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These are all amazing films that show what happens when relationships fail miserably. Sometimes the protagonist prevails and finds love elsewhere, but every movie in this list shows a relationship that NOBODY would ever want to be in, and proves that sometimes it is better to be alone; at least for a while. Enjoy these Anti-Valentines Day Films!
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This list will not include dramedies, sequels, comedy horror, or animated comedies. This is a list of movies that were made for only one reason.. to make audiences bust a gut with laughter. These are not necessarily the best-written or well made comedies, just the funniest lol comedy films from 1983-2013.
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I love B-horror films; especially from production companies such as Troma and Full Moon that obviously enjoy making these types of films. Here are twenty of the best.
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These are my favorite 100 films, listed for the benefit of myself and so anyone who reads my forum posts and reviews will know whether to care about my opinion of any other particular movie.