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Not For Everyone, 3 August 2008

Paul Mooney's comedy is not for everyone, it is divisive and very blunt. That being said, I loved his "Analyzing White America", not just because I am African-American and happen to agree with many of Mr. Mooney's perspectives, but that the subject matter of 9/11 took particular courage if anyone can remember the political and social climate in America in 2002. I understand that there are many people who just "don't get" Mr. Mooney's particular brand of humor, he was a writer for the brilliant Richard Pryor and he is from a particular period in American life where his viewpoint on Race was more prevalent within the African-American community. I thought this stand up was funny, factual, and insightful, others will disagree, indeed, some will find it downright offensive along racial lines. But no more offensive than Bill Maher's take on religion if you are religious, but regardless of your viewpoint, Mooney is unabashedly blunt and unapologetic, you have to appreciate that in this time of water downed comedy.

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Vintage MV, 2 March 2007

Quintessential MV. The last 10 minutes consist of what has become staples of MV. Quick flash editing, extended music store, free cuts and of course the Miami locales. This episode does not consist of the greatest plot as it revolves around a love interest of Don Johnson's, however, this episode is a must-see for fans of this series or for people who wonder why this series was so groundbreaking. Definitely Miami has the Miami Vice look 100%. I have said this before and It bears to be said again. There are very few shows from the 80's that do not feel outdated , almost comical by today's standards, and MV is the leader if that club. Great series. Very good episode.

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Explain please. Why this is a great film?, 15 November 2006

Why? Is it because the film is made by Ang Lee, the heralded director of that masterpiece known as 'The Hulk'? Or is it because the movie wraps itself up in the flag of San Franciso values. I have a European co-worker that laughs and said that he will never quite look at a Clint Eastwood 'spaghetti' western the same way. And I wonder if that is it to some degree. I wonder if Mr. Lee's average film would have been so warmly received if it had been about Taiwanese cultural icons. I doubt it. I doubt it strongly. The fact that this film was so hyped like it was the greatest love story, since , well....Love Story, made me doubt the validity of those claims. It sounded like, and time has proved this to be true, that this is an 'Agenda Film'. They are cowboys! They are homosexuals! Isn't this great! Yea whatever, an ideological film it is, a great piece of cinematic work this is not. Again, time has proved this to be true now that the liberal hype machine has gone on to something else, like.....saving wood elves for instance. Look, I understand that the reactionary response to anyone who does not immediately announce Brokeback as the 'Greatest film ever made' that they immediately get labeled as close-minded at best, homophobic at worst. But that is not it. I don't have any gay friends, but I have plenty of black friends and do not think that Crash was a great film. I just don't believe that if a film's topic is homosexuality or racism it automatically qualifies a film as great.

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The Dialogue, Freeman, & Sir Ben, 21 September 2006

This film's cast and it's dialogue are the 2 best things going for this film. The 2 great thespians and it's rapid-fire dialogue are great. This film was definitely a superior film to the standard gangster, crime thriller offered. However, the humor, for me detracts from the overall enjoyment. The humor, for me, makes this an inferior film to Layer Cake. But this film is good, well written and competently directed. While I have never been a fan of Josh Hartnett, and still am not, his presence in the film was adequately played, especially when placed in scenes with Freeman & Sir Ben. Willis, seems to be playing the same character from The Jackal, nothing special there. The director definitely has a future in this business as do the writers, very well done. Grade A production for a Grade A cast.

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Gritty realism?!?!?!?!, 28 August 2006

Uh...I do not know what show KathyandPaul were watching, but Miami Vice and gritty realism do not, and should never be, put in the same sentence together. Look, I love Miami Vice, it was the greatest TV show of the 80's. But realistic? No way, not in the mid 80's or any other decade. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being known for style versus substance. Hill St. Blues had plenty of substance but which is the seminal show? The style and substance that Vice is known for has transformed TV. CSI, Without a Trace, Cold Case Files, all of these shows, while not carbon copies of Vice, have been drastically influenced by Vice, as every cop show has since then. Awesome show, love it, it should be praised as the modern day standard bearer like Dragned was to the 50's (or whenever), but such accolades as realistic need not to be applied, and such criticisms as MTV cops to all style are not really criticisms at all.

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Suspension of Disbelief???, 5 June 2006

If I hear that overused description of a non-sensical movie, I am going to scream. This movie does not require Suspension of requires Abandonment of All Logic. I usually give kudos to a filmmaker that attempts to make something original and falls short, especially in this genre. But this is a bad movie, plain and simple, forget all of the apologetic reviews regarding this waste of time. This is not a movie that "you must pay attention to", this is a movie that absolutely does not make sense and should not be watched. Old lady kills strong viral men, there are soooo many holes in this story, the holes have holes. This film is almost comical, and when I think of the strength in which the old lady exerted in dispatching her victims, I realize that this film actually is a comedy.

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Say this, the man backs up his comments, 30 May 2006

Several years ago I read a quote by Carpenter where he said that he did not understand how a film like " The Ring" can be considered to be a true horror film. I think that this short certainly backs up his vision of horror and I must agree. "Burns" is a cross between the aforementioned "The Ring" and 1 of Carpenter's best works in recent years..."In the Mouth of Madness". Carpenter's horror is not suggestive, it is in your face. A true non-conformist, he is amongst my favorite filmmakers and in a time when being PC has brought us to new levels of bland. Carpenter is the one filmmaker that will give his unabated opinion on the state of film without it having to go through a publicist first. Like his movies or not, he is an original American talent. And for the record, his 1982 remake of "The Thing" goes down as one of the underrated horror films of all time. As a remake, it is one of the best that has ever been done in the genre, that is something that these director's of 70's remakes i.e ..Hills, Massacre, Omen....can learn from. If you are going to do a remake...REMAKE IT..not copy it! Kudos to Mr. Carpenter.

Session 9 (2001)
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I find myself agreeing with the flattering reviews, 17 May 2006

This is an excellent film. From beginning to end I was impressed. As with others, I do not become unnerved by films easily but this has easily jumped into my personal pantheon of favorite films. Considering the mind-numbingly redundant trash that passes for horror today I am pleased to say that "9" is what my sister would call a "finder". I would recommend this to anyone who is tired of the made-for-idiots remakes of 70's horror films like "The Fog" and "The Hills Have Eyes". Well made, well-acted and don't let the anti-Caruso crowd affect viewing this film. The star of this film is not Caruso but the genuinely scary atmosphere of this film.

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News in Detail?!? Are you kidding?, 10 May 2006

I have to disagree with a user comment that this show is the show to watch if you want news in detail. Absolutely not! There is a war in Iraq, there is serious geopolitical issues that affect Americans that is taking place right now, not to mention the ever escalating domestic issues and show after show, The Early Show fails to deliver. Instead of exploring these events in detail by interviewing experts, and talking to pundits, maybe even throwing 2 people with opposing ideas for a rational debate, they put a fluff piece about woman's fall fashions. What?!? Okay, okay maybe that's fine. But there is no interruption in the constant mindless drivel that they pass off as news. Oh sure, they mention Iraq, but briefly and if you missed it when they did, too bad because The Early Show will not expand. I have seen Saturday morning cartoons that have been more informative than this show.