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Juvenile but still amusing, 11 December 2005

OK, so this is a low-budget take-off of eighties teen sex comedies like Zapped and Weird Science. But if you can accept sometimes painfully hokey lines and antics, then there are nice comic bits in this movie along with some nice eye-candy girls. There are also many groan- inducing comic bits as well, which is I guess part of the package. It at least keeps moving, and has a variety of different types of mental powers gags, rather than dull repetition.

Amy Brassette is great though underutilized as Howard's nagging older sister, with occasional bits like an amazing run of impressions in a single take. Cecilia Bergqvist was hokey as the supposedly-plain-but-clearly-hot teacher, but she made up for it by being hilarious as a teenage boy in her body (particularly the hilarious shot in the bathroom). The others are mostly mediocre.

Incidentally, the DVD I got was loaded with stuff for such a low-budget production -- I'm not sure how they managed that.