Kung Pow to martial arts films or Austin Powers to spy films. Hot Fuzz does a pretty good take on cop films.