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Not the comedy you're looking for., 2 June 2006

I recently watched "Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle," then "Grandma's Boy," which I though were both great comedies. So I go to the movie store and come across another one of these low budget films thinking it will be just as funny as the others... My mistake allowed me to add another one of those "I just wasted an hour and a half of my life" movies to the list.

This movie probably isn't all that bad... if you can relate to being 30 years old and still not holding a job, and partying in the same small suburbia town with the same folks you have continuously partied with since high school. But it just seems like the movie is trying to turn all of those funny personal jokes that you had with your friends back in the day into movie punchlines, which all fail pretty miserably. The movie also goes at an incredibly slow pace at the beginning which leaves you a bit bored, and some of the script seems a little too uninteresting for a comedy.

But on a positive note, there were definitely parts we can all relate to, and some parts that do make you laugh a bit; and it does finish faster paced and a little more on the redeeming side; however, In the end, the movie is just not near as funny as any of the quotes on the sleeve make it sound.

So unless someone has already rented it and it's laying on the coffee table, save your money for something else.