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Has Potential, 10 January 2008

I've just watched both the pilot and the second episode.

So far, I like the series. The second episode was better than the first, and the show definitely has potential to do better than it's currently doing.

The four main characters are successful women, but they all have their flaws. Sometimes, the show does make me wonder if these women work - the show is also supposed to be focused on their work lives, but we do not get to see them work very much. (Mostly, it's just been Mia working.) The chemistry between the four best friends could be better, but considering it's only the first few episodes... chemistry can be developed over time. (The actresses are great in their own roles - it's only when they're together that you may question if they're really best friends.)

Basically, while I do like this show, it could be a lot better - and hopefully audiences will give it a chance! (There were several other series that didn't get a warm reception initially, but in the end turned out to be hits.)