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Here I am trying to make a list of additional films to the ones that appear in the "1001 moves you Must see Before You Die" books. That list can be found at
I'm using the 2003 version so some of these films were added to later editions.
. I'm only including films I've watched. A work in progress.
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A list of films as a reply to the book "101 Sci-Fi Films To See Before You Die" by Steven Jay Schneider.
The list in that book can be seen here -

...and yes there are more than 101, it's a work in progress.


The Lost World (1925) - Silent film version of a Sir Arthur Conan Doyle story. Similar to king Kong but with a dinosaur in London.
Kosmicheskiy reys: Fantasticheskaya novella [Cosmic Journey] (1935) - Communists go to the moon, lovely Soviet silent film made to encourage the young to get into space studies.
A Journey to the Beginning of Time (1955) – Four boys go on a journey back in time to the prehistoric era. Beautiful film with great effects.
This Island Earth (1955) – Aliens with big foreheads come to earth to recruit our scientists.
Kronos (1957) – An energy sapping alien arrives on earth.
The Deadly Invention (1958) – A Jules Verne story done in Karel Zeman’s distinctive visual style.
The Creation of the Humanoids (1962), B Movie sets, B-Movie acting but with a plot that pre-empts Philip K Dick.
The Year of the Sex Olympics (1968) – A TV producer in a dystopian future comes up with the concept of a TV show where people are filmed 24 hours a day.
Morel's Invention (1974) – a man washes up on an island where time seems to be stuck in a 24 hour loop. Italian sci-fi based on a novel by Argentinian writer Adolfo Bioy Casares.
The Lathe of Heaven (1980 TV Movie) – A doctor tries to control a man whose dreams can alter reality.
Man Facing Southeast (1986) – Argentinian film that is like an original version of K-Pax, although the writer of K-Pax claims he had never heard of it before.
Konets vechnosti [End Of Infinity] (1987) – adaptation of Isaac Asimov novel, like most soviet sci-fi from that time it’s mostly people in dark rooms having long conversations but sticking with it is rewarding.
The Hidden (1987) – Kyle Maclachlan chases a shape shifting alien around LA. Fantastically fun 80s action film that doesn’t seem to get mentioned that often.
Harrison Bergeron (1995 TV Movie) – A man in future where everyone is equal decides it’s rather *beep*
Paprika (2006) – Anime about a psychologist trying to track down a machine that makes peoples dreams become physical reality.
The Man from Earth (2007) – On the day of his retirement a man tells his work colleagues that he is 14,000 years old. Can he prove it to them?
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A list of films based on real life serial killers, murderers & famous murder cases.
I've mostly left off films about real life gangsters, terrorist groups & assassinations.
Text summary under wikipedia link will obviously contain spoilers in many cases.

Dec. 2013 - Unfortunately IMDB seem to have now disabled linking to outside sites so you'll just have to copy n paste links into a new window. Sorry about that, let's hope IMDB reverse this policy.
If anyone knows a way round this then please message me or leave a comment at the bottom. Thanks
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Some of my favourite WWII films, mostly films about battles or combat.
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Everyone knows the classic 1970s disaster films such as The Towering Inferno, Earthquake & The Poseidon Adventure but what about the lesser known films. Here I try to list disaster films / people in peril / when nature attacks type films from the late 60s to early 80s, surely the "golden age" of disaster movies.
I grew up in this era seeing many of these of TV and being at the age were I found them pretty scary, I therefore have very fond memories of this genre and era.

I've added links to Youtube if the whole film is on there (some are in parts), none of the youtube clips are uploaded by me & if you're reading this months or years after I started the list then chances are that the Youtube links will be dead.