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Poor casting choice for Lucas, 19 September 2017

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I know what you're thinking, what could possibly be wrong with Owen atlas, a 6 year old child for the role? He's way to adorable for the role! How can anyone be scared of such a cute kid, that women would only want to pick up and kiss him all day on the cheeks? and men want to spoil him rotten?? He's not scary, even when he tried to be...quiet,withdrawn doesn't equal scary! Want to see a scary child in a movie? watch "The omen" now that child as the anti-Christ is scary as hell! When the lead dad took him out in the water park to teach him how to swim and bought him ice cream, he started to laugh and smile.

The smile on that face! how the heck is anyone suppose to be scared of this kid? He didn't have me fooled for a minute and that's what the movie failed to do, fool me into thinking the kid was a child to be scared of.

other than the bad choice in casting for Lucas, the movie was standard fair, low budget and bare bones production.

Oh, what's with the lead dad's best friend, the guy with breasts that has a wife and kid? why was his casting even necessary? Its not like him being some sort of Bruce Jenner type man played a role in the plot! Poor attempt at shock value....

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Rape scene was far too long, 18 July 2012

I saw this, when it came out in the theaters. When the rape scene came about, i was said to myself, really? 5 minutes? we really need to see a 17 year old virgin,get raped for that long? I am a 39 year old man,(36 at the time this movie came out)and i was disgusted by that scene.

I was so angry at the director for putting so much,emphasis on having me,watch and listen to a young woman's pain,agony and terror for that long.

I will never go see a wes craven movie again, since that movie.

I will not support a director, that would put such trash, in a movie.

I would think,that we could get a sense of a rape scene,without it lasting forever.

It was just too authentic for me to bear,i guess I'm just too sensitive or i just have a soul?

Rigged (2008)
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what's the point,if its Unbelievable?, 1 June 2011

I refuse to believe,that a 135 lbs woman can beat a 325 lbs man(not just any man but a underground fighter)and win every single fight? How about this one,i would think,that as much as these heavy handed men weigh,if they were to land one punch,not 2 or 3 but ONE punch to her pretty little chin,she would be in coma for months! I mean ,it would have been a lot better if the girl was husky and had mass and was built but she was a scrawny skinny thing!

I mean ,it would have been a lot better if the girl was husky and had mass and was built but she was a scrawny skinny thing! Next time,make a movie more realistic

Creepshow 3 (2006) (V)
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This Video is the alpha omega of Horrible movies, 21 January 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I am a 35 year old as of January 17 2008,i was 9 years old when Creep show was released,14 years old when Creep show 2 was released,i enjoyed creep show very much as a little boy and enjoyed creep show 2 also but not as much as the first one.

I came across this video by way of a fellow student at a college i attend,he had a few DVD's on his person and one stuck out..There is a creep show 3? He did'nt say if the film was good or bad,he just gave it to me,now i know why That sob forked it over,i am going to cuss his butt out when i see him Monday! >:o Having seen this monstrosity of a "Horror Movie"and i use this term very loosely...i am in a loss for words on how bad the acting,directing,special FX,Stories are in the Video.

The first one is the worst,some preppy Lil whiny B^$%# complains and whines about her life and neighborhood gets her just deserts when her father gets the universal remote from hell from a professor that lives in the neighborhood (he probably got it from wall mart)and turns everyone around him in the family,including himself into an alternate family of a different race. IE African American,Latino etc...while all this is happening,she gets deformed with every switch of reality of her family into a grotesque looking cookie monster,ridiculous!,like every single teenage girl does'NT whine and complain about their lives and aren't stuck up and snooty? every teenager from the suburbs would turn into a cookie monster like the one in this segment!(not that i think its even remotely deserved but far as the writers of this movie,they think it is).

I mean come on..a homeless hobo dies by choking on a hot dog giving to him by a Doctor thats a complete idiot and haunts him as a ghost?,ahem..."cough....THE HITCHHIKER Creep Show 2....cough" Why is this guy such a jerk?,he should be the happiest sob in town,i would love to be in his shoes,he goes to a brothel every weekend,gets sex from all the hots chicks that were there and i saw lots of them,and thats because he provides the brothel with drugs!! every man's dream,free sex and drugs! loll Then you have a boring story about a loser security Guard that has no life and is a drunk that comes across a radio that he steals from a hobo peddler on a side walk ( guess this idiot has'nt ever heard of radio shack... ) that emits a sexy female voice that tells him to do dirty deeds like killing and stealing,what is this happy horse shyt,anyone else wonder why he is'NT freaking out over a voice coming from a 1 way radio?,why is he doing everything the radio says?,i mean if his damn toaster would tell him to go break into a stop n shop and steal wonder bread so it can toast it,would he do that?

Then you have the story of a whore that happens to be a serial killer,she kills her clients,but meets her match when she runs into a vampire,OK Bych...kill me but can i get some booty before you do me in?,i mean if i'm gonna go,i wanna come and go at the same time! Then you have a seriously dumb one where The professor is getting married and invites 2 past college students,they are surprised to see his fiancé is a young cute and weird acting female which they believe to be a robot made by the professor,OK...why the hell was she acting like a robot by simulating shutting down at intervals?,since when does mail order brides from Russia don't inhibit any human characteristics?,might as well of ordered one of those dolls you can have sex with if you ask me.

I would like to say that i feel sorry mostly for the actors in this movie,The 2 directors that made this film ruined any chance these actors had at career in the movie industry,i would never show my face in public if i had been one of the actors of this movie,i would say creep what? no,i was'NT in that movie,i must look like him or something,then just (creep) away into the darkness.

I think they released the Pilot to the public by mistake,the DVD screener was switched by a Prankster maybe? I would have feel so much better if they had called it "creeper shows" as to not tie this pilot with the original creep show franchise.

I get more of a scare when looking at my feces into a toilet after standing up to wipe my butt!,i mean i've coughed up scarier stuff than this video! This movie isn't even funny,the so called humor falls flat on its face,the attempt to tie the stories together does'NT work at all because there is no explanation as to why anything is happening,the viewer is clueless throughout the whole ordeal,it was complete torture to watch this video in its entirety but i somehow pulled it off without throwing up over myself.

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The greatest comedian of all time, 10 April 2007

I am 34 year old and i was 6 years old when this concert was filmed in 1979,i saw it as a little boy and countless times until this day,i am so lucky to have been born in Richards Generation to have had the opportunity to witness this man come on stage with all of his imperfections and personal problems and share it with me and the rest of the world in a way where it makes us laugh.

Thinking about the loss of Richard Pryor makes me want to cry because i feel like he was someone i knew personally,thats the effect Richard Pryor had on everyone that watched him pro-form on stage,he broke the color line,even thought he is clearly a African American man,Richard Pryor made people of other races so comfortable listening to jokes revolving around race and social status.

I know there are other comedians that are great in their own right but the truth be told,Richard Pryor is and will always be regarded as the Best comedian that ever lived and this concert is the performance that proves that very fact.

RIP Richard,thank you for the laughs and joy and now the sadness you brought us all,we will never ever forget you....

video power, 19 October 2006

I used to watch this show when i was around 13 or 14 years old,i watched it every morning at 6:00 or 7:00 am i can't remember the actual time :oP I never cared much for the cartoon,all i wanted to see was the nes tips at the end on the video power edge,i loved the part where jonny arcade says"and thats the video power edge!" he was so corny i wanted to punch him in the face! but it was ight when you were a little brat :oD I kinda liked the game where they stuck nes games on themselves,it was pretty exciting to watch other brats win games and prices,even those some of the prizes were so damn skimpy and cheap :o\ oh well...i just wanted to walk down memory lane for a bit,thanks for the memories people...we all were kids once..isn't that so corny? heheheh