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An interesting one-sided discussion, but more research required., 20 July 2017

This is an interesting one-sided argument. However it does ignore any investigation towards Bob Kane's contribution to the creation. Focusing purely on the speculative works of Bill.

A statement is made early on in the film, that Bill was paid as a "Ghost Writer". Perhaps he forgot to look up the definition of that, because if true, it justifies everything Bob did, even if Bill did create it.

And later on, the film shows early design templates that Bob came up with, that apparently Bill developed further. A friend offering ideas and suggestions to someone else's work, is a bit different to plagiarism or whatever else they are trying to suggest. The original templates were developed by Bob, regardless of what changes were made along the journey to publication.

And lets just say for arguments sake, Bill came up with the design. Bob was the marketing business expert who risked actual money and time into publishing him. Comics books were a new medium, and other superheroes had failed. He was the risk taker, who compiled the team of writers, artists and colourist and steered the ship as it were through war time and kept the dream alive.

This documentary needed a deeper look at what Bob Kane added the equation, to balance out the argument and allow the viewer a clearer understanding of how much credit Bill deserves, and for what.

Mindhorn (2016)
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Sunday afternoon daytime movie at best, 10 May 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This film had some amusing moments, but none of the jokes were memorable. There was no big scene that had us rolling in the isle, and no one-liner I was muttering.

Mindhorn was made to look like some depressing loser has-been, which we got pretty early on. Unfortunately, they keep jamming that character trait down our throat constantly, so its no-longer funny and you just feel depressed because of it.

Even a mentally unstable nine year old boy, living in the body of a man, in a cave, was living a better life than all our main characters. It stopped being funny and just unbelievable.

Worse of all though is the lack of a conclusion. They set up three villains. One leader and two henchmen. The film concluded with the arrest of one henchman, but then cut to credits without any scenes to wrap up the other two. It was a major let down to have the plot just end without any clean up.

The budget was minimum, and it looked and felt like a student film at times.

It was not bad, and if it were the pilot to a new TV series, I would be giving it a higher rating. But when its in the cinema, being released the same week as Guardians of the Galaxy 2, and is asking £13-£18 per ticket, then its just too expensive for something missing a satisfying ending like this.

"Hunted" (2015)
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Needs the rules clarifying. But fun to watch., 30 September 2016

Here are the rules:

They have a 30 minute head start. They can take whatever they can carry including a tent etc. They have 28 days to get to the designated end location. They must not break the law. During active hours of hunting they must keep on the move and change location regularly – no hiding in the sewer for the entire time. They must attempt to throw the hunters off their scent – and do their best to decoy them. They need to make use of a support network and they must make contact with family and friends. They have £250 in a bank account, only accessible in small amounts via an ATM. I believe they must get the money out regardless of whether its needed as a rule. They must take with them a cameraman.

We are never told the rules on the show (only on the website). This means the players are made to look stupid when choosing not to hide in an abandoned house for the duration, as that would be trespassing. They are required to call home which gives away their location, but it is edited to look as though they are being stupid and doing it out of impulse.

Also, the law rule is ignored as hitchhiking is illegal in this country but they happily ignore that.

Its an interesting show, but the rules need better clarification and explaining to the viewers so we understand the game more, if we are truly to do as they request and ask ourselves what would you do?

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Okay, but slow and was expecting more, 30 September 2016

I've watched the pilot. Its slow and not much happens. We are still unsure who the villain is. If its the person we expect it to be, he needs powers to be a credible threat to Luke.

Even so, Luke is not so strong that he cannot be hurt. He is a bit stronger and that's it. Not much use in tracking and getting to crime. Which means he walks everywhere and we watch him walk. Walk from place to place. We then cut to a scene of people talking, then back to Luke walking.

There is a botched pay-off with people we don't know or care about, wearing ski masks so we don't even know them anyway. It pointless because its meaningless.

It also feels serialised, which means we will have to watch all 13 episodes to get one story. I was hoping for a more episodic nature to the show, with an underlining series arc. Insteads its like 13 slow chapters.

I will give it another chance because Daredevil was amazing and Jessica Jones got better with time. But time is precious and I don't have much to spare.

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Love this show, its drama is tense and strong characters., 30 September 2016

It really is an older Jack Bauer as the President. He doesn't need a gun anymore, but his moral compass is just as strong. His character is learning what it means to have power and manipulate people to do what is needed.

Its only been two days since the incident, so I guess its to early to have any answers. However I think an inside job has to be the obvious solution for how it happened, which will probably be addressed in the future.

So far I love this show and recommend everyone to watch it on Netflicks.

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Episode 3 ruined it., 30 August 2016

The first two episodes had promise, but were a little slow and repetitive. But then the wolves took over an entire prison in episode three and that was the last straw. Such poor writing so early on, made me to stop watching completely.

Its such a shame that they ruined an entire series with such stupid writing decisions, lack of doors, guns, walls, in the one place they should be in abundance. If the wolves had gone after a hospital or some other place, that would have been fine. But its as though a writer deliberately choose the one place that would sabotage its ratings.

I could complain that self-preservation took a back step with both bats that fly into planes, killing themselves. And humans living in a radioactive zone without hazmat suits. Why? He could have just flown in each time he needed to do a test. He could have easily lived in the safe zone!

Why did the Lions kill 14 tourists but leave one man alive and up a tree? To send a message? How were cats communicating telepathically? How were a pack of dogs going unnoticed killing tourist? And when the police found the bodies, why not show us the shoot out and police in danger?

Deadpool (2016)
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Contender for film of the year., 9 February 2016

This is perhaps the ultimate superhero movie. Its got so much rewatch-ability factor its off the scale.

There is a brief scene of sex and nudity, a few swear words but nothing too serious. Its got lots of killing but even more jokes. And jokes that work on every level. If the Martian can win a comedy award, this should take every award at the next Golden Globes and Oscars by miles.

There is an after-credit scene, and its worth sticking around for.

From the hilarious opening credits, to the references to both X-Men and Avengers films, its perfect. Colossus is finally given some okay CGI and actual has a decent role in the story. Its nice to see his character used properly for once. The girl has her uses, but is best used to bounce jokes off, just like the villains. But its ll good.

It will be hard for any film to beat this for best film of 2016.

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An Excellent start., 4 February 2016

I've rated it 10 to counter balance some of the unjust reviews. But this is a great show regardless.

It set up multiple side plots with each character in the pilot, which perhaps was trying to do too much at once, but Im presuming they have already mapped out the season and there is lots to dig into. There are perhaps too many side characters to care about them all, and some like White Canary who should never have been bought back as it ruins all the other shows if Death can now be cured. Which on that note, puts Rip's plan to shame while at it.

Still you can see the effort to create a budget JLA, however the 1975 issue worries me.

Its still perhaps too early to cast judgement, but this has huge potential, it just needs time and focus.

Sisters (2015/III)
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A decent comedy, if not a well trodden plot, 31 December 2015

Its a remake of several other comedies, and I guess some of the jokes are also repeats.

The stereotypes are as expected and characters not suitable for functioning in modern society.

But get past that and you have a comedy they reckon was strong enough to open against Star Wars 7 - The Force Awakens... If that doesn't make you laugh, then nothing in this film will!

It does its job to a reasonable standard, has more laugher moments than all Adam Sandler films put together and features two talented and smoking hot babes for leads. Its worth watching because decent comedies are rare and this definitely ranks as one of the best of the year (although I admit it didn't have much competition).

Steve Jobs (2015)
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Two hours of shouting, watching parents fight and never any payoff., 18 November 2015

This film consists of four 30-minutes argument montages, all set right before a press launch. Apparently, every worm in the wood comes out just before he releases something which I have a very hard time believing to be true. Then its about the shouting match Steve has with five people as he moans, complains, gets angry and solves nothing. Seriously, only one of those arguments gets a form of resolution at the end and the other four are swept under the rug. And we never see any of the press conferences. Its like watching the build up to the show but never the show itself. We didn't need to see the full thing, just something that shows us viewers who are not familiar with the person, the conclusion to the story. If you have little to no knowledge about Steve Jobs, this film will not only be confusing but also get you hating the guy for things that were not really his fault.

And it misses out a lot, his wife, children, the iphone, ipad, his illness and death. It really is just him shouting at people without context or any knowledge of the story in-between which gets him to that moment. For example, one minute he is going on stage to show the Mac, then the next scene we are backstage again with him having been fired about to present the NEXT computer. We find out through the arguing he was voted out, but we never see what caused it or the breakdown at work.

I disliked this film, and it makes Ashton Kutchers version look like a masterpiece in comparison.

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