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another wish list
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this list is of people who either have no talent, are overhyped, overexposed, have a surplus of ego, or are genuinely past their prime with no hope of getting it back. having given them all fair chances, it just hurts too much to watch anything else they've been in and just want them to GO AWAY!
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i busted the race barrier here...i don't care. i want the best and this is what i think would work.
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Since remakes are way too common nowadays, I'd like to see this one done right and the right cast would certainly help. (the kids and Sister Zelda are tough casting calls and would benefit from unknowns, but if you have any ideas, I'm all ears)
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just a wish list, really.
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again, a movie that doesn't need to be remade, but this cast would get it right.
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no excuses!
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it would kinda combine the first two games, connecting the wild cast of characters. i just hope to make a fun list about two games i love.
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a list of 24 characters
nobody's perfect
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another remake that should never happen, but these guys would make it right. and i'm disregarding the prequel that made in 2011. this is purely for fun. i know this list could anger the masses, but i hope not.
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this way it would be done right
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actors only
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sure, the original, no matter how ridiculous, is a lotta fun, but with the proper director and the proper cast, i think this could be rebooted and done right. may i suggest...
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for the record, a remake for this SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN, but if it has to...
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though seriously, this should NEVER happen!
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