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Great Movie!, 7 December 2006

I loved it, I really loved it! I just got done watching it on my tape + now I have to clean up all the wet tissues from around me. Kristopher Turner was a good choice for the lead. Louise Fletcher was a seasoned "gramma" + went from hard-nosed to warm + caring during the movie. I'm a baby person, I love + watch anything that has to do with babies. I also thought at the end that I wish I had had a "Matt" for a father. So loving + caring. That baby will never miss love like so many of us have. Shame there aren't more Matt's in the world! He was a really good actor. I realized it especially when the social worker took Luke away. I thought Matt's heart was going to break just by the look on his face! I'll give it a 10!!

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Just Watched This Again + Still Love It!!, 27 May 2006

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I had been looking for this film ever since I saw it as a kid because it always stayed with me. It was spooky as a child but now that I've seen it again, it's also a beautiful love story. I like the 3 lead players, Vera Hruba Ralstron, Brian Aherne + Gearge Brent. Constance Bennett is also in the film. I think this was the movie that introduced me to Vera Hruba Ralston. I just recently acquired this film so can now watch it whenever I choose. Hope everyone gets a chance to see this film! This is about a beautiful lady who is frightened by a tiger while she's still a young woman + from that time on, she does not age. It has been compared to Lost Horizons + She if they had been made by Republic Pictures.