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Iggy Rocks!
8 August 2009
Iggy is the consummate performer, he gives it his all, he always has, and always will. Growing up in Detroit I saw him perform live no less than a dozen times and he always gave a highly energetic performance no matter what the scenario and he doesn't disappoint here.

I loved how he got the crowd right up on stage with him and then tore right into "No Fun" with them all still on stage. He was more or less slamming the bouncers, it was just "so Iggy"! Like he was playing at a house party or something.

I don't think he does drugs anymore, but I don't know how he does it, man he's great.
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Rescue Me (2004–2011)
The best show on TV
2 May 2009
This show is the best show on TV. It is incredibly entertaining, so much so that we watch it on demand rather than live, so we can back it up to listen to things again. It is laugh out loud funny at times but can also bring tears to your eyes.

Tommy Gavin is so real, I feel sometimes like I know him in real life. He plays a firefighter who survived 9-11 and continues to have encounters with his cousin who was also at 9-11 but didn't survive. I know that sounds morbid, but it is funny.

The other guys at the firehouse deal with life as best they can, the rookies are a bit more brawn than brain. Once while Tommy went off on the guys when he was about to have a heartfelt encounter Tommy said to one of them. "You are such a moron. Spell Moron!" and the rookie replied "What do you want me to spell?".

Maybe you had to be there for that one and probably most of the gags wouldn't work stand alone, but this show has a tremendous talent of melding comedy and drama. It's a very original premise and it's a classic, I don't understand why everyone doesn't watch it.
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America (2009 TV Movie)
Very realistic picture of the despair of foster kids
14 March 2009
America was the name of this older teen in the foster care system. This movie was very powerful as you could see via the flashbacks that America had been loved at one point in his young life and longed for love again deep down though he acted like he didn't care about anything.

Why don't more people foster kids I wonder? So many horror stories in the news are about horrific events done to and by foster kids. And so many TV shows show the negative side of it as well.

My husband and I fostered our daughter before she was available for adoption. And yes we took a chance that we may lose her. But it was worth it. She needed love then when she was a foster kid as well as now.

I hope more people watch this movie and gain some empathy for the kids that need our love and support.
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You will laugh and cry
13 December 2005
I really loved this movie. I felt bad for the main character (Sarah Jessica) even though she was pretty stupid at times. She had a way of always saying the wrong thing, and then not shutting up when she should. It's a great holiday movie. Luke was very good, my husband and I were impressed and he was surprised as he wasn't really a fan. (Before the movie started my husband muttered "Oh yeah, Luke Owen, I suppose this will be an Oscar winning performance")But he was great and Diane Keaton was awesome. The setting was marvelous, a New England style Christmas with an awesome house. Highly recommended - I will be seeing this one again.
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