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A wonderful film, 20 July 2007

A real classic and one of my all time favorite movies. So many wonderful moments throughout the film. Paul Douglas is great as Guffy McGovern, a rough, tough hard-nosed baseball manager. His guardian angel changes his ways as the Pirates go from worst to first. Keenan Wynn - don't you think he's the role model for today's outspoken writers and sports radio guys? I cheer every time Guffy punches his lights out.

Yeah, the movie's syrupy and has a few clichés, but man, it sure resonated with me when I was younger and still does today. Whenever something goofy happens in a real baseball game I wonder if there's an angel out there wreaking some havoc on a hapless player.

Flyboys (2006)
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Great action sequences, mediocre film, 7 July 2007

I viewed this film on DVD. It might have been best to have watched it on a big screen. However, I don't think it's really worthy of buying a ticket to watch just the film.

The action sequences are terrific. See the movie just for those. The rest of the film is below average. It seems every device to sell tickets was included: great action sequences, schmaltzy romance, heroes and villains.

This could have been a great film if the writers had not relied on such clichéd characters and plot line. We never really get to know the two German antagonists. The writers should have kept the romance out and character development in.

The actors did a great job with a very mediocre script.