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For the record, I love basketball, which is my second favorite sport after wrestling. I like basketball since the players taking of their business by coming consistent performers, which helps me to up my game by becoming consistent in life. Therefore, I view most of these stars as my role models, even you Charles Barkley, lol, who told fans not to look at him as a role model. After the players work hard all season long, they deserve recognition for their efforts and performances as MVP winners. However, I wish the NBA could acknowledge those who felt short in MVP by ending up as runner ups. Therefore, this list would take a close look at those were came nearly took the trophy home with them. To avoid confusion, a lot of stars already won the award, but I wanted to acknowledge MVP winners who were nearly victorious in different seasons as well.
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For those who do not know, this highly intelligent woman is the first African American woman to travel in space on September 12, 1992. This former astronaut is also seasoned physician who holds 9 honorary doctor degrees in science, letters, humanities, and engineering. However, her resume does not stop there. She is a talented dancer and actress who appeared on television throughout the 1990s.
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This light device looks similar to a lantern or flashlight, but it is not. This instrument is use to treat those who suffer from Seasonal Affect Disorder, simply known as SAD, which is the depression that occurs during the fall and winter. Light box is used to treat major depression as well, which is chronic sadness that happens full year. Interestingly, clients can use the light box at home instead of using this machine in the doctor office. In other words, patients can purchase this item in a supermarket or hardware store where prices range from 30 to 300 dollars. Ideally, doctors want people to say at least 12 to 24 inches from the lighting gadget; moreover, clients should use the light cube for 20 minutes to 2 hours during the day. Most importantly, please consult with the doctor, therapist, or psychiatrist for more information about Light Therapy. Also, keep in mind that Light therapy is not for everyone; bipolar clients should not use light therapy since it may increase their manic episodes. In addition, those who have skin disorders, such as eczema and dermatitis, should consult with their doctors before using this tool.
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While not the biggest baseball fan, I occasionally like watching baseball when the players hit the home run out of the baseball park or arena. To help me appreciate the game, I love reading about the greatest players ever by looking up their impressive resume and accolades. Therefore, I hope everyone enjoys reading my list, which inspire some who are passionate to PLAY BALL.
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Gambling addiction is also ludomania, problematic gambling, or pathological gambling, which is the urge to persist in gambling despite of the harmful consequences. For example, a serious gambler may not care if he ends up broke after loosing all his money at the casino. When the gamble is at the casino, he may not worry about ending up in the streets, loosing his job, or even loosing his family or friends.

Pathological gambling is part of the DSM 5 as an addictive disorder. Previously, the APA thought about considering this disorder as an impulse control disorder; however, American Psychological Association agreed with DSM when they said chronic gambling is closely related to substance abuse disorder by having similar features.

Unfortunately, there are high cases of suicide attempts and rates found for those who are pathological gamblers. It is reported that habitual gambling has the highest rates of suicide than any other addiction. 1 in 5 pathological gamblers have committed suicide in the United States. Also, severe gamblers with comorbid disorders, such as mental disorders or substance abuse, tend to have high rates of suicide attempts. Older people with gambling issues tend to have the highest rates of suicide attempts.

Treatments use to assist those with their gambling problems are gamblers anonymous 12 step problem, medication, self help group, peer group, group therapy, motivational interviewing, and cognitive behavior therapy. SSRI paroxetine and nalmefene may help those control their gambling urges or desires. Specifically, lithium is said to be quite effective for gamblers who also have bipolar disorders.
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Poliomyelitis is an infectious disease, which is caused by poliovirus. Factors of this virus usually pertains to by people being affected from contaminated feces, blood, salvia, or food that contains some feces. No animals will be affected with polio. Symptoms of polio are fevers, head aches, diarrhea, vomiting, and neck stiffness.

At its worst, polio can cause arm and leg pain, which may lead to deformed arms or legs (severely bent body parts) from spinal polio. If the nerve cells are destroyed, polio can lead to permanent paralysis. More dangerously, some cases of polio may lead to permanent polio paralysis where suffer to have difficulty breathing, which may be fatal, if he/she does not use a breathing machine.

People can avoid suffering from polio if they take their polio vaccine shot. However, once some people develop polio there is no treatment to recover from the virus. Continents with the highest rates of polio is Asia and Africa.

A lot of people can recover from polio while others may live with this sickness for the rest of their lives. Please keep in mind that those who do recover from polio may develop the illness again in the near future, which is post polio syndrome. Unfortunately, there is a mortality rate of 2-5 percent for children and 15-30 percent for adults.

While there is no cure at this time, treatment tools to help those cope with their polio is physical therapy, occupational therapy, corrective shoes, braces, orthopedic surgery, ventilators, such as iron lungs to assist with independent breathing. Through research and experimentation, the mission is to hopefully find a remedy to treat polio by the year 2018.
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Levi Coffin (1798-1877) was an abolitionist, businessman, and Quaker who had helped some 2000 slaves escape to Canada. Due to witnessing slavery as a child, he was strong against it, which caused help ample slaves experience freedom as an adult. I considered him the Abraham Lincoln of the Underground Railroad since he was also a president who helped out African Americans become liberated. While the slaves were escaping, he allowed many of them to use his home as rest stops where they rest and ate until they were strong enough to finish their journeys. Afterward, he moved to Europe (England and France) where he helped more slaves by teaching them how to read and write. Finally, he wrote an autobiography on his life, which was published a year before he died.
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The underground railroad is not literally slaves getting on a train to escape into freedom during the mid to late 1800s. There were a lot of different ways African American slaves reached the northern states and Canada (considered the Promise Land) during the 19th century. A lot of slaves traveled 20-30 miles on foot, were shipped in boxes down the river, traveled in boats, and wagons to reach independence. Levi Coffin (Caucasian man) and Harriet Tubman (African American woman) played key roles in assisting slaves during the underground railroad. Levi Coffin was the president of the underground rail who helped over 2000 slaves escape. Whereas, Harriet Tubman was a conductor (assistant) who aided between 70 to 300 slaves to liberty. Interestingly, there were a lot of Caucasian abolitionists who helped free African American aid the slaves toward their destinations. The conditions were rough for the runaway slaves, especially the women and children, since many of them made long journeys on foot. Thankfully, there were rest stations for the slaves to rest and eat during the daytime until they resumed moving to Canada by nightfall. The slaves used quilts, the North Star, and other escape methods as codes to help them with their liberation journeys. It is estimated that anywhere between 6,000, 30,000, or even 100,000 slaves had escaped from the southern states into Canada.
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SSD is a mental disorder where the client thinks he has a physical illness or injury; however, the doctor usually assures them that there is nothing wrong with them physically. In spite of the normal test results, the clients still insist there is something going on with them, which is not right. If the doctor does not find anything wrong with the client, it will cause the client to panic about their delusional injury some more. Clients must have somatic symptom disorder for at least 6 months to meet the DSM 5 criteria. If the clients do not have SSD, but complain of physical symptoms, they may fit the description of Somatic preoccupation. SSD begins when clients are approaching their adolescences (around 12 years old). SSD differs from Munchausen Disorder because the client is unaware of making unnecessary doctor visits to have their body checked, which can be distressing to the client, doctor, and family members. SSD can also be associated to a person having anxiety or depression.

At times, this disorder may be mistaken for OCD, eating disorder, and schizophrenia since the client is overly concern about being healthy or staying fit. To demonstrate, the doctor may see one thing, but the client may see something else despite the test results, which is someone to a schizophrenic seeing a monster that no one else sees.

An example of SSD is someone having an head ache, which makes him believe he has a brain tumor that requires surgery. Therefore, over diagnosing is one of the key terms when dealing with those who have Somatic Symptom Disorder.

Factors that might contribute to SSD is physical abuse or trauma, which cause some people to believe they have the perceived injuries. Also, if someone has histories of injuries or physical disorder individuals may believe they will have the same illnesses as their parents or grandparents.

During therapy, the counselors should meet the clients where they are at by asking how long have they suffered from their potential illness or how come they think they are not feeling well. If a therapist simply tells the client nothing is wrong with them that may do more harm than good, which will cause the client to fret someone. Therapeutically, the therapist can ask what if I were to your body is fatigue or you need to go to the hospital, how would you feel? Perhaps, cognitive and talk therapy can have those who have long history with Somatic Symptom Disorder.
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Disassociation is where the person intentionally daydreams to help him get through a stressful or boring situation, which is normal way in everyday life. Disassociation is also defined as having an outer body experience, which may also cause the person to forget where he or she is at. Finally, this term applies to those who feeling as if they woke up from a dream in spite of being wide awake. However, the disassociation can become problematic if a person always daydreams to avoid dealing with a painful experience, such as trauma or a physical harm, which would be the cause of Dissociative Identity Disorder. Therefore, occasional disassociation from reality is okay especially if they are using daydream to help them get through a bad day at work; however, too much disassociation may be harmful to the person's mental state.
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Heuristics is the rule of thumb or putting common sense to use during a decision making event. Basically, heuristics is taking the short cut route in making decisions, which can come handy in solving problems. Examples of heuristics are saving money at the supermarket by going with the cheaper food or getting up early to be traffic so workers can be prompt. Once more, heuristics is straightforward and time efficient technique, which usually causes people to get to the root of the problem sooner than later. This effective tool is useful for people of all ages ranging from children to adults.
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Malingering is purposely fabricating, faking, or exaggerating a physical symptom in order to gain something, usually money. This act involves a person lying about his/her wellbeing in order to avoid school, jail time, military service, and etc. Malingering is different from factitious and somatic symptom disorder; when people malinger, they do so for rewards, a factitious client may lie about his health, but mainly does so for the attention and sympathy from others. Therefore, malingering is for the money, while factitious is mainly for attention purposes. In addition, clients with factitious disorder may go through greater lengths in faking their illness by intentionally harming themselves with needle injections in order to appear ill. Whereas, devious individuals who malinger may simply say they are sick in order to receive compensation.
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Munchausen Syndrome is a severe form of factitious disorder in which the clients fakes physical or psychological symptoms for a gain, e.g. money, benefits, or insurance. This condition is also called hospital addiction syndrome, hospital hopper syndrome, and thick chart syndrome since the client has a history of making frequent hospital or doctor visits. This psychiatric disorder also sees people malingering their disorders in order to seek attention and sympathy for others. Unlike Somatic Symptom Disorder, this individual is well aware of his or her tendencies to fake injuries in order to get what he or she wants.
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For those who do not know, dissociation is a person seeing himself without having control over their body, which is similar to having an outer body experience. Dissociation is often reported to those who were sexually abuse, which causes them to forget what happen to them.

Dissociative Identity Disorder is formerly known as multiple personality disorder, which affects more females than males, as much as 3 to 9 times. Some people report to having DID symptoms as young as 8 to 12 years of age. Globally, this condition tends to occur in Europe and North American (1 to 5 percent), in particular, which affects the general population 1 to 3 percent.

This disorder gained awareness throughout the 1970s until 1990s; however, there are some, not a lot of, findings on the causes and treatment for this disorder. Unfortunately, the prognosis for this disorder is not great because individuals rarely a recovery from DID, which means there is no remedy at this time.

Main symptoms are memory lost, easily distracted, and daydreaming. DID is one of the most complicated disorders for clinicians to diagnose since this complex condition causes confusing and bewilderment. The reason this disorder is so tough to pinpoint because some clients ranging from having 2 to 16 different identities in a short amount of time, which is called alters. The legal and court system reported a lot of DID cases in recent years, which might be due to clinicians misdiagnosing their clients.

Example is a client changing their names to fit their identities, which cause the doctors to ask who are they talking to at the moment. Some clients may intentionally change their identities to help them cope with trauma or an abusive past; therefore, they use daydream or being a different person as a form of defensive mechanism to protect them from their unpleasant past.

Fortunately, treatments that usually useful for DID clients are cognitive therapy, talk therapy, and maybe Gestalt therapy to help those who battle with dissociation tendencies. Therapy technique to conquer dissociation would be to encourage clients to use their 5 sense by putting tapping themselves or using a stress ball. Inhale and exhale breathing is said to help those who are battle with dissociation. Optimistically, with the proper coping mechanism, people with DID can live a healthy, pleasant, and successful life. God Bless.
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According to the commercial, Lyrica is said to help people who suffer from diabetic nerves due to having diabetes. However, this medication is not for everybody, which means this pill is specifically for diabetes who have nerve pain. The side effects of this drug is suicide ideation, tiredness, head aches, depression, anxiety, mood swings, weight gain, swollen hands, foot, and etc. People should not mix Lyrica with alcohol as it can cause people to misuse this medication, especially if some are alcoholics. Also, please do not take this pill when driving or operating machinery until the users becomes use in taking the drug. For more information, please watch the Lyrica commercial online. Thanks.
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I always been a fan for the beautiful features of a woman's face. I tend to have controversial taste in women because sometimes a lady I consider pretty is not beautiful to everyone else. I know looks should not be the most important thing out of a woman, but I enjoy looking at beautiful women. However, I go for ladies who are funny, smart, kind, friendly, outgoing, and classy as well. Therefore, there really is no limit to the qualities I expect a lady to have. Please note in this list I tried to pick ladies of all nationalities because I am fond of learning about different cultures and races.
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For record, I consider Halle Berry, Angelia Jolie, Aaliyah, and Alicia Keys to be some of the most beautiful ladies I have ever seen. Therefore, this list are for the pretty ladies who are just as pretty as my favorite females I considered the queen of beauty. Please enjoy my list.
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This list will include the top 100 best selling artists of all time. To appear on the list, the singers, performers, or entertainers must have sold at last 75 million albums across the globe. That is not my rules. I would have been content adding artists who sold 50 million albums, which use to be the case a few years ago. However, due to the large number of musician selling 50 million albums, I believe the music industry wanted to separate the great from the elite by narrowing it down to 75 million albums. I hope you enjoy reading the list, which may gradually change depending on new performers appearing on the list.
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Honorable mention: If Jack Nicholson would have made it at the end of Once Flew Over A Cuckoo Nest, then maybe the film would have been included on this list.
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Dr. Kenneth Clark was a prominent African American doctor who became the first African American president of the American Psychology Association, APA. He worked with his wife in conducting the black and white doll experiment on children to collect data on race, which went to the supreme court. During the experiment, kids were asked to pick which doll they consider good or bad, the white or black one. To Dr. Clark dismay, many children chose the white dolls, which he interpreted as society perceiving African Americans inferior to Caucasian Americans. He told the Supreme Court that segregation is unconstitutional, especially on a child, which can cause scars that will not heal. In other words, segregation can harm children by leading to traumatic events that can be permanent. Racial segregation does not only affect a child's self-esteem, but also harm their ability to live in school, which was Dr. Clark's argument.
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To define, BDD is said for a client to be displeased or dissatisfied in his or her physical appearance. Is a disorder that is said to be equally common in males and females, which accounts for 1 or 2 percent of the general population. This condition is said to be connected to anxiety and depression. There is a 7 percent comorbidity rate between panic disorders and OCD. BDD is said to be a form of OCD, which is defined as Obsessive Compulsive Related Disorder. People with BDD typically 3 hours or more focusing improving areas of their bodies, particularly the face. they consider imperfect. In spite of friends and families speaking highly of BDD person's features, he or she may still think it is something wrong with his or her face or body. While everyone view the person has attractive, he or she may think he or she is unattractive by looking similar to a monster. BDD can be a form of self harm because the person constantly picks at their face until it is bleeding or very sore. Child abuse or bullying can cause a person to develop BDD. Shockingly, BDD affects children and adults, which means this disorder can begin as early as 11 years old. Therefore, parents must be mindful of children who use signs of BDD if they consider themselves unattractive because the group told them so. Adolescence is a crucial stage in a child's life because a lot of changes are occurring in the child's body, which might be too much for some to cope with physical changes that are transpiring. BDD has been compared to eating disorder since people tend to strive toward perfection in following a very strict diet in order to stay fit. BDD is also a delusion disorder since some perceive others are pointing to their flaws if they are staring at them, which usually does not happen. Since there is a big emphasis on attractiveness, people with BDD believe they have to meet those high expectations, which puts a great deal of pressure on themselves by perfecting their looks.
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Norovirius is a painful and unpleasant condition that affects the gastrointestinal area, which governs the stomach and small intestine. It is a contagious disease that affected over 267 million people, which accounts for 200,000 deaths annually. Individuals can suffer from this disease through face to face contact or sharing food and drinks with the affected person. People of all ages are affected by this contagious illness. This sickness tends to harm under developed countries, the youth, elderly, and those who are immunosuppressed.

Symptoms, included nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fevers, headaches, migraines, lost of taste, fatigue, abdominal pain, and lethargy. The highest cases of norovirus are reported in jails, overnight camps, hospitals, schools, dormitories, and particularly cruise ships during the winter time.

People can protect themselves from norovirous by using alcohol, detergent, hand sanitizer, disinfectants, and heating rooms. It this disease is lethal and an epidemic, most people who had the norovious tend to make a fully recovery within a couple of days while other can live with this condition for 6 months or even two years, which can be fatal. When in doubt, a person should make a schedule an appointment with their doctor for protection.
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Since yesterday was Rosa Parks' birthday, I thought it was fitting to pay tribute to the first lady of the civil rights movement, which is a nickname America gave for being a strong-willed woman. She is wellknown for refusing to give up her seat to a Caucasian man, which is part of the story.

The other part of the story is when the white section of the bus was full; therefore, the bus driver asked the African Americans to move their seats so the Caucasians could sit in the colored sections due to the bus being crowded. Three black people got up, but Rosa did not. She thought it was unfair for her to move from the color sections in order for the whites to vacate her seat. Please keep in mind this was the same bus driver who left Rosa out in the rain back in 1942, which meant he did not change in his rigid ways. As a result, he called the cops since Rosa remained in her seat.

While she paved the way for bus desegregation, her courage led to some consequences, which caused him to suffer death threats as well as getting fired from her job as seamstress. However, she receive global recognition as the woman who took a star. Her accolades include the Presidential Medal of Freedom (highest civilian award), and having two days tribute to her, which occurred in Ohio and California on February 4th and December 1st.
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Long before Travon Martin, there was a teenage boy in the 1950s who was minding his own business when all heck broke loose due to him speaking to a Caucasian female. The husband did not like the African American boy flirting with his lady, which caused him to take matters into his own hands. As a result, he and his friend murdered the innocent boy out of jealousy and rage. The victim was only 14 years old. Please keep in mind this tragic event took place in Mississippi during 50s, which was known as a prejudice town that considered colored people inferior.

Nonetheless, when Emmett's mother heard that her son was kidnapped and killed, she wanted her son's casket to be open so the world could see what these men did to her boy. The guys did not only murder the teen, but beat him with every inch of his life until his face and body was unrecognizable. This event receive worldwide recognition and press, which headline newspapers. This incident paved the way for the Civil Rights Movement where individuals would receive serious jail time if they harm an innocent person. However, some people tried to justify the Caucasian men's actions by saying Emmett had no business talking to the white lady in the first place.

Mind you that this event was historical for many years since it took place in 1955, which was also the year that Rosa Parks refused to give her seat to a Caucasian man (December 1, 1955). Also, this incident is monumental because it took place on August 28, which is 8 years before the legendary Dr. King I Have a Dream Speech.
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15 to 20 percent of the general population suffer from a reading condition known as dyslexia. Dyslexia is a reading learning disability where people usually read words, letters, and sentences backward, which can drastically affect their comprehension. This condition is labeled as the most common learning disorder and most recognized reading disorder. Dyslexics tend to struggle with auditory short term memory, phonological awareness, phonological decoding, processing speed, orthographic coding, language skills/verbal comprehension, and rapid naming. Dyslexics tend to learn to read instead of reading to learn. To elaborate, learning to read is dyslexics asking other people the definition of a unfamiliar word or constantly sounding out difficult words, which can distract them from finding the point of the story. Reading to learn can be dyslexics who having the coping mechanisms to understand and enjoy what they are reading. In some cases, dyslexics may read entire book or essay without discovering the author's thesis. Helpfully, individuals can receive help by receiving extra time and attention in the classrooms. For example, most common class accommodations includes giving students time in a half to finish their exams. If the exam is 90 minutes long, ADHD students may receive 2 hours and 15 minutes since half of 90 is 45, which will be added to the 90 minutes. Other types of coping tools are using pen to highlight, put a star, or circle main ideas. Interestingly, people with dyslexic tend to have average and above average intelligence, which means they have the ability to do the work.
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Originally, when I first heard about Quiet Borderline I thought it was a mild form of Borderline Personality Disorder, which was not as severe or extreme as BPD. However, I believe this disorder may be just as bad if not worst than Border Personality Disorder since the world may not know that people suffer from this condition, which may lead to misdiagnosis.

Quiet Borderline is very similar to Borderline Personality Disorder, which is an impulse control disorder that sees most patients become easily agitated and suicidal. While Borderline Personality Disorder is external lashing out on people, Quiet Borderline is internal when the individual tends to be hard on him or herself. Those with quiet borderline tend to repress their thoughts by keeping everything bottle in, which includes fear and anger. Therefore, a lot of people may not know that the person suffers from Quiet Borderline due to the person withholding inform from others. According to the DSM 5, 50 percent of people who have Quiet Borderline or Borderline Disorder tend to recover from their disorder, which means they is a cure from this mental illness.

For more information on Quiet Borderline, please check out Kati Mortion videos who is an expert counselor on the field of counseling.
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Oftentimes, people mistake blizzards for the amount of snowfall, which is understandable, but is not the case. To clarify, when people think of blizzards, they think of one or two feet snowstorms.

The criteria of a blizzard is taking place for three hours, poor visibility of less than 1/4 mile, winds gusting up to 35 mph, and drifting or blowing snow, which is very interesting. It does not have to snow from the sky in order for a blizzard to take place. The wind can blow off the roof or ground, which is also known as a ground blizzard, which blew my mind. It is intriguing because it does not have to be a 12 inch storm for a blizzard to take place. This may sound strange, but there could be a 1 or 2 inch blizzard, if the winds howl for 3 hours, which reduce visible to 1/4 of a mile. It is funny because has anybody heard of a 1 inch blizzard storm before?

The worst blizzard took place in Iran in 1972, which dumped between 10 feet of snow accompanied by blowing winds. Remind snow and blizzards are two different things. Also, blizzards tend to occur the most along the Great Plains. Personally, I became fascinated with blizzards during the blizzard of 96 since the Tristate area received 2 feet of snow, which was a surreal and life changing moment for me.
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Groundhog Day takes place on February 2 each and every year. When the Groundhog sees its shadow, there will be six weeks of winter; however, if the animal does not see any shadow, winter will end early, which I dislike hearing since I love snowstorms and blizzards.
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Since the award season is officially here, people are use to see actresses and actors Oscar and Golden Globe nominated for the same film, which is usually case. In other words, when the entertainers get Oscar nominated, we usually expect them to get Golden Globe nominated for their work as well. However, occasionally one award show (Oscar) may acknowledge these performers while the other ceremony (Golden Globe) may snub them for their show stopping performances.
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Here are some random facts about our universe. Please enjoy. The Earth is 93 million miles from the sun, which was also created 4 billion years ago. The sun can fit a million Earths into its capacity. Jupiter has 64 moons. The Milky Away is the closest galaxy that is 100,000 light years away from us. There are over 125 billion galaxies in the universe.

Light year is how fast the speed of light can travel within one year. People get stars and galaxies mixed up because they look similar. Galaxies are usually spiral, which are larger than stars. Therefore, stars live within the galaxies. Some individuals also get solar system mixed up with the universe. Allow me to break down the data. The solar system contain planets while the universe contains everything in outerspace, which includes the planets and solar system.
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This is not to come down on the actors/actresses since I am a fan of most of these stars. It is just an observation or trend that I notice in their movies. I can be dramatic at times when it comes to seeing people getting yelled at in film, which causes me to roll on the floor leaving out loud. Once again this list is not to rip on the superstars because most of them are talented people who are great people in real life.
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While summer is known for sunny weather, BBQ, and vacation time, this season is also noted for claiming an average of 36 child deaths in a heated vehicle. Shockingly, over 600 kids died in 1998 because the adults left them alone in an overheated car. July 31th is known is National Heatstroke Awareness Day.

According to the Weather Channel, it takes 10 minutes for a car to heat up to 20 degrees; at 90 minutes, the automobile will sore at almost 140 degrees, which is lethal for even adults. When the human body reaches 104 degrees, they can experience heat stroke; if they body heats up at 107 degrees, they will most likely experience permanent damage or even death. Children's body heat up a lot faster than adults 3 to 5 times when they are trapped inside a vehicle, which means youngster's body are a lot more sensitive than grown ups.

Therefore, it is extremely imperative not to leave kids alone in locked car during the summertime, not even for a split second. It is vital not to leave a child alone in the car even if the AC is on, which is almost as bad. Parents and adults should take children everywhere they go especially during the summertime, and even late spring.

As important child are, the same thing goes for elderly people and animals, which is not to leave them alone in a humid vehicle. To play it safe, parents should take teens (13-17) who look like adults indoors during late spring, summer, and early fall whenever it is hot outside. It is the saddest thing in the world to see a child trapped in the car, which is viewed as child neglect and abuse.

If an adult sees a child locked in a car, please call for help, e.g. cops or fire department, and then try to open the door. If not luck, rescuer may need to smash car with a hard object; please make sure kid stays away from the glass. (If unable to break car window, ask kids to unlock the car themselves so they can escape the vehicle). If parents returns to the car and yells at helper to stop, please do as instructed, no matter how frustrating the situation is. However, do not leave until the parent opens up the car for his or her child. Before passing judgment, please ask parent what caused them to leave child in car in the first place. Sometimes, bad parenting isn't the result of car deaths among children; some parents were busy and forgot that kids were in backseat. Afterward, helper can let parent know how dangerous this was and how he/she is thinking about calling cops since adult put child in harm's way.

Here are some tips for adults to follow to avoid leaving child inside a car that can turn into an oven. Put important items, such as purse or car, in the back of the car, which allow parents to check in back of car for kids. Also, put child's favorite toys in the front and backseat, and then put it in the passenger seat, which is a visual reminder of child potentially being inside the car. In a nutshell, LOOK BEFORE YOU LOCK, which will allow parents to keep track of kids' who inside the backseat. While I want children and parents to enjoy the nice weather, it is also important to stay safe in terms of driving during hot conditions. Please take care.
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Risperdal is a anti-psychotic medication, approved by FDA, use to treat those who have schizophrenia, autism (irritability), depression, and bipolar. However, this medicine has cause boys, under 18, to develop the enlargement of male breast, Gynecomastia, which has lead to the company being sued by the parents (against Johnson and Johnson case) The reason mothers and fathers are suing the company since they did not warn the children for taking this medication, which require boys to have surgery in getting their breast removed.

Risperdal can cause symptoms, such as weight gain, diabetes, coughing, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, parkinsonism, agitation, insomnia, increase hunger, anxiety, fatigue, constipation, diarrhea, abdominal pain, sore throat, increase hunger, and much more.

Please listen up. This drug is said to increase the risk of death for those who suffer from dementia. Therefore, elderly people with memory lost should stay far away from this due since it produces life threatening consequences.

Since this medication is stirring controversy and confusion, it should be took off the market to avoid other people suffering the unpleasant side affect from this pill. However, if the drug is still marketable, the only people who should be allow to take Risperdal are females and males (over the age of 18) with severe mental disorders, which was mentioned above this passage. I would advise males even older than 18 years old to check with their doctors to see if it is safe to take Risperdal to treat their mental condition.
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Crohn's Disease is an inflammatory bowel disease that affects the gastrointestinal region (the stomach area), which causes stomach pain, diarrhea, bleeding, skin rashes, anemia, fever, fatigue, tiredness, eye inflammation, and arthritis. Another caveat sign is bowel obstruction, which should be monitored as it could lead to bowel cancer. To compare, Crohn's appears to be similar to stomach ulcer since it causes bleeding, excruciating pain, and vomiting.

Crohn's Disease equally affected males and females across North America and Europe. unfortunately, it was reported that over 35,000 people died from this disease in 2010.

It is recommend that surgery be the last option unless Crohn's disease causes severe pain or bleeding. There are no cures and the cause for this disease is unknown. This disorder is not classified as a autoimmune disease since the immune system does not attack itself at the hands of this disease. It is said that smoking increase the risk of a person developing Crohn's by twofold. Therefore, is best to stop smoking or not smoke at all in order to avoid developing this harmful disease.

It is a good idea to get tested by having a colonoscopy to see if there is cancer every few years, which should begin eight years after developing this illness.

People with Crohn's disease have a somewhat reduced life expectancy, which is a few years shorter than the average life expectancy. For example, if the average person is should to live 75 to 80 years old, a person with Crohn's may live 75 years old instead of being 80.

This disease is named after Dr. Crohn who discovered people were becoming sick and dying from Crohn's in 1932 in a New York hospital.
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If an adult seems unconscious, the first thing a person must do is tap him or her a few times while talking to him/her. If the person still does not respond, tell someone to call 9-11. The key is not to PANIC. Before officially aiding the person, make sure the scene is safe for you so you will not get hurt either. The next thing to do is gently move the person's head backward, and count 10 seconds to see if the individual is breathing. (It is no longer required to check for a purse since that wastes time in saving a life). If the person is not breathing, then put a barrier over the person's mouth so you will not be contact with his/her fluid, such as salvia. Before breathing into the person's lung, please make sure there is nothing into the person's mouth. If so, please remove the obstruction and then proceed to breathe into his/her mouth. Breathing into a victim's mouth should take one second. After breathing into a person's mouth a few times. It is time to give the person's chest compression 30 times, should also be 2 inches deep, before returning to the breathing. Make sure to give chest compression with both hands together with the heel of the hands pressing on the chest. Please think of both hands being linked together similar to how the Power Rangers put their hands together when morphing into superhero uniforms. The chest compression should occur below the nipple line, and in the center of the chest blades. Please do not stop giving mouth to mouth and chest compression until the ambulance arrives. (If a rescuer sees vomiting or blooding coming out the mouth, please do not confuse that for a sign of life. If a helper sees either or wipe the victims mouth, and call 9-11 to see what is the best way to handle this type of situation. If the person responds, turn his or her body from his/her back to his/her side. Best wishes in saving a persons life. God Bless.
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If a child seems unconscious or unresponsive, the first thing a person must do is tap the baby a few times. If the baby still does not respond, the best thing to do is to get someone by calling 9-11. Before you begin helping the child, you want to make sure the scene is safe for you so you will not get hurt either. The next thing you do is gently move the child's head backward, and count 10 seconds to see if the child is breathing. (It is no longer required to check for a purse since that wastes time in saving a kid's life). If the child is not breathing, then put a barrier over the toddler's mouth so you will not take their fluid, such as salvia. Before you breathe into the child's lung, please make sure there is nothing in the kid's mouth. If so, please remove the obstruction and then proceed to breathe into the child's mouth. Breathing into a child's mouth should take one second long. After breathing into a child's mouth a few times. It is time to give the youngster's chest compression 30 times before returning to the breathing. Make sure to give infant chest compression with two fingers. The chest compression should below the nipple line and in the center of the chest blades. Make sure to push at least 2 inches into the child's chest while compressing. Please do not stop giving mouth to mouth and chest compression to the child until the ambulance arrives. (If a rescuer sees vomiting or blooding coming out the mouth, please do not confuse that for a sign of life. If a helper sees either or, wipe off the bleeding or vomiting, and call 9-11 to see what is the best way to handle this type of situation. If a child responds, turn his or her body from his/her back to his/her side. Best wishes in saving a child's life. God Bless.
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To appear on this list, actors and actresses must have been Golden Globe nominated 10 times and won the award at least 3 times.
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This list is dedicated to talented performers who transitioned from Golden Globe nominees into a Oscar nominee or winner. I respect those who improve their craft as a performer every time they appear on the screen. To elaborate, there are performers who are born to be nominated for Golden Globe and Oscar during the same year, which is normal. However, they are those who started out with no Golden Globe or Oscar. They had to work for the Golden Globe and the Oscar by starting all the way at the bottom until they reached the top, which I call commitment and dedication.
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This list will most include movie colors that have the colors of the American Flag; however, I will also include movies that does not talk too much about Patriotism. Therefore, if people think this list is all about the America flag, they are slightly missing the point. In order for the movie to appear on this list, the three colors that I mentioned must appear on cover. Even if the cover has red, white, blue, and yellow, I will still include the film on this list. Got it? Please keep reading the list to find out what I am talking about.
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Since it is Academy Awards season, it is time to look at prominent performers who have two Oscars without losing when they were nominated. In other words, these legendary actors/actresses are undefeated. In a nutshell, all they do is win. (I had to go there with the Rick Ross song. I could not help it). Happy New Years to everyone. As usual, please have fun reading my articles. Take Care. God Bless.
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Parkinson Disease is a degenerative disorder that affects and kills the dopamine cells, which is located in the midbrain of the Central Nervous System. Tobacco smoking can increase the risk of developing this disease. PD is accompanied by sleeping, emotional, and sensory problems. Sadly, this disease can lead to forms of dementia and depression. Physical symptoms include shaking, rigidity, slowness in movement, and trouble walking. Neuroimaging is a device use to diagnosis those with this condition. This disorder is said to affect those who are ages 50 years and older.

Levodopa and dopamine agonist is stated to be effective in treating those who have early or mild form of PD. If PD progresses, these medications can become ineffective. Proper dieting is said to be effective in managing those with Parkinson. Surgery and deep brain stimulation is used as a last resort if the drugs are not working for those who have extreme case of this disorder.

The disease is named after Mr. James Parkinson, English doctor, who wrote a detail essay about PD on April 11, 1817, which is also known as Parkinson's Day.
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A lady telling her man that she is pregnant is supposed to be the happiest news in the world since they are about to bring a new live into this world. Technically, pregnant is often described as a woman missing or skipping her period or menstruation. While giving birth and raising a child can be exciting, it can also be a lot of work for future parents, especially the females conceiving a child. For example, future mom experience weight gain that may result to back pain and other complications that can occur in the woman's body during pregnancy.

I did not forget about the men. They have it almost as difficult as the females. For the next nine months, they will experience their women being emotional at times, which may lead to frustration and confusion. Also, most pregnant woman may eat more than usual, which will cause the man of the house taking back and forth trips to the supermarket for the next 180 days.

After the pregnancy is over with, there are the risk of some females developing depression. For example, Gwyneth Paltrow talked about feeling blue after she gave birth to her second child; however, she overcome her depression, which means that depression comes and goes.

I am not hear to scare future mothers or fathers who are thinking about giving birth to a child. I am hear to make life easy for men and women who are ready to bring a new life into this world. Let's get started.

The pregnancy stage is developed into three stages, which are called trimester, 9 months being divided into three periods. The first trimester (1-3 months) is when the embryo, future baby, is developing. During the second trimester (4-6 months), the embryo is transforming into the fetus. The pregnancy becomes more noticeable during this stage since the baby is growing inside the mom's womb, which means the mother's stomach is noticeably larger. The final trimester is when moms reach the peak of their pregnancy, which takes place between 7 to 9 months.

Once females tell their men those two famous words, ladies should monitor their diet by taking care of themselves. For example, pregnant woman should not drink too much caffeine (if they are heavy coffee drinkers), no smoking, and no drinking when they are with child. These unhealthy behaviors, particularly drinking and smoking, can harm the newborn's health by potentially leading to premature birth, down syndrome, miscarriage and so on.

Also, once men find out their women are pregnant, they should call their doctor to schedule an ultrasound, which was created by Margaret Crane, for those wondering. If women believe they are pregnant they should wait a few days to two weeks after intercourse. False pregnancy test may be based on women being tested too early, e.g. having a test done after intercourse. It might be wise to have a second pregnancy test done to make sure that the mother is having an infant.

New parents may not know the ideal date having an ultrasound have an ultrasound. Some future parents believe they should wait until the mother stomach is enlarging, which can be a few months after parents discovered their pregnancy. However, some parents believe the sooner ultrasound the better. Some parents may use the ultrasound as a double checking tool to see if the mom is really pregnant. Even though the two lines reveal pregnancy during the test (one line indicates non pregnancy on test), soon to be parents might make sure they are having a baby by having an ultrasound done. While the pregnancy test may reveal pregnancy, an ultrasound may showcase something different, which is quite rare since pregnancy test is usually a reliable tool in determining pregnancy. When in doubt, it is best for parents to call their doctors to see when is the perfect time to schedule an ultrasound. Most parents are excited about having an ultrasound because the device helps determine the sex of the parents' baby.

To help mothers with their giving labor to their baby, they should attend Lamaze classes to help with their breathing when they are about to deliver their child. Perhaps, it is ideal for parents to find a hospital that will allow them to give birth to their babies without difficulty. Parents should not expect for hospital to help them deliver their child without scheduling appoint to do so. It might be best to discuss delivery arrangements with the same doctor who gave the parents the ultrasound. In other words, if parents are comfortable with their doctor who gave them their ultrasound then that should be the doctor who helps them deliver their baby. However, if the ultrasound doctor is unable to be their medical doctor during delivery, please ask the ultrasound doctor for referrals for a doctor who has experience in child birth.
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As a friendly reminder, I am not an expert on this topic, I am highly interested in learning as much as possible in terms of disorders and diseases.

Do people remember the commercial where the lady created more awareness for babies who have Pertusiss a few years ago?

Pertusiss is a whipping cough disorder that usually affects youths, such as babies and toddlers. This condition is often referred to as the 100 day cough since this disease can last six weeks before subsiding. This disease is caused by bacteria, which is also contagious that can be spread by one person to another. They suffer from chronic coughing that causes discomfort and pain. Some youths have an extreme form of Pertusiss to the extent of them choking or grasping for air.

It reported that this disease affects 49 million people, which is sadly stated to claim over 295,000 deaths.

Possibly, parents who smoke a great deal can increase the probability of their child developing Pertusiss. However, Pertusiss can in kids even if their parents do not have no history of smoking. It is recommended that parents visit their doctors ASAP if they suspect their child has Pertusiss if their baby is constantly coughing. Parents can help their child defeat this disease by making sure kids take antibiotics and vaccine, which helps the kid to avoid developing this disease.

For more information, please watch videos online that offer description of this infectious disease that is harming innocent people, especially children.
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Trichotillomania is a hair pulling disorder that people may view as a form of self harming or injury. This condition is also regarded as a impulse disorder since people with this disorder cannot help from pulling their hair out, which leads to hair loss and baldness. Infants may be born with Trichotillomania; however, the peak onset is usually 9 to 13 years old. Common areas where the hair pulling takes place are the scalp, eye lids, eye brown, legs, arms, hands, and nose. Unfortunately, trichotillomania is difficult to treat due to the social implication, which means this disorder often goes unreported. Perhaps, there are a low number of people who are not visiting their doctors to discuss their trichotillomania probably due to social stigma, fear of what other people think.
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Color Blindness is a vision disorder where people can distinguish difference between two different colors, particularly red and green. Color deficiency is considered a mild disability, which means people can learn a normal life with their vision limitations. Some people think that color blindness may lead to actual blindness; however, color blindness is not linked to lost of sight.

Color Confusion affects more male than females since they have one X chromosome while woman have two X chromosomes. In other words, ladies have extra chromosomes that men lack, which help their eyes from experiencing color bewilderment. Color blindness can be caused by eye injuries, such as the optic nerve being damaged.

Unfortunately, there is no treatment to cure this disorder. Those with this condition must be careful when driving on the roads. For example, when they approach a traffic light, they may have become confused on whether the light is green or red. Therefore, it is recommended that a passenger, who is also an experienced driver, accompany the driver with color blindness by warning him or her when the light is about to change from red to green. I believe there are special glasses and contacts to help those to manage their color blindness difficulties.

English Chemist John Dalton wrote an essay to help cope with his color blindness in 1798, which is the first time this topic received significant awareness.

Interestingly, people with colored blind people are said to have been sense of color when it comes to observing camouflages. In terms of color, most colored blind individuals are able to spot colors that people with normal vision are not to see.
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Unfortunately, depression is said to affect more females than males. When people stop partaking in hobbies that brought them more joy that is a RED FLAG. Another caveat is depression frequently being linked to suicide, which means some depressed people may have suicide thoughts that may lead to suicide attempts and worst.

Depressed individuals compared getting out of bed similar to climbing Mount Everest. Most depressed people do not want to do anything except lay down and be alone. Most even lose their appetite.

Traumatic events can be a factor, which triggers depression. For example, if a person experience family or job loss, they are more likely to be in a state of melancholy. Typically, people with depression may have poor coping skills, which cause them to respond negatively to tragic events. For example, if a person lost a relative, it may take them a few weeks to grief over the lost of his loved one. More often than not, it may take a depressed person months or even years to get over the lost of a loved one. To put if differently, most depressed people may dislike change and unpredictability, which if it affects their life in a negative way. Other risk factors are genetics; if there is history of a person having family members who are depression, he is more likely to develop this mental condition himself.

Counseling and antidepressant is some of the most effective treatment in those who are battling with depression. It is recommend that clients see a therapist before taking medication since meds can produce some side affects. However, if people want to attend counseling while receiving mediation, they can do so, as long as it is done with moderation.
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Peptic ulcer is described as a painful stomach ulcer, which is acidy that causes great inflammation and discomfort. The ulcers can be worsen by medication, such as aspirin and ibuprofen, which are treatments use to treat the pain. Some ulcers, such as Duodenal, are benign while gastric ulcers (stomach ulcer) are malign (4 percent). Biopsies, screening, are issued so patients can see if these ulcers are cancerous.

Signs of ulcers are experiencing abdominal pain 3 hours after mealtime for Duodenal ulcer, vomiting, nausea, lost of appetite, weight loss, and vomiting of blood.

Carafate has been said to be a effective treatment for those who have peptic ulcers.

If the pain is severe, emergency surgery might be required. People ages 45 and old have a high risk of developing peptic ulcer. Therefore, please see a doctor to see if middle age people suspect they have signs or symptoms of peptic ulcer. Even, if people in their mid 40s feel fine, please seek advice from a medical professional to see if they will develop this condition in the future. Best wishes on a speedy recovering to those who are in excruciating pain with the stomach ulcer.
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While I do not condone teen pregnancy, I do respect young mothers and fathers who manage to step up to be a parent to their children at a young age. However, teen parents who rather party, living their child home with their parents, should reprioritize their life, which means their children should be the most important person in their life. There is nothing wrong with young parents taking a break by hanging out with their parents, but when it is time to be responsible, they ought to take their job as a parent seriously.
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Personally, I do not drink coffee due to the beverage containing caffeine, which is said to cause heart palpitations (irregular or rapid heart beat). I also rarely drink soda either due to the amount of caffeine. I do not want to have any heart problems when I grow older. However, I would take to a closer look behind caffeine. Without further ado, let's get down to the caffeine business.

Caffeine is consumed by 90 percent of people everyday. Caffeine is a CNS (Central Nervous System) stimulant, which is the most common psychoactive drug in the world. Liquid caffeine, coffee, usually helps people to be alert, awareness, energize when they are tired or fatigue.

Symptoms of overdosing are irritability, confusion, delirium, ears ringing, rapid heart rate, breathing fast, depression, mania, bladder cancer, and death (extreme overdosing from caffeine pills instead of coffee). In other words, consumers are more likely to die from overdosing from caffeine pills instead of drinking large quantity of coffee. Caffeine is similar to drinking alcohol; as long as people drink coffee moderately they will be able to live a normal and healthy life.

Another case of caffeine being similar to alcohol is when the drinker abuses caffeine or coffee, it is referred to as caffeinism akin to alcoholism. Caffeinsim is also referred to as caffeine intoxication, which is consuming amount of amount of caffeine. There is also moderate to severe withdrawal symptoms when consumers decide to quit caffeine, which can include stomach pains. Caffeine withdrawal usually last anywhere from 2 to 9 days depending on the severity of the caffeine consumption. Caffeine is listed in the DSM 5 as a mental disorder due to reports of it causing people to become tolerant, dependent, and experience withdrawal symptoms.

Pregnant woman should be careful of consuming large amount of coffee should it will not have any affect on their babies. It is up to future moms if they want to drink little to no coffee. When in doubt, they should see their doctors for advice on whether or not they should drink little to no coffee.

Overall, caffeine has it pros and cons due can reduce the risk of diabetes, some forms of cancer, establish wakefulness, and alertness. However, the dangers include irritability, restlessness, confusion, anxiety, depression, and stomach pain. Therefore, would I drink coffee? My answer is still NO due to the risk of heart palpitations and breathing heavy after drinking a cup of coffee.
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Trigenomial Neuralgia is also known as suicide disease because the condition is so painfully severe it makes people want to harm themselves. More female than males suffer from this oppressive physical illness that attacks one side or both side of the face. In side the human mind, the trigenomial nerve puts extreme pressure on the blood vessel, which is where the excruciating pain kicks in. Suffer describe this disease as their face feeling as if it is on fire, nonstop tooth pain, and feeling as if their face is being stabbed. Speaking of tooth acne, dentist misdiagnose this disorder as an individual having cavities or a root canal. To avoid misinterpreting this disease, the dentists should use x-ray or MRI to make certain that the suffer does not have holes inside their mouths. This condition is similar to Cerebal Palsy but much more pain and inflammation. People with this sickness are sensitive to weather condition, such as cold air and windy conditions, which can trigger do harm to the face. When individuals experience an episode, the attack usually lasts for a few seconds to a couple of minutes, which is fortunate since the assault is lasting throughout the day. Surgery is one of the first line of treatments in battling this uncomfortable and unpleasant disorder. The success rate of the operation is around 90 percent, which usually does not return. The surgeon putting a clot or pad between the trigenomial nerve and the blood vessel so the patient will no longer experience any pain. If the surgery does not work, patients may take medication or have another operation in order to avoid having Trigenomial Neuralgia.
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For those who do no know, bipolar is the combination of feeling high, mania, and feeling low, depression. One day, the bipolar person may feel hopeless while the next day they feel extremely happy or irritable by taking on the world. Some folks who have bipolar discuss it as a million thoughts running through their brain. Some may say they feel high and low at the same time, which is rare, but can happen.

Bipolar 1 is described as having at least one episode of hypomania while Bipolar 2 indicates someone having one episode of major depression and hypomania. Bipolar disorder may be comorbid with anxiety disorders and drug misuse.

No absolute cause has been found to determine the etiology of this condition. However, environment factors, such as stress and child abuse, may play a role in people developing bipolar.

People who have bipolar disorder are at great risk of committing suicide, up to 6 percent. There is 30-40 percent rate of self-harm reported for those with this condition.

Lithium is the common medication that clients take for mental condition. If bipolar people experience manic episode, they should not take antidepressant. If bipolar clients are in their depressed state, then they can take antidepressant with mood stabilizer. Electroshock therapy is also an option if the patients doesn't respond to the treatment.

3 percent of people suffer from this mental illness, which is equally present in males and females. People with this disorder suffer from social stigma by caring what people think of them. Signs of bipolar symptoms begins at the age of 25.

In the early 1990s, 45 billion dollars spent on research to study those who suffer from bipolar.
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While I am not an expert, I like to do research on disorders and disease that affect the general population. With that being said, the high cases of rabies occur in Africa and Asia. Thousands of people (50,000 people) die from rabies annually. Shockingly, more than 3 billion individuals inhabit in areas where rabies take place.

Some people think they can get rabies after being bitten by a rat. Surprisingly, rats are not as poisonous as one think, they have very little to no rabies. People still have to be aware of these flirty animals because they can contain germs or diseases; however, they are not as poisons as other animals, such as cats, dogs, and bats. People can develop rabies after they are bitten, scratched, or touched contagious animals. Coming in contact with these animals' saliva will pose a threat of encountering rabies from these vicious creatures.

Therefore, a person has a higher chance of developing rabies from these warm-blooded animals besides rats. However, I do not blame people who still think they should be wary of rats containing rabies since they are somewhat related to bats, which is a valid assumption. Individuals may assume rats have rabies based on the fear of the animal's appearance. Overall, if cats or dogs look sick by having cuts around the eyes or mouth, they should keep their distance from this potentially infected animal. If the dog is drooling profusely, the human should play it safe. . Please keep a careful eye on the kids who love to play with dogs and cats, some may not know that they are play with an infected animal.

Signals and symptoms of rabies include confusion, fear of water, high fever, tingling, inability to move parts of the body, and loss of consciousness. The duration of signals of rabies varies. To elaborate, it could take days, weeks, months, or a year for people to feel the affect of rabies.

If a person picks up a bat or gets bite by a dog, they should wash their hands with soap, water, alcohol, and detergent for fifteen minutes, which is a golden rule of thumb that is somewhat effective. Additionally, people can fight the disease if they are rush to the hospital by receiving rabies vaccine, a shot, by a doctor ASAP.

Unfortunately, rabies is usually a fatal and life threatening disease. People more often than not suffer from brain damage when the viruses travel and attacks the brain, which causes severe and permanent brain damage. While the disease is typically deadly, a few people prevented themselves from dying by participating in the Milwaukee experiment, which saved 5 out of 43 patients lives (equals 8 percent success rate).

There was a 2004 story of Jeanna Giese, 15 years old, suffering rabies after she picked up a dead bat in her room. At first she did not feel the effects of the rabies; however, her condition deteriorated as time progress within a month. Therefore, she was rushed into the emergency room where the doctor tried an experiment on her known as the Milwaukee experiment, which put her into a coma. The Milwaukee experiment is where the doctor use antiviral medication to make sure the rabies does not touch teenage patients brain.

A month later, she regained her consciousness, which meant that the operation was a success. She was checked into the hospital on September 4, 2004 and exited the medical center on January 1, 2005. While she suffer little to no brain damage, she had to relearned how to walk and talk all over again. The teenager decided this experience as being a baby all over again. Successfully, she managed to graduate from college in 2011. Some people suspect that this young lady had a mild form of rabies, which is why she was able to beat the disease. This discussion is open to debate, which means it is up to reader to decide if she had mild or severe rabies.

Once more, if more information is need about this fatal disease, please do research or seek consultation from a primary physician or doctor. Thanks.
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To information, September 28th is known as Worldwide Seizure Day. Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that affects 1 percent of the general population (65 million people globally). This disorder is said to affect to affect the young and elderly people in developing countries. For example, it is not uncommon for individuals 80 years old to suffer unprovoked epileptic episode (5-10 percent). If a person has his or her first seizure, the person has 40-50 percent probability of having a second episode in the future.

An epileptic person does not have any control of his or her when suffering from a seizure, which can occur randomly. Also, sensations, such as sound, touch, and lighting, may also cause an epileptic to experience a episode, e.g. cold weather or a wind may cause a person to have a seizure. Epilepsy is broken down into two subtypes tonic and absent epilepsy or seizures.

Epilepsy is a series of seizures, which means it is more chronic than having a seizure. A patient with epilepsy suffers from seizures all the time. Alcoholism can increase a alcoholic risk of having a seizure or developing epilepsy.

When a person suffers epilepsy, all the muscles in their body are contracting, which means the victim is experiencing a lot of pain and suffering.

Some seizures last for a few seconds while some can last for minutes. Please note that a person can suffer brain damage within 4 minutes, which means seizures can attack brain, if the episode is longer than 4 minutes. If a seizure last for 2-3 minutes, the person will most likely not suffer any traumatic brain injury. A huge part of a epileptic suffering brain injury them falling down backwards and hitting the ground hard on their head, which may also be fatal.

The protocol of a person having a seizure on the ground is to not panic. The first thing a person must do is call 9-11. Move any objects (bottles or glass) that will not happen the martyr. Also, please do not put hands into the epileptic mouth while having a seizure, which can be very harmful to the helper. Most people fear the person having the seizure will biting their tongue, which will come off, causing that person to swallow it down their throats. If the person is hitting his or her head on the ground, slowly put a pillow or something soft underneath the individual head so he will not continue bagging it on the ground. It is vital not to touch the person while he or she is having a seizure. Another important note is to turn the person over once their episode has passed, which is usually result to the suffer vomiting. It is not ideal for the person to vomit when they are lying on their back.

Epilepsy is a life threatening neurological disorder that prevents people from driving depending on the severity and frequency of the mental condition. 70 percent of epilepsy can be controlled through medication.
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Here is the summary of the story. Theo woke up early in the morning to ask his mom what would the world be like with African Americans. She walked her son around the house and outside to find out the answer to her little boy's question. For example, items missing around the house and outside represents the creations made by prominent African American inventions. Folks are welcome for the last hint, which is what I do. If people want to find out the full story, please look up the poem that talks about the world without black people, which is a must read.

Down below is a list of my favorite inventions (e.g. Carver and Morgan) as well as people missing from the poem (e.g. Bath and Johnson).
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Welcome to Homeless to Hollywood edition, which will offer some mind-blowing stories of superstar who lived in the streets before they made it to the top. This is a relevant topic since Thanksgiving is around corner. Life is about being grateful for the little things, no matter how small they are. Even though some may be less fortune than others, please be thanks for having a place to sleep, food on table, and clothes to wear. There are people out there who do not have any clothes and are starving. They would switch places with some people who may take certain things for granted, such as light and running world. For me, I am thankful that God woke me up in my right frame of mind. God Bless!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!!
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Anger is the most expressed human emotion.
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A very wise man said "when you are praying to God, you are talking to him; however, when you are reading the bible, God is talking to you." The bible is the word of God that feeds us spiritual, which can be looked as spiritual food. Personally I learn something new about the bible everyday. At first, I was not in the mood to go to church on Sundays; however, I am glad that I found Christ Jesus who makes me excited to attend God's house weekly. The church is the spiritual hospital where the pastor has a word that makes me feel better. I love the bible due to the quotes and the wording, which reminds me a lot of poetry. For example, one of my favorite words are intercede, which means to pray for one another. Jesus is the perfect example of interceding our problems to God. Some of the scriptures are deep and profound to the point of having profound affect on my life. I read the bible as much as can so I can make it into Heaven, which is more realistic than life on earth. Please keep in mind that Satan wants to empty Heaven and pollute his prison, which is located 6 feet under. I hope there is a word or two that help those who are threw their trials and tribulations. Happy Holidays. Finally, Jesus is the reason for the season. Amen. God Bless.
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This is a compilation of all the celebrity who accepted the Ice Bucket challenge (over the summer in 2014), which is going for a good cause toward people who have ALS. It is entertaining to see the celebrities react to people pouring the ice or cold water on them, which has to be seen to be appreciated.

Seriously, ALS is also known as the Lou Gehrig Disease, which took the life of Baseball hall of famer at the age of 37 in the 1941. This disease is named the Lou Gehrig because he was one of the first superstars to have this disease, which received worldwide recognition and awareness.

ALS stands for Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, which is a neurodegenerative disorder that weakens the muscle. ALS one of the most common motor neuron disease, which also makes it difficult to speak, swallow, and breathe.

The onset age for this illness is 60 years; however, people can develop ALS at 50. The survival rate with this condition is 4 years. There are small percentage (4 percent) of people living up to 10 years with this sickness. There are rare cases of people living as much as 50 years with ALS. 5 to 10 percent of children will inherit ALS, if their parents were born with this disease. As much as 30,000 Americans suffer from this ALS, which kills 2 per 100,000 people annually.

The term was first described by Charles Bell in 1824 while ALS was first coined by Jean Mean Charcot (French neurologist).
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Choking is probably the scariest experience in the person' life as well as witnesses watching the victim being in dangerous. When a person grasping for breathe it can be a life or death situation. However, the rescuer can make a difference by saving a person's life with the Abdominal Thrust.

Children tend to choke on toys while Adults are prone to choking on food. e.g. usually steak or bones in fish. Also, when people are talking and eating simultaneously that can also increase the risk of food being trapped in the throat.
Signs of choking is if the victim struggles to talks, put hands over throat, and face becomes pale.

If the victim is coughing on food, encourage him or her to keep coughing until the food comes out. The helper should ask a witness to call 911 for help to arrive. If that does not, pat the person on the back, with a firm blow between the shoulder blades, 5 times.

If the person continues choking, it is time for the Abdominal Thrust, which means the rescuer must get behind the choker. The rescuer should put his or her foot between the person's feet for balance. Then, make a fist and have the other hand cover the fist. Both hands should be together, which should be placed right above the belly button. While hands are still connected to each other, the helper should forcefully move both hands in a J shape or S shape motion, 3-5 times, which should cause the victim to spit out the food. If that does not work, return back to applying back blows on the person's back until the food comes out the victim's mouth. Return to Heimlich Maneuver, if the back blows are not successful.

If a baby or pregnant woman is choking, would do everything except the abdominal thrust. They must apply the chest thrust, using the index and middle finger, on a pregnant female or infant, 3-5 times. If does not work, restore to using the back blows, and then return to using the chest thrust, if the back blows are not working.
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a list of 1 titles
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This list will not only focus on pretty ladies who have unique looks and eccentric personalities, e.g. being misunderstood. I hope this list helps people to accept themselves for who they are no matter how different they are for others.
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Up to 162 million people uses cannabis yearly while 22 million people inhale marijuana daily. This plant comes from THC. Symptoms of cannabis usage includes euphoria, increase in appetite, and calmness. However, warning signs are dry mouth, paranoia, anxiety, decrease in short term memory, impaired motor skills, and red eyes.

While marijuana is said to help people battling with cancer, I personally do not see much benefit in legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes. I know some people are excited about marijuana being legal because it can become profitable, which means paying taxes will make this drug official. However, is this drug worth the price when it is said to have side affects, which includes brain damage?

To heal patients with cancer, maybe. However, passing the bill for marijuana to be legalize across the nation might be overdoing it. As mentioned, marijuana causes small brain damage. Even if this plant causes slight mental corruption is putting people's mental health in harm's way. Helping cancer victims is one thing, but smoking cannabis for leisure is another story. Therefore, I would not mind marijuana being used as a pill form to help those battling with cancer. g confusion and reduces the reaction time.

I will be open-minded to people's comments and opinions on this controversial topics, which appears as though this topic is going anywhere anytime soon.
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Alzheimer's Disease was discovered by Alois Alzheimer in 1906. AD is an irreversible brain damaging disorder, which is severe form of dementia, which gradually leads to death. In 2006, 26 million individuals suffered from AD. By 2050, 1 in 85 people will suffer from AD. AD is marked by shrinkage in the brain. This neurodegenerative disorder tends to affect senior citizens who are 65 years old. However, early onset of AD can take place a lot earlier than 65. The average life expectancy for people with AD, after diagnosis, is 7 years. 3 percent of AD individuals manage to live 14 years with the brain disease. Once a person develops AD, it is responsible for affecting his short term memory before corrupting a person's long term memory. AD symptoms includes irritably, aggression, memory loss, confusion, and trouble with language. A lot of family members and care givers complain about that AD people attempt to leave their house since they consider their loved ones as strangers, which is an example of memory deterioration. This is an highly emotional disorder for family because they can only watch as their loved one regresses from an adult into a child. People can reduce the risk of AD by living a healthy lifestyle, keeping their mind and body sharp, by working on word puzzles and exercising.
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As much as 140 million battle with alcoholism across the globe. This condition is called a disease as well as a mental health issue, which is also referred to as alcohol abuse, dependency, or addiction. Compulsive or binge drinking alcohol can lead to severe brain damage as well as liver disease. Alcohol is considered an addiction when the drinker is unable to quit drinking despite health or relationship problems. It can be stressful and frustrating for friends and family to see the drinker life go down the drain due choosing the bottle over them. People with severe alcoholism are unable to adjust to a moderate drinking lifestyle, which leaves the addicts with the options of continual alcohol abuse or recovery. If the alcoholic decides to give up the boos, they go through the detox process, which allows them to go cold turkey where alcohol exit out of their system. Patients may use benzo medication (diazepam) to help them deal with cold turkey, especially if painful. When people check out of rehab after 30 days, they are 2 more likely to relapse from their recovery, which means all they work has gone down the drain. Therefore, it is recommended that alcoholics check in 90 or 100 day rehabilitation centers. After rehab, the former alcoholic usually attend group therapy or self help groups, which as Alcohol Anonymous (AA) meetings in order for them to maintain a sober free lifestyle.
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Suicide is an issue that claims the lives of up to 800,000 people each year. Every 14 seconds someone commits suicide. Youths are 15 to 24 years are the highest risk of suicide. More males than females die from committing suicide; however, females partake in more suicide attempts than males. How can that be? Females harm themselves with pills while guys tend to end their lives with weapons. March to May are the worst months of suicide. November and December tend to be the lost rates of suicide. September 10th is known as Suicide Awareness Day in America.

People with bipolar and depression are at high risk of committing suicide. If people suspect that someone's personality is off by having a specific plan in harming themselves or others, please get help at once. When in doubt, call the suicide hotline to discuss the suicidal person situation.

Please do not give up on life just because the going is getting tough. If a person is feeling suicidal, seek help ASAP whether it is from a doctor, friend, or a loved one. The grass is green on the other side as well as the light shinning at the end of the tunnel.
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As many know, autism is the develop function in age appropriate abilities in social interaction, communication, and repetitive, restricted, or stereotypic behavior (e.g. rocking back and forth).

On the other hand, autism spectrum is a milder form of autism, which is less severe than being autistic. ASD occurs in 1 in 68 children, which affects more boys than girls. Much like autism, many people with autism spectrum are sensitive to sensation, which means they usually dislike to be touch, even by friends and family. Autism spectrum has cases of it being comorbid with learning disabilities, depression, some levels of mental retardation, intellectual disabilities, ADHD, seizure, epilepsy, and anxiety disorders.

It is said babies born to older parents are more likely to develop ASD. Early diagnosis is key in helping children deal with their struggles with speech and communication. The sooner parents find out their children have ASD, the better it will be for them to address the issue a lot sooner. Doctors are usually able to diagnose toddlers who are four years old. However, parents are welcome to see doctors if they suspect their kids are displaying ASD traits before the age of 4.

Asperger syndrome is a form of autism spectrum disorder, which is characterized in difficulty in social interaction, nonverbal communication, and clumsiness. The difference between Asperger and autism are cognitive development and linguistic. However, Asperger syndrome was removed from the new DSM V manual, which was replaced with Autism Spectrum as the dominant disorder.
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ADHD is a disorder that affects 10 million people. 80 percent of people who have ADHD has a child end up living with the condition as grown ups. Some people classify ADHD as a learning disability, but it is not. Main ADHD symptoms are attention, hyperactivity, impulsivity. Other ADHD signs include being disorganized, restless, procrastination, and impatience. More males than females tend to live with this disorder. People with ADHD may also have OCD, bipolar, depression, and anxiety. There is no cure for ADHD. Class accommodations are available for those who are struggling to excel with their academics. Certain medication can help patients (with severe cases) to manage their ADHD symptoms by living a productive and successful life as these stars mentioned down below. Finally, clients can develop tools to learn how to manage their disorder by attending counseling sessions with a counselor or psychologist.
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Meningioma is a condition where the patient suffers from brain tumor, which can ranger from Asymptomatic, benign, or malignant. People who have Meningioma tend doses that are benign or asymptomatic. Asymptomatic is the patient not feeling any pain while benign is experiencing mild pain or discomfort. People who have asymptomatic form of this condition should see a doctor because they could have the sickness without knowing it. As some doctors say, pain can be your best friend because it gives patients warning of taking care of their body. It can be quite dangerous if the patients have Meningioma that is asymptomatic since they think everything is fine when it reality their bodies are unwell. Put it this way, an example of asymptomatic is a patient suffering from AIDS/ HIV without knowing they have the disease. Meningioma is treated with radiosurgery or conventional surgery.
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Personally, I consider Las Vegas the Atlantic City of the West Coast, which is also the home of the tallest roller coaster in the world (over 1,000 feet tall). This place is not all about casinos and gambling, but also about entertainment. There seems to be a lot to do in Las Vegas.
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"We are the members of the American League. We come from cities, near and far," which were sung by the American Girls Baseball Team. This is a tribute to one of my favorite films ever (may very well be my favorite) A League of Their Own. Believe it or not, this movie was based on a true story of there being an All American Girls Baseball League from 1943 to 1954. Officially, AAGBL debut on May 30, 1943 and ended on September 5, 1954. There were a total of 15 female teams. This association was created by Philip K. Wrigley. There league was at an all time high where 900,000 spectators came to see the woman play ball in one baseball game in 1948. Aint that something?
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Malaria is an infectious disease that comes from being bitten by a mosquito. Signs of Malaria are fever, headaches, fatigue, and vomiting. A lot of people in Africa suffer from Malaria, which killed close to a million people in 2012. The cases of Malaria are also high in Asia and Latin America. Once a person has Malaria, they a stuck with this disease for the rest of their lives. However, they can live a long life with Malaria by making frequent visits to the doctor office. To elaborate, patients can suffer mild forms of Malaria by taking the proper medication, such as needle injections. To avoid contact with Malaria, people use mosquito nets and the mosquito spray. More than 12 billion dollars have been spent on finding treatment to end this fatal diseases.
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Breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer for female who are recipient of this disease. Females are 100 times more likely than males to be in jeopardy of having breast cancer. Breast cancer risk increase in age, which means the older the female, the higher the breast cancer probability. Sadly, every 13 minutes a woman dies from breast cancer.

Signs of breast cancer are lumps in the breast, shortness of breath, weight loss, hair loss, pain in the bones, yellow skin, and lymph nodes. Other symptoms of breast cancer are skin dimpling, nipple changes, reddish in the breast, and blood or fluid that comes out of the breast.

Obesity, excessive alcohol, poor exercise, late pregnancy, or even no pregnancy are risk factors of breast cancer. Unfortunately, African American woman have the highest risk of developing breast cancer. Asian American females are said to have the lowest risk of developing breast cancer, which is a good thing. Breast cancer is broken down to two types, Breast Cancer 1, BRCA 1 and Breast Cancer 2, BRCA 2. There are 18 different subtypes of breast cancer.

Thankfully, there are a various treatments available for those are battling with aggressive cases of breast cancer. Breast cancer treatment includes radiation surgery, chemotherapy, mastectomy (removal of the female upper parts), target therapy, and lumpectomy, which is a less intense surgery that removes the lumps on the females chest.

Fortunately, 96 percent of females who track breast cancer early, will be cancer free for 5 years. Personally, I think it is better if it is worded as breast survivors are cancer free for 5 years instead of survivors having a 5 year survival rate. It can be alarming by making some females think they only have 5 years left to life.

A rule of thumb is for middle aged females, 50 to 74 years, to have their breast exam, e.g. biopsy or breast screening, every 2 years to see if they are at risk of this disease.
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Since Breast Cancer was last month, I thought I create a list for males and females who are battling any type of cancer.

Technically, cancer is characterized with abnormal cell growth. There are over 100 types of cancer. Smoking (can lead to lung cancer), excessive alcohol, and obesity can greatly increase a person risk of developing cancer. Cancer is one of the most painful illness out there, which are associated with lumps, abnormal bleeding, prolong coughing, weight lost, and hair lost. Typical cancer for males are prostate, stomach, lung, and colorectal cancer. Breast, colorectal, lung, and cervical cancer are high for females who have history of their family developing cancer.

Statistically, cancer claimed the lives of more than 8 million people in 2012, while there were 14 million cases of cancer in 2012. Emotionally, children, under the age of 15, with cancer usually have 5 years to live, in the develop world and in USA. Therefore, cancer is a huge target in the youth population, especially those younger than 15 years old. Leukemia and brain tumor are the type of cancer that affects children with cancer the most.

Emotionally, this sensitive topic is here to inspire those who are battling any type of cancer, which can be disheartening to the victims as well. In addition, it can be very emotional for friends, family, and fans to witness these stars battling this difficult sickness. in front of their eyes. Positively, with technology and extensive research, most cancers are treatable.

Please let know me if anyone has questions or comments regarding this important matter.

God Bless!!!
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For the record, I wanted to title my topic as Taste the Rainbow, but ruled against it because it sounds too explicit. Nonetheless, I hope I do not offend anyone because I am extremely sensitive when it comes to respecting people's race. However, every time visit this list, it appears these celebrities add a new race to their profile. What do they do, go a DNA test done to discover their heritage annually. I have no problem in learning about celebrities heritages because it allows me to discover interesting parts of the world. As always, I hope everyone enjoys this list.
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a list of 28 people
These celebrities look so serious and mean that it is funny. When you look at all their serious pictures, you cannot help but to laugh. This is more of an observance instead of passing judgment by implying these superstars are aloof or unemotional. Just because these megastars are not smiling, does not mean they are unemotional, they may be some of the nicest people in the world. Therefore, please do not look at this list as me hating on these celebrities because in fact I am a huge fan of most them.
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This list is not her to blast these pretty and talented females. No No No. Therefore, I will not judge these ladies because I do not know what struggles they have gone through in their life. A traumatic event might have occurred in their life, which lead them to snap because it was too much for them to handle. I hope this article offers them encouragement as well as those who are going through tough times in their life. They are not alone.
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Even if the ladies wear the redhead look one time, they will still be on this list. Sometimes, I get a little mixed up with the brownhead and redheads because those colors are very close to each other in my book. WHen the ladies have brown hair, it looks like their heads turn red when it is under the sun or light. You are welcome from the science lesson. I try to do it all; it aint easy being me. LOL. Please enjoy the list and let me know what you think. Thanks.
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These are beautiful females from Canada and ladies who are of Canadian descent.
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Great movies that either had a memorable soundtrack, videogames attached to the film, or both. People will have fun reading this list. Let's take a trip down memory lane shall we. Embrace the classic moments with me from favorite movies that made us laugh and cry.
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IMBD is a great website because it talks about everything from movies, music, wrestling, the weather, and video games, which is are favorite hobbies if anyone is asking. This website has something that everyone can enjoy, e.g. religious movies for those who are deeply spiritual beings. I have been visiting this website for the past ten years, I celebrated my ten year anniversary this September. Officially, I became a member in December of 2005, which goes to show how long lasting this site is. Another ten years from now I can look about at all my thoughts and input I put into this site. IMBD is here to stay, which will stand until the end of time. Here are personal reasons why IMBD Is one of my favorite websites, probably my favorite website, of all time.
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Even though 1999 and 2000 are clearly two different years, some people might have got the years mixed up especially if the movie came out in late 1999. It made matters worst when some of these films were nominated during 2000 Oscars, which had some people wonder if these movies were released in 99 or 00.
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I love watching the M & M candy commercial because the red and yellow candy guys always make me laugh. I notice some of these beautiful ladies made frequent appearances on these well known candy commercials, especially Halle before she had her huge break in the Hollywood. Halloween candy and pretty ladies are makes me get a kick out of life.
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For the record, I love females of all sizes, big, tall, short, and the thin ones as well. Therefore, this list is dedicated to the beautiful ladies who appear not to gain any weight no matter much they eat. Please forgive me if I am forgetting pretty ladies who should be included on this list.
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a list of 12 titles
Computers and the internet have replaced TV in the main source of information and communication. In a nutshell, computers are everywhere. Almost every household has at least one computer or laptop.
a list of 11 titles
a list of 11 titles
A tribute to soldiers who sacrifice their lives in order to protect our country and defend our freedom. Thanks for serving our country, which is gladly appreciated. God Bless America.
a list of 9 titles
Please read the list carefully to figure out my special ridicule. It is a surprise. No clues or hints as I usually do.
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a list of 157 titles
In order for this movie to qualify on the list, the cover has to be creative, artistic, original, and tell a story, which inspires people to give this film a try. This list are for media arts or graphic arts designers who have an eye for masterpieces and colorful pictures. I also hope people who are not media artists thoroughly enjoy reading this list as well.
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I know that the films that these actors starred in were films that were not on the big screen; however, I wonder what if these films were released in theaters, which would have drastically changed the outcome in some of the Oscar events.
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This list is dedicated to my favorite wrestlers who had the best mataches of their career. Please enjoy the list.
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Sometimes, I think people just focus on the women's comedic acting while forgetting how pretty some of these ladies are, which is a shame. I will include actress who may not be true comedians, but as long as they acted in several comedis, they will appear on this list.
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Hello everybody. How is it going? This list applies for ladies who are 55 years old and older. These women are aging beautifully and gracefully. The elderly is the new youth. Embrace the maturity. If I miss any pretty elderly women, please feel free to let me know, okay? Please have fun reading this list. Good Day.
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These ladies might be not hot to everybody but they are a candy apple to my eye to me. Please enjoy the list. Have a Blessed Day.
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a list of 16 titles
Successful movies and television shows that have been transformed into cartoons will appear in this list. For diehard gaming fans, I personally consider video games as cartoons so they will appear on the list as well.
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For the record, I am not into dudes; I repeat I do not like dudes. Now that I got that off my chest. I LOVE ladies with a HUGE passion. Halle Berry, Alicia Keys, and Angelina Jolie all day, everyday baby. However, I must give credit when it is due.These pretty boys are good with the girls to the point you cannot help, but respect them. I look up to most of these dudes because they have a way with women. Therefore, LADIES, I am not a player hater. I think maning up by admitting they are smooth with females, may increase my chances of getting closer to the chicks. I hope this works. Please wish me luck.
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I like ladies who know how to be tough on the outside yet sensitive and vulnerable on the inside as well.
a list of 10 titles
This list contains great films with incomplete, confusing, or messed up endings. Therefore, I invite people to use their imagination by pretending they are the screenwriter or director by finding creative endings to these legendary films.
a list of 109 titles
Usually whenever I witness a classic film, I need time to myself to think of the amazing moments that took place in my life. Inspiration, motivational, determination, and revelation are words that pop up in my mind when creating this list. I love movies send profound statements that I can use to apply to my life, which may also change someone's else as well. Mostly, I enjoy watching wise or intelligent movies that allow me to think so I can find new ways to solve problems within my life. As a psychology major, I think psych and films go together because they usually portray the emotions of the characters, which cause me to feel what they are feeling. For example, if a character is happy or sad, I may want to laugh or cry with them. Nonetheless, these are the movies that shape myself which inspired me to become a better counselor and person by helping others improve their lives once my life is situated. I hope you enjoy my list. Thanks for reading in advance. God Bless.