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"The Five" (2016)
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Hammy Cheese, 19 April 2016

How the mighty have fallen - Mark Tonderai as a director was once hailed as an important newcomer with his debut Hush. His follow up House At The End Of The Street was a fair first bash at a Hollywood horror thriller and with stars like Jennifer Lawrence, Tonderai's star appeared to be rising. What happened? Did he really hack someone off in the upper echelons of the film industry and got lumped with directing sub-par British TV series like this? All episodes of The Five were directed by him - why?? Hush displayed a great nail biting premise, great acting, a barnstorming music score and stellar cinematography. You have to wonder if talent deserted Tonderai or if he alienated the team he worked with because here with THE FIVE we have wooden acting, hammy direction, obvious plot twists, annoyingly loud and inappropriate overbearing music, and production values that feel lower than his low budget debut. Harlan Coben should have known better than to choose this director and the medium of low end Brit TV for his otherwise quality thriller writing. Mark Tonderai should have stuck to the guns he started with. Or maybe he never had guns and just got lucky. This show is not worth anyone's time.