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"Spirited" (2010)
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Superb, 16 April 2011

Without the stupid restrictions put on UK TV the Australians have come up with a stunner - not only brilliantly acted but written by someone with a deep understanding of current theory about what ghosts are and what can await us in the afterlife.

The little, coincidental details are a delight - the backstage crew really knew what they were doing.

As is often the case the Australian film industry plays a blinder.

Great cast.

Great theory making this believable to those of us who believe in a life after death, and giving those of you undecided something to think about.

I can't wait to see the second series!

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Buy this!, 16 April 2011

This is a classic of Australian film-making.

Take a superb cast.

Mix in a wonderful screenplay drawn from a very intense book.

Then add a genius in the soundtrack/background sounds dept. and you have a film rich in suspense, paced as only a cast of this calibre can.

Don't expect car chases (although you get some rough and tumble stuff in cars).

Just expect a rare beauty that captures the starkness and loneliness of the Australian bush...and teaches us all something about the tyranny of distance!