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A horrible way to crank out more cash., 26 March 2015

This CGI-fest is SO far off the mark it makes you hope that someone with far more respect for the source material one day does a reboot. A beautiful book turned into an awful CGI war video game. Characters added to the whole set of three certainly subtract from the film, but add the needed length to stretch it to three films to generate piles more cash. It feels like grave-robbing. I love that another reviewer pointed out how this goofy romance between the "Jackson was smitten so he created an elf for Evangiline" Tauriel and the too-human-looking Fili robs the Legolas/Gimli relationship of the uniqueness and depth Tolkien put into it. The 3 films are rife with this trash. I guess if you're Tolkien fan you hate it. CGI loving gamers who have never read the books might like it.

I cry for Tolkien.

As I do for Tom Bombadil, Peter Jackson's "opposite". As Tolkien himself pointed out about Tom "I kept him in, and as he was, because he represents certain things otherwise left out". Jackson is the man representing certain things put in that should otherwise be far better left out.

Gone Girl (2014)
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Terrible! "Double Jeopardy" did this SOOO much better, 26 January 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

What a mess! If the concept of the "faked murder" appeals to you, skip this train-wreck and go watch Ashley Judd, Bruce Greenwood and Tommy Lee Jones do it somewhat well. It's not happening here. The hidden baseline is a parody of what TV "reality news" does to shape public opinion, most of which is consumed as the truth by the ignorant masses. That I can agree with. Heck, it describes all of politics today. But the story itself is such junk - especially how the cops are complete idiots - and this woman's crazy schemes are consumed as truth. My favorite is when the investigators who question her toward the end "hush up" the cop pointing out the huge holes in her nonsense story, because of all she's "been through". C'mon guys, you can't write better than that?? If you want something suspenseful that will exercise your brain this will completely disappoint you. If it wasn't for some decent acting of this garbage script I'd award it zero stars. IMHO.

The Outsider (2002) (TV)
Terrific - but not a "new" story., 13 May 2012

I agree wholeheartedly with all the other positive reviews here. Watts and Daly have the chemistry; the movie is beautifully filmed, and the pace is excellent. What I'm thrown by is the references to the author; I see Penelope Williamson credited often. In my opinion, the only Penelope that should get a nod is Penelope Worth; she was the original name of the Quaker girl Gail Russell played in "Angel and the Badman", of which this is an unabashed remake. The story setup is the same: near-death gunslinger nursed back to health by the beautiful Quaker girl. Gunslinger has epiphany regarding peace and the "plain folk" and fights internally with the conflict till the end. Both play give-and-take. I think Penelope Williamson ought to thank James Edward Grant for being the REAL source material.

"Outlaw" (2010)
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Tony Stark nominated to the Supreme Court!, 16 September 2010

If you wonder what a super-liberal dreams at night, you can now watch each week on NBC. "Outlaw" refers to our hero Cyrus. Picture Tony Stark at the beginning of Iron Man - completely copied here in the pilot episode - the drinking and gambling in the casino, right down to the confrontation with the politically-opposite heckler outside laced with sexual double-entendres - and then bedding her. The script must have been laying around somewhere and they mixed them up. But it's the politics that shine here - heck, I lean to the left but this was just embarrassing. The staunch conservative Supreme Court judge who "deep in his heart knows he's wrong" (an actual quote from his dead father). Of course he has an epiphany and forsakes the Dark Side. And just when you think it can't get more over the top, it does. Every cliché imaginable is thrown into this mess, starting with the standard death-row inmate whose attorney through the entire long high-profile case was completely incompetent; the evil legal system that just wants to railroad him; even glimpses of the slimy Godfather-like powerful conservative Senator who's pulling the strings. We end with the surprise witness who was in hiding that makes all the bad right and everyone leaves smiling. If you aren't laughing at that point you don't appreciate the absurd.

There's a lot the writers want you to swallow, mostly with Jimmy Smits, who you have to buy as a womanizing ("I don't even know the names of the last three women I slept with"), bookie-fearing ("It's not half a million like the papers say, more like a quarter million") Atlantic City-loving playboy who was confirmed as a right-wing Supreme Court Justice. Right. His Dad (who is the voice that haunts him) marched with Cesar Chavez and publicly called his kid a schmuck. Happens all the time. For the most part his fellow crusaders are all straight out of the book, but my favorite is Carly Pope's Lucinda, a sexy, edgy legal private eye carbon copy of Kalinda of "The Good Wife" (Lucinda, Kalinda - you'd think they would have at least changed the name a bit more). But where Archie Panjabi's Kalinda is played with texture and nuance mixed well with self-assured aggression, Lucinda is overblown, tight-leather-clad, and sluttish - at one point telling us how nice her boobs are. C'mon, folks. When it was finally over my wife (who is normally very patient) turned and looked at me with a twinkle in her eye saying "OK, it's really stupid, but I still like Jimmy Smits". I told her to go find a "Cane" DVD and at least enjoy him in something creative, because this sure isn't it.