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note: this list will include both males and females. i've never liked the word 'actress' because i don't see the point in it, besides making award shows last longer. i've never really cared much for the personal lives of actors (or anyone very famous) but i am a bit of a pop culture junkie in the sense that i do pay very close attention to actors i find interesting and watch their progress in films to an almost-weird degree. these are my favorites.

i'm gonna say 1-5 are my 5 favorite actors. the rest are in no real order.

17 is a strange number, but this is all of them! the best of the best for me.

ps these are mainstream actors. i understand. quit being a hipster and sit down.

HONORABLE MENTIONS INCLUDE: sean penn. and that's it. there's something about him i just dislike really strongly. sorry sean.

pps, i'm a little bummed by the scarcity of women in this list. is it my fault? i'm unsure.
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i love movies. animated films are no exception. some of the most talented people in film are in animation. here are my 10 favorites of all time.

HONORABLE MENTIONS INCLUDE: rango, paprika, aladdin, tokyo godfathers, the incredibles, dumbo, heavy traffic, kiki's delivery service, hercules, and the princess and the cobbler.

ps. 'waltz with bashir' isn't on here for a reason. i know it exists and i have seen it and it's nowhere to be found. gasp.