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So good it makes San Andreas look like GTA 2., 29 April 2008

Seriously: BUY. THIS. GAME!! I've been running around all over the city trying to buy it today but they were all sold out everywhere. I finally find a copy at a kiosk where I usually buy movies. I think I bought their last copy, haha.

Anyway, so I get home and install it (it takes only a couple of minutes to install on PS3) and I start to play and the first thing that strikes me is the unbelievable freedom of movement in this game. I start driving around and speed up and hitting the brakes and running over people and so on and it's the most intense experience I have ever had playing a GTA game.

And just you wait till you get out on the street, there's no walking through other people on the street in this game, no, in this game you actually run into people, knock them over, and make the very angry with you. Hehe, I got a lot of people running after me my first time on the street. I know how that sounds, that sounds like bad AI right? Wrong! It actually felt extremely real being chased.

So go out and get this game, but the people who live in my town has to wait a week cos I bought the last copy in the entire city.

Peace out!

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Extremely enjoyable and entertaining war "guys on a mission" flick, 19 August 2007

To be honest, after hearing a few things about this film and that it's being compared to The Dirty Dozen, I was not surprised at how funny, light and enjoyable this film was. It starts off on a very light and 70's style mood type opening credit sequence with Sergio Leone western-style graphics and a theme song worthy of A Bridge Too Far. And it continues throughout to be a fun filled movie with likable characters and those good old war film shootouts with a guy shooting at a German and the German grabbing his gut and falling to the ground. Let's face it, we love that stuff.

It also has a few twists to the plot and a few memorable scenes and lines, you seriously need to watch this if you're any kind of a movie buff.

Mallrats (1995)
Kevin Smith's very own Dawn Of The Dead., 27 February 2007

A small overview of the story first: Two guys, one a comic book freak (and Sega fan boy), both get dumped on the same morning and spends their day hanging out at the mall. I must say that for a movie and comic lover like myself this film is The Godfather, lovely "meaningless" dialouge all through the film because what do you do when you hang out at the mall? You talk about nothing.

Jay and Silent Fat **** is in the film too as always of course, with Silent bob being a little too obsessed with Batman and Star Wars. I'm a teenager and I'm sorry, I can't find many arguments on how the is a good movie but I can tell you this, this film inspires people, it inspires me, it inspires by friends and many others mainly because of its use of diauloge and referencing of the things that I love which makes me more and more interested in watching the film from every word ever said in the film.

As for the Dawn Of The Dead thing, it comes from a discussion I had with a fellow living-dead chum I have, saying that Kevin Smith is just like Romero! He started out in a confined area with Clerks, shot in black and white and then moved on to the shopping mall in color! Sounds ridiculous I know but it's kind of a neat little theory I think.

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Excellent animated film!, 11 January 2007

I got this film yesterday and I absolutely loved it. It is very different from the other films and even the book but great animation and music made up for it by far. I especially loved the scenes with Frodo and Sam in orc clothes walking with the other orcs in mordor and also the fantasy dream scene with the smiling orcs coming towards Frodo and Sam showing the middle earth that could have been.

Also I loved the main theme song "Frodo of the nine fingers" I just can't get it out of my head.

I found the opening quite well done despite the fact that it's not in the book or the other films. The fact that there is a lot of new things in this film is by no means a bad thing if you keep an open mind. So sit back, relax, shut up and enjoy the music!

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Officially my third favorite movie of all time and also my second favorite movie category., 16 September 2006

That category being a movie about relationships, the undertone of being unfaithful and the small things about relationships which aren't covered by normal big romance movies. Realism, indie film-making, long shots and acting which looks like it's improvised makes a movie for me. I dunno, maybe this category of movies is really my all time favorite, the other being gangster movies and such because these movies speak to me... Social commentary about my life and my thoughts and my own relationships are all in this movie like they are in Chasing Amy, my second all time favorite movie of all time. Resrevoir Dogs, being THE gangster movie, is the first.

In my opinion this really is modern movie making at it's best. Watching films like this I feel like I'm seeing Man Bites Dog again for the first time. Like in one sequence, similar to another sequence in the movie Boogie Nights, there's a scene which lasts for many minutes and which is shot in only a few shots through the eye of an old black and white camcorder made the hairs on my arm stand up in awe. This is a key scene in the movie and I wont spoil it for you but if you've ever had a relationship and been in these sort of awkward social situations before then you will feel the pain of these characters and be totally in the movie the whole time you see it from beginning to end. Or like another scene where they are all at a very formal and "boring" party and Frank shows up and it all blows up in everyone's face. This, I think, was my favorite scene in the movie because of what happens in it, how it happens and what happens because of it.

There is of course also the Quentin Tarantino cameo which didn't escape my eye either. The movie is worth seeing just for that but the whole film still meant so much more to me than that.

I'll wrap this up now with a few things I wanna say about the whole set up of these people's lives. Some are in the movie writing business and some are in the landscaping business but what I found deeply interesting was that we never actually see them at work. It's all just worked into the dialogue of the film which I really liked because that is not the conventional way. Usually you'll have a few scenes of them at work to establish this but in stead this movie focuses completely and utterly on the characters... And what a wonderful set of characters they were.

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It was alright...., 26 July 2006

I mean... i liked many aspects of it... i tell ya..hehe... the hairs raised on my hands during that first explosion in the beginning of the movie... but i really didn't like how it wasn't all that loyal to the book... and i was confused at times about things i really shouldn't have been confused about. like quentin Tarantino once said: it's alright to be confused while watching a movie if you feel like you're on good hands... that way in the end of the movie you no longer will be confused and you will feel like you saw something really special. but that really wasn't the case with this movie. evey's character was a bit underdeveloped... there was no mention of the nuclear war or the subplot of V maybe being Evey's father. and one scene which i really hate not being in the movie was V talking to the statue of several pages about it being unfaitfull to him and then finally blowing it up. but the replacement scene in the movie was alright i guess. and also the ending felt rushed... it should have ended like the novel did...

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Couldn't have been better!, 19 June 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It starts off with showing Vourtigants saving Alyx and stealing you from the Gman. It then continues with Alyx and Gordon going through the Citadel and City 17 fighting the remains of the Combine trying to get out of the city.

What I first noticed with this game is that the characters are a little bit more playful and lively than in the other games. This was quite fun to watch. The graphics are only slightly better than in Half-Life 2 but kinda noticeable. There are no new weapons but you still have your crowbar. There's only one new enemy which is a Combine zombie (zombine) which frankly are quite scary some times. Some of the sequences in this game are really psychological. Such as the one in complete darkness when all you have for light is your flashlight. Scary stuff.

A very good addition to the saga... can't wait for episode 2!

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It's not a rip-off and it's not a spoof. This is the ultimate Tarantino fan film!, 3 June 2006

I am one of the biggest Quentin Tarantino fans you'll ever find. And I was even a Tarantino fan boy for the first year I was watching his movies. But then I came back to reality and saw him for what he was. He's not the most brilliant director in the world... but he's most certainly the most influenced one. So now I'm strictly a loyal fan and nothing more.

Now even though this movie is basically built up by plot points and different versions of numerous scenes in True Romance, Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction and many references to other Tarantino flicks it does not make it a ripp-off. This is more like a fan film made by someone who really loves Tarantino films and is greatly influenced by him. It has the same kind of bullsh!t dialouge and with many meaningless discussions and unknown quotes from people such as Shakespeare. The unchronilogical setup of the scenes in this movies is a bit more random than in Tarantino movies though but it is a bit intelligent in parts how the whole thing plays out.

I recommend to get this film off Amazon from a private buyer or off ebay or other places on the net. If you're a big Tarantino fan then it's definitely worth it!

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One of the best X-Files episodes ever made!, 27 May 2006

Mainly because it tells us the background story of the cancer man and his story.

It tells us all of what he did in the past and where he came from and even some of his emotions surface in this episode.

We see that he wants out of the agency and wants to stop smoking but can't somehow.

And it even had a reference to my favorite writer! Tom Clancy! Apparently me and the cancer man share love for the same books!

The part about the Kennedy assassination was perfect and done very well by the director!

Great episode! It's worth it for the Forest Gump reference alone!

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Easyer to follow than the original and with a killer main theme!, 26 May 2006

What can I say about this one? This race driver is the best there is and one day he gets approached y a dame and he falls in love and gets distracted on the filed and crashes his car and becomes injured. he now can't race no more and has to do a bank robbery for the dame's husband. people are double crossed, people kiss and people are killed. and in the end you are not left with any questions.

i liked this one for it's soundtrack, acting and cinematography. the colors in this movie are so bright you'd think they were making a point NOT to be like the dark original. killer performance by Lee Marvin as always and a classic soundtrack makes this b-movie cult classic a worthy addition to your collection!

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