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In the middle of winter, Helen James encounters a leopard in the snow and its handsome, cynical owner., 11 December 2005

I'm particularly fond of this movie because the book was the first Harlequin romance I ever read, and I was lucky to get the movie edition with the photos in the center. At first Keir Dullea was not my idea of a Harlequin hero (I kept seeing him as David in David and Lisa), but he did grow on me and he does play the bitter recluse to perfection. Susan Penaglion is a wonderful heroine, and when she was in the Britcom "A Fine Romance" years later her character's name was 'Helen.' Nice. I have a few quibbles with some of the changes made for the movie, which I suspect were Jill Hyem's ideas, to make the plot more, I don't know, logical to non-romance readers. What I love best about the movie is that it is done absolutely straight, with no tongue in cheek or "it's just a silly romance novel" attitude. Try ebay for a copy and luck may strike; it did for me.