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One of the best films I've ever seen, 10 October 2008

"Maria Full Of Grace" is truly one of the best, if not the best, films I've ever seen. It was a real eye-opener and honestly made me realize how much I take everything I have for granted. It also reminded me that the world isn't like the rinky-dink fairytale town that I moved to 2 years ago and have gotten used to. The fact that the plot in "Maria Full Of Grace" is only part fiction, because at this moment there are real people going through what Maria when through really made me think.

I think that everyone should watch Maria Full Of Grace. it seriously left me in amazement and sort-of changed how I see the world (yes, it actually had THAT MUCH of an impact on me!)

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Ugh-if there were words to describe how freakishly lame and dumb this is, 27 July 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Like all of their other videos, this is also a low budget certified is full of a weird cast, bad acting, ear-splitting songs, and no actual plot........

Okay, this movie starts off with Mary-Kate and Ashley planning a sleepover, so they have this checklist and Mary Kate does a headstand (ooh, fun). Then their moronic friends come over (WEIRDEST children ever)..

Girl 1 (Token-black girl)-This girl has about 2 lines in the movie and she thinks she invented the Running Man (or at least a cheap imitation of it)

Girl 2 (Bowl Cut)-IS THIS GIRL GOOD AT ANYTHING? first, she can't dance, then she can't cook a pizza, then she can't play video games, then she can't breath! (jk)...still this little girl whines and cries and she is really ugly...ugh! and her voice is so nasally!

Girl 3 (the other one)-this girl brought a giant portrait of her dog to the sleepover-was that supposed to be cute or something, because it's not...

The girls do a variety of lame tasks that each includes a song.

Video Game Song-probably the lamest. The girls keep making weird "ahh!" faces and it gets annoying

Scary Story Song-this song terrified me as a child, now I watch it and almost pass out from embarrassment for them-"hoot-owls hooting in the park"-what the hell is that?! it's so lame, they scare off a bunch of 13 year old boys (their brother and his lame friends)

Pizza Song-semi-catchy chorus, but still freakishly annoying. It will teach you how to spell "pizza",incase you don't know. the nauseating-the bowl cut girl adds the most disgusting things to the pizza (fried tomato, caramel, coconut, anchovies, mashed potatoes)

Sleeping song-I'm not even going to comment on this song, mostly because I didn't get it! then they do some cheesy dancing, sing some more, and the end..

That about sums up the 21 minutes of agony this thing produces...if you want to see if a human can really die from embarrassment, then this should do the trick..seriously, if you have a good enough imagination and can make a mental picture with the info you just read, you don't have to watch it after reading this, because this basically states every detail and spec of knowledge there is to this film..

Picture This (2008) (TV)
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I almost didn't watch this movie..., 16 July 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When I first saw the Ads for this film, I though "Ugh! Another one?!?!" in reference to the dump truck full of lame TV movies/shows that ABC has thrown our way since it began, but I REALLY enjoyed this movie! Ashley Tisdale left her annoying, ditsy, predictable Sharpay Evans persona somewhere else and played a very convincing role in this film (a not-so-popular High School Senior). I REALLY enjoyed watching her in this film. Her acting was really good, she didn't look like a 22 year old woman playing a 15 year old girl like she does in "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody", and her hair finally didn't look like a horrible weave...

My FAVORITE part of this movie was Shenae Grimes and Lauren Collins, both regular cast members of The-N's "Degrassi-The Next Generation" who both brought the wit and charm they have on Degrassi, but played completely different characters. Both actresses were very entertaining, funny, and really made me believe that they and Ashley Tisdale were friends.

The plot was slightly predictable, but really, what plot isn't? There were moments in which I was pretty lost, and I had to watch the 2nd airing of the film to understand other parts of it. Other then that, the plot was entertaining, fun, and a relief from ABC Family's usual steaming crap....

I do believe that the scene in which Mandy (Tisdale), Alexa (Collins), and Cayenne (Grimes) were preforming a musical number was just a way to showcase Ashley's singing career, but it didn't make me cringe, so it's all good.

This film may not be Oscar Worthy, but it is by far one of the best Made-For-TV movies I've ever seen, I WOULD go and see this in a movie theater, and I recommend it.

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worst movie ever, 1 June 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is by far the worst film I've ever seen. It's cheesy, predictable, and 1 dimensional (even the 3-dimensional aspect to this film couldn't make up for it). It's about this ugly, moronic little kid who daydreams about stupid superheros. Then the superheros come to his school and kidnap him to save their own planet. Then they go through various "tasks" like "the land of milk and cookies". The stupid lava-freak has identity issues and the ugly shark kid is a violent, rabid freak who needs some medication or something.

I was embarrassed for watching this movie and for the people in it. it is a horrid insult to anyone who watches it.

The guy who played "Shark-Boy" goes to my friends school. He's a Sophomore. He's not very popular and gets made fun of a lot.....

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What the heck is this Cheesy teeny bopper 00's bubbly "hit me baby 1 more time" bubble gum pop crap!, 30 March 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

What the heck this thing!? Horrible doesn't describe it!!!!!! It's weird and stupid and dumb! This thing stars Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen as Mary Kate and Ashley (Ooooh....Creative!). Along with them, there's a bunch of annoying freaks who play their friends (The only remotely recognizable one is Lauren Maltby, the girl from Zenon: Girl of the 21'st century who was mean). They "sing"(sounds like a flaming cat in a trash compactor) and "dance" (looks like seizures induced by excessive constipation). Also, there's a bunch of guys who play their love interests, Including Chez Starbuck (Lord knows how he got a part in this crap, even this thing too good for his out-of-breath pig face acting!). This thing basically revolves around a crappy dance that Mary Kate and Ashley are worried about.

Here's how it goes: We start of the film with Mary Kate and Ashley heading to school. Then they sing as song about how the only reason you should go to school is to see your friends (Or cult followers in their case). Shortly after they are joined by their "friends" (More like followers of the MK-A cult!) and go to class. Then, 5 minutes later, Mary Kate and Ashley are in the hall with their dumb boyfriends and this loser slut stalker girl who worships Ashley (BYE BYE BYE!!!!!). They talk about lunch and about the "hottest dance of the school, like duh!" entitled or or something!. To top it off, Ashley is the main nominee for Queen. Then the bell rings and they go home (school lasts A WHOLE 10 MINUTES in Mary-Kate and Ashley world!)

Then they go to lunch with their friends. Mary-Kate is freaking out about how Rick or Steve or something isn't going to ask her to the then they sing a song about how you should wait by the phone so boys can call you to tell you you're pretty and invite you to low budget social events. Then Mary Kate calls him and asks him to the dance...and despite the fact that Mary-Kate's hair bares resemblance to one of the shrubs you can find outside of a doctors office, he says yes. Meanwhile, the loser slut Ashley worshiper asks Ashley's boyfriend to the dance, and he says no, so she plots revenge (teeheehee!).

Now it's the day of the dance, and despite the fact that Mary-Kate, Ashley, and the MK-A cult did not know about the dance until the Monday before it, they've suddenly become the decorating committee(?). They decorate and smile like their lives depended on it, only to start to sing a song about "meaning business" and running around barefoot. Then the loser slut stalker tries to intimidate Ashley. Then Ashley's boyfriend shows her the "King and Queen voting booth and explains what its for (I'm pretty sure she already knew, genius).

Now it's time for the dance. The scene opens with a bunch of crappy dancing and forced smiles from a group of children with no lives. Mary Kate and her wubbo-boyfriend waltz in and discuss the fact that he can't dance (Yeah Mary-Kate, you and you're friends are one's to talk!). Then the music is cut and this weird guy who looks like a child offender starts talking. Then For some reason, Mary Kate and Ashley, along with the MK-A cult, get all the credit for planning the dance. HELLO!!! HOW THE HELL DID THEY PLAN IT IF THEY DIDN'T EVEN KNOW ABOUT IT UNTIL A FEW DAYS BEFORE!!!!!....Coconut flavored snowballs? WTF is that?! Now it's time for the main event....The crowning of King and Queen (I can feel your excitement as you read this!)....Ashley's ugly boyfriend wins king, but (GASP!!!): TRAGEDY STIKES! ASHLEY DOESN'T WIN QUEEN! nothing can go on! (but there's more!) Now Ashley is upset and sad ."Everyone knows that you're the most popular girl in school!". And the Loser slut worshiper is glad that Ashley didn't win. Ashley and the rest of the MK-A cult go to the bathroom and "freshen up" (are you old ladies or something?). Then they start complaining and sing this weird nauseating song about how guys are scum and can't save you from burning buildings. In this same song, while they are climbing down the stairs, Lauren Maltby does this weird boob flaunting "dance move" that made me embarrassed for her!. This song is by far the dumbest out of all of the songs in this thing.

Then they leave the bathroom and go back to the dance. Mary-Kate's moronic boyfriend steals a flower from the school's garden. Then they dance and everything is right in her hemisphere of Mary-Kate and Ashley world. Then Ashley goes on to her ugly boyfriend about "but you wanted to date the most popular girl in school". Then he says some random cheesy crap that doesn't really make sense and all is forgiven. They are about to kiss (they're like 12!), and then some random swing music plays and everyone gets out of the way as Mary-Kate and Ashley "swing dance" and everyone claps for them.

Mary-Kate and Ashley-EWWWWWWWWW

MK-A cult follower 1 (black hair)-This girl looks like a sorceress wearing glitter. Her forehead is so big and shiny!

MK-A cult follower 2 (Lauren Maltby)-This girl seemed WAY to into her character.

Ashley's Boyfreind-Ewwww, obviously his acting career was going nowhere. First he played a mermaid in a low budget TV movie, and moved on to this....that's sad Mary-Kate's boyfriend-IDK if he was supposed to be a bad boy or something but If I were to see him or his character on the street, I would beat the crap out of him!

Mean girl- I don't really think she was supposed to be the villain, after she tried stealing Ashley's boyfriend, she kind of just faded away. And she kept stuttering and messing up lines...more proof that this was low budget


Aquamarine (2006)
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Um I speak 26 languages,blah blah blah,were royalists blah blah blah, oh yeah I'm also a ditsy mermaid!, 12 March 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

this is probably one of the worst films I have ever seen. It really has not point. It's tag line "a fish out of water comedy" is false. Through the movie their may be 1 or 2 smiles, maybe even a giggle, but i wouldn't really categorize this as a comedy. Heres the whole movie in words....So two annoying girls named Hayley and Claire (what exotic names!) constantly go to a beach club where there's this bulimic "hottie" who they love who's name is Raymond. They go day after day to stare at him and at the mean girls breast and complain how big her's are and how their's are not....skip to that night. There's a big mysterious storm that just happens to blow a mermaid in the beach clubs swimming pool. the next day the girls see Raymond and decide 2 go out. CHEESEOVERLOAD,CUE CHEESEDEPOSIT!!!!!! Claire falls into pool, mermaid happens to be residing in said poop. she screams and heroic Raymond rips his shirt off to reveal his sexy bod (ya right) and he jumps in to rescue Claire. CLAIR IS SAVED(and good cause if she died this early this movie would be even worse). end day 2 cue night 2.....Claire and Haley are eating gummy worms and go tot the pool they see the mermaid and are frightened but act like they saw their other best friend 4 seconds later(for all they know, she could be a serial killer). they become best friends..end night 2 cue day 3.....they bond blah blah blah...they decide that aquamarine likes Raymond, so they flirt.....not frontally but in a way ...CHEESEOVERLOAD,CUE CHEESEDEPOSIT!!!!!! aquamarine falls of bike, heroic Raymond jumps out window, rips his shirt off (YES Again!!), leaps over banister, and rushes 2 rescue. mean girl shows up and of course the frigid mermaid tells her off which sparks a necessary hate vs.hate relationship between them.... end day 3 cue night 3....they stuff the fish in a water tower.end night 3 cue day 4.... theirs a street fair and aquamarine goes with guess who! Raymond, they bond blah blah blah..oh no! its 5pm,aquamarine and her inflatable dolphin that Raymond gave to here must be shoved back into the water tower!...end day 4 cue night 5...nothing happens....end night 5 cue day 6.... the girls are at a bus stop, they go shopping, aquamarine yells like a 5 year old... they go to a dance......aquamarine dances with Raymond, she has to go back 2 the water tower...uh oh, mean girls follow...mean girl 1 finds out shes a mermaid, sh4e tells the news but all they find in the water tower is the stupid dolphin Raymond gave her...I'm getting sick of this and you are too so lets just say this movie probably ends like it sounds it would.