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Let the meaning unfold, 21 July 2006

When people come out of the theater after this movie, the first words out of their mouths will reveal the deepest truth about who they are. By the end of their first sentence, you will know how deep they go. You may also see the same about yourself.

Between the time the credits began to roll, and when I walked into my back door about ten minutes later, I felt as if a universe of meaning had dawned on me. The really beautiful thing about this movie is how, afterward, you realize that something wonderful and meaningful has just unfolded before your eyes, and you didn't see it coming. Like others of M. Night's movies, this one has to do with finding one's purpose in life. I believe the crux, though, is that in this movie, everyone finds their purpose through... are you ready?... through "Story." I happen to agree. I believe stories are the primary way of communicating truth and purpose.

To me, Lady in the Water is simply a storyteller saying to his audience, "This is why I do what I do. Maybe you can find your purpose through it."

So, as you walk out, when the guy behind you says to his girlfriend, "Well, that just sucked!", you can probably guess that for him, probably the best movie of the year so far is Fast and Furious 3: Tokyo Drift. But, when you leave, and you find yourself feeling the movie unfold inside you... if Story has caused an awakening, and you feel the pins and needles... consider yourself deeper than the average moviegoer. And better off for it.

King Kong (2005)
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Makes Jurassic Park look like Barney's playground!, 15 December 2005

Don't get me wrong, I still love Jurassic Park, but the technology there is now twelve years old. Peter Jackson's KING KONG is the experience for which movies were invented. The CGI was incredible, the casting appropriate (this wasn't supposed to be an actor-driven, big-star film, after all), and the flow was satisfying. Even the somewhat slow build-up had a huge payoff once you see Kong running through the jungle with Ann in his giant hand. Is it a flawless movie? Probably not. But it Is a perfect example of why we go to movies in the first place-- to see things that we will never see in our real lives. When I walked out of the theater and was making my way through the deserted lobby, I had an odd feeling. Every poster I saw for an upcoming film kind of made me feel like all those movies were probably just going to be a waste of film next to KING KONG.