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It's Great !!!, 7 December 2005

To start this review I will simply say that this film is truly awesome and inspiring. It's not so much about the airport, the pilots or the planes, but more about the passion and freedom of flying. The thing that gets in a lot of people when they're young and never lets go. The itch to want to be in the sky, but always knowing where home is when it's time to come back down. The story is also about the "little" airports that are in a lot of neighborhoods across America, but which are fading fast. People don't care for them because of the noise and all, but they serve a purpose and for a lot of people, maybe seeing this film will make them understand that purpose a little more. The musical score is terrific, especially the main theme. Guitarist Freddy Clarke provides some excellent music and his playing is terrific. If you get a chance to see this film I think that you'll truly enjoy it, more so if you have a passion for aviation past and present.