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Definitely my list of the 100 Best Films to arrive in the 21st Century and believe it or not, it is actually in order (as close as I was able to make it). The Top 20 has some comments from myself
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A run-down (in no order) of people coming from various walks of life in the film industry who are destined to rise up a storm for years to come, based on the work they have done till late. A list based on actors, directors and screenwriters, the list only takes into account for people who are still relatively young and have a potential for a big decorated career ahead.
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As you are not able to interchange between choosing titles and people within the same list, I have decided to place my picks by including the name of the/or one of the nominees for the film in the category. These aren't picks based on general consensus at the moment (eg. Matthew McConaughey for Best Actor) but people I would like to see win as I liked their contribution better than their peers, on a personal level. I do not pick winners from Costume Design, Make up, Sound Mixing , Sound Editing and short subjects, mainly because I really do not have any knowledge at all as to who justifies a win in these categories. Share your thoughts as well in a format comfortable to you,if you want, and let's begin the countdown to what is bound to be one of the closest Oscar races in recent memory.
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The 50 Greatest Screenplays of all time in my opinion and they are actually ordered to the sequence at which I rate them among the countless films (like many others on this site) I have had the pleasure of being a witness to. Leave your comments, however offensive explaining how off the boat this list is compared to what you would have listed....I love a film argument. Also I have left notes for films I think most people here haven't seen because of a language barrier compounded by the time factor. Check those films out, you will not regret it (if you like subtitles)