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Not the best family comedy but watchable (with family or similar company),, 1 October 2007

This movie is as stereotypical as a family comedy can get in fact we have seen so many similar roles from Steve Martin in family comedies that one cannot honestly expect much from such films and indeed i went into this movie(as the company demanded i see a pg rated film) expecting as much.

The good part about the whole thing is that family comedies follow fool proof formulas and as such it is rare to find a bad one. So we have the summer release the 2 hot teens, one hot mom (carmen Electra looked spectacular), the overzealous and protective dad, the childhood romance etc etc you get what I'm saying right.

The acting of this movie is good with special mention for Steve Martin who is a regular comedy dad and even though brings nothing new to the film at least insures you never get bored. Eugene Levy also does a good job playing the eccentric dad of the rival family. Carmen Electra i realised is actually a good actress and looks great in this movie. However former preteen-queen Hilary duff looked way to thin and quite ugly.

The jokes of the film mostly squeaky clean although there is some much appreciated jokes for the adults that are so needed in this film. Particularly funny is the scene where the dog spoils the elaborate lunch, the take on another famous creature movie was hilarious. The film is filled with funny moments that will make you smile maybe force a half laugh but no scene is fall out your seat funny.

The film also serves the regular family fare with ease but almost every scene looks run of the mill and there is nothing new to add to film in the family-comedy-drama department. Being from India i found the father following his child on a date quite funny and something which i can actually picture someone who i know doing.

The movie is absolute run of the mill affair and loosed out on the novelty value that the first one enjoyed. However it serves the regular enjoyable family fare.

Watch it only if the company (family, going with friend and his girl friend for the first movie hehe) requires that you watch such a film

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very touching and quite good, 29 September 2007

Ricardo is an old man whose mind starts to fail. His family sends him to a sanatorium, where the doctors say Ricarda has the Alzheimer disease. In his time there, Ricardo meets Andres, an old man like him with a surprisingly enormous imagination. With the help of Andres and Ricardo's grand-daughter Ana, Ricardo will fight against the terrible disease he has. The movie deals with a hot point in the actual society, the Alzheimer disease, and it does it very well, the development of the story is totally believable and logic, with a great amount of feelings rising everywhere. Actors are superb, Alexandre and Lopez Vazquez has always showed it and ROndo is a new discovery. Although it is a movie that must be watched with handkerchief, it is moving and interesting, actors are impressive int heir papers and it is very well filmed. I hope it to triumph in the Goya these year. The only problem of the movie is that many times things happen excessively unsurprising, which can result boring to many people. To sum up, it is a good and touching movie, whose little errors can be forgiven due to its intense emotional charge.

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not bad, correct dramatic comedy, 26 September 2007

Jorge is a work-less that one day, decides that this day is the one that will change his life. He fells in love with Hortensia, the woman in the INEM office (the Spanish agency that helps work-less to find a job). They both have suffered a lot in their past relationships and they feel great loneliness. They start going out, to discover these little things that makes that live worth it. Being short, the movie has some comic moments mixed with some enormously acid and touching. It is quick, as there's no time to waste. The actors play a good part (unexpected in Ana Belen) but, she has the problem of looking too wealthy, when she theoretically is a low-class woman, and that's a problem with most of the characters, that the all seem too wealthy (with Ana Belen the problem is worse indeed); and that makes the film a little too much unreliable. The action is the typical in these stories, it has anything new and sometimes can result a little annoying, as you know what's going to happen, but it's not boring and it's relaxed to watch to. It is probably the best movie of the director, but that was not very difficult, as he had done totally awful comedies before.

The Borgia (2006)
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so long..., 25 September 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The movie tells us the story of the Borgia family, how they were able to "conquer" the Vatican and become the most influent family in Italy, a sort of Godfather of the time. Rodolofe is Voto, César is Sonny and sorry, there's no Michael. The movie is quite good in some aspects, the costumes are very well designed and historically correct, the setting is also very good (I'm sure they filmed in the Vatican) and actors play good parts. However, the result is not a very good film. First of all, it is about 150min long, that is TOO much, the story could have been told in about 45minutes less!! Many times, when you expect the movie to end, it just turns to be a new marrying to Lucrecia, and continue! In addition to this, the movie has another problem, the main characters result not to be charismatic, though the actors are good, you don't get easily interested in the story, things happen and well most of the time you don't mind. I must admit that it is a good attempt to make a good historical film, much better than usual in Spain for these kind of films, but the result is not totally good, specially because of its lenght, the fact that you soon get fed up by the characters doesn't help too. With more speed, probably it would have been a good movie, but, now, it is just decent.

Excuses! (2003)
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awful!, 23 September 2007

Cristian is a women-hunter that comes from a New-York travel and tells his friend Jesus that he has the contacts to fulfill their dreams: Starting a advertisement business. Begoña, Jesus' wife, hates Cristian and is pregnant, so she doesn't want his husband to take stupid risks, and Jesus, not very willingly denies the project. The tryings of the two to convince Jesus become a theoretically funny situations in which everyone tell excuses to not really deal with the fact hey don't want to do something. I've seen the theatre part this movie comes from and it's quite bad, I hoped that the movie could be better, but it worse indeed. None of the actors makes the minimum decent part, characters are hateful and stupid (very!) and there are many scenes done only to fill minutes to the film. Some others, as Cristian driving a Ferrari, seem totally that as the actor wanted to drive it, knowing that Joel Joan is also the director, said: let's do it, I'm the boss, I can do it!. Please, there are better ways to spend 90minutes of your life.

so naive..., 23 September 2007

Ladislao Jubala was one of the best football players of the 50's and this is more or less one kind of a biographic movie, with himself as actor! Whenhe was young, and he played with his national team (Eslovaquia), the Russian Comunists force him to work for them, as he rejects, he is exiled and forced to leave competitive football. He tries to escape to Hungary, but things are difficult and, despite all his problems, he is able to reach Spain of triumph with F.C Barcelona in one of the best moments of the team. The movie is very innocent, with the goods (Kubala and friends) being delicious naive persons, the bads (communists) are very bad an inhuman... It has lots of errors, cameras and microphones seen, strange changes of scene, long dances that are not well-related to the movie and things like that. But this is not a film not be strict with, it is done in so innocent way, that you can't be serious at judging it. It is very bad, but it's done with love, so, well let's put it a 3, so happy it is. In fact this could not be correctly marked, as though being enormously bad, it is tender and "cute" (lovely?).

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Just Correct, 23 September 2007

The movie tells us the story of King Arthur, but, not as a romantic S. XVII middle age, but as ex-roman of the V century (Which is more historically correct). The story claims to b historical, and probably is the most correct in that way (Artuhr is Roman and lived about that time, as it is believed), but that's all, then the movie remains as a typical war-adventure movie, which, though enjoyable, is not anything spectacular. The action scenes are correct, good costumes (and, as happens in Gladiator, filled with anachronisms) and decent acting, it is just a summer entertainment, enjoyable, and nothing more. At least it is not as "The last legion" whose error are enormous (impressively) and it is totally unbelievable (they change totally the story, changing parents and families all-together), King Arthur it is a movie to watch to relaxed and without being too strict.

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typical pirates story, but astonishingly catching, 23 September 2007

Jack Sparrow is a pirate without ship, the evil Captain Barbosa has stolen the Black Pearl (jack's ship) and he wants to recover it. Qill Turner is a young smith that is in love to Elisabeth Swann, the noble of the island. When she is kidnapped by Barbosa, he and Sparrow will work together (more or less) to defeat the evil Barbosa. This is the curious thing that surprised everybody, it has anything new, special effects are nowadays typical, it should be one senseless unknown film, but it had a great success. Why? Depp's acting as Jack Sparrow was just superb (nomination to Oscar included), he is able to make o charismatic character that all becomes easy when he is by there. Showing us one of the best character presentation in the last years, he is the one who really supports the movie. Rest of characters are correct and charismatic, but it is not SO impressive, this is the main thing of the movie, all actors make a good and catching part. In addition, the special effects are fabulous (as expected in such a expensive-to-make film), it is filled with stupid funny jokes (which you laugh because they are them) and a very confusing plot (who is friend of who??), but the result is funny and absolutely enjoyable.

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incredible surprise, 21 September 2007

This movie is almost unknown, but it is very good. In a lonely Danish town, two old sisters live remembering a far youths, when, due to a strict puritan education, they had to reject happiness. Lonely, then, the live in a dignified austerity, until Babette, who flies from Paris, frightened by the horror of the war, arrives. In few time, she will be able to turn the goodness and love she received when she arrived. A good lottery prize lets her organize a great banquet, following the best rules of French gastronomy. All neighbourhoods are invited (all fanatically puritans). They accept, but they pact to not show any trace of pleasure or enjoyment, as it would be a sin. However, the seductive force of the delicious meal they eat, that they become seduced by the sensuality of French gastronomy. The banquet end in a very felt, though quietly, happiness. The love between humans has awaken. The miracle of rise the human kindness due to the pleasure of the sense has begun. The movie is surprisingly good, but it is not for all tastes. During most of the movie, nothing happens, all is so quiet and so peaceful, that during many minutes, you can only see the life of the inhabitants of the town. But, as the movie develops, it becomes more precious, when Babette wins the lottery prize (after 30min movie), the show begins. The author is able, with a perfect directing, to show us how Babette prepares the banquet, how she mixes all the ingredients with the most wonderful one (Love), all told in a quiet delicious way, with a perfect knowledge of photography and acting. Then, as the banquet goes by, the quality in showing us how the mood of all eaters changes due to the meal, only with first shots, with impressively filmed scenes one after another is simply astonishing. In addition, the tact with the colours and the photography is also superb, almost every scene of the movie is like a picture, so work is involved there. If you are able to admire good cinema and are able to realize that sometimes the way on telling you something rather than what is told is more important, this is your movie. If you happen to like good meals and just love the good gastronomy, probably, you'll feel amused, as most feelings of the movie will be familiar to you. An Oscar totally deserved. The only problem is its slowness at setting up the story, but, I can forgive it (I hope everyone too)

Tapas (2005)
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a good surprise, 19 September 2007

José COrbacho is a Spanish humorist known for his gross humour sense and scatological jokes. People was frightened about the film he could do in his opera prima. Unexpectedly, he astonished everybody with this film. No comedy, no bunch of stupid jokes mixed together. We can find a correct mixture of little stories that happen in a workers town (the one the directors are from, l'Hospitalet de Llobregat, near Barcelona). Poor people with their fears and their hopes, their dreams and their desperation in order to survive in this life, always being able to face the world in an optimistic way. We can find the story of the old pair, that has to sell abuse drugs in order to pay the drags he needs for his cancer. The young pair whom only want to enjoy their lives, the barman that finds a new way of living when he contracts an Asian cooker. All these are little everyday stories, correctly filmed and with good acting. It has all the problems of the opera primas (lack of cash to spend, some scenes not totally thought) but it is a great surprise in Spanish cinema. If all his films are as good as this, I'll follow Corbacho's career as a director. A dramatic comedy of everyday stories, it is just a little film that wants to tell the existence of the "little unknown" people.

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