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one of my actual resolutions for 2014 is to spend more time in international cinema and less time going to the cineplex. cheers!
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in my graduating year of highschool, i was voted "most likely to become famous for directing horror films" in our yearbook. for real. i would love to be able to prove this one, but i can't. just believe me.

in a way it was kind of silly, because i went to an all-girl's private school, and most of the futures of my peers were fairly...all-girl's private school (i was in the same grade as one of my cousins, and her prediction was "most likely to marry rich". it was, i'm sure, a little disheartening for my mother to see that my cousin obviously radiated some sort of heiress femininity, while i failed miserably at the concept). but in another way i had it coming, mainly because i'd watch horror movies at home and recap them for my pre-calculus class once in a while. i also recapped miike's 'audition' in the staff room once and i think my english teacher's face when i said "and then the sack moved!!!" is something i'll never forget. also i was weird and i don't even think in the good way, looking back. i think i thought maybe i was john waters mixed with virginia woolfe, but maybe...maybe i was just john waters.

i have two bits of criteria that help me determine what defines a "favorite" horror film: the first is i have to feel somehow physically unstable by the end of it, and the second is that if someone tells me they did not 'react' to any single one of these films, i would be wary around them. don't trust hardcore horror apathetics. they're creepy.

anyway enough weird personal ranting. long story short i love horror and these are my favorites, 1 being my absolute favorite and down from there. happy reading!

PS: most of these films are somewhat well heard of. that's not really on purpose, but i think it's interesting. i do go hunting for "indie" horrors, but horror may be the only genre where what's popular, is popular for a reason.

PPS: for this list i'm putting twists under spoiler bars. because i'm trying to recommend these to newcomers in the horror genre, and what's a scary movie without its twists?
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note: this list will include both males and females. i've never liked the word 'actress' because i don't see the point in it, besides making award shows last longer. i've never really cared much for the personal lives of actors (or anyone very famous) but i am a bit of a pop culture junkie in the sense that i do pay very close attention to actors i find interesting and watch their progress in films to an almost-weird degree. these are my favorites.

i'm gonna say 1-5 are my 5 favorite actors. the rest are in no real order.

17 is a strange number, but this is all of them! the best of the best for me.

ps these are mainstream actors. i understand. quit being a hipster and sit down.

HONORABLE MENTIONS INCLUDE: sean penn. and that's it. there's something about him i just dislike really strongly. sorry sean.

pps, i'm a little bummed by the scarcity of women in this list. is it my fault? i'm unsure.
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i love movies. animated films are no exception. some of the most talented people in film are in animation. here are my 10 favorites of all time.

HONORABLE MENTIONS INCLUDE: rango, paprika, aladdin, tokyo godfathers, the incredibles, dumbo, heavy traffic, kiki's delivery service, hercules, and the princess and the cobbler.

ps. 'waltz with bashir' isn't on here for a reason. i know it exists and i have seen it and it's nowhere to be found. gasp.