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A list of actors I've "been in love with" since I was a kid. I'm 25 now but yeah. Yes, i know people don't care but i'm bored and it's fun thinking back so why not make a list :P just like all my other lists these are not in any order at all.
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These are a list of movies I've seen over and over and still not sick of. Still give me goose pimples and/or make me laugh as hard as I did when I first watched it. The order this is in, is when i think of a movie i search it. So it is not in any order at all.
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These types of movies I normally do not like but for whatever reason I like these movies.
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A list of all the movies I have seen that I remember :P... some i like, some i love, some i hate some, i wonder why they even made it...