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Haven (2010–2015)
A fun, new Syfy show with potential
18 September 2010
This show caught my eye when I saw the ad for it on Hulu. I don't have cable, so I'm not really familiar with a lot of the new shows, but after seeing this is based on the Colorado Kid story by Stephen King, and by being a fan of his work, I decided to check out the show.

I came into the show late; the first episode I saw was the third episode 'Consumed' but that was enough to get me interested. The show takes on some very interesting supernatural elements (with a lot of Stephen King references within them) and it makes for a very entertaining show.

The acting is great, the writing is fun and the two leads, Emily Rose (Audrey Parker) and Lucas Bryant (Nathan Wournos) have great chemistry, while Eric Balfour (Duke) always brings a fun element to the show. I've watched every episode from that first one and I've been hooked. A very enjoyable show with enough supernatural/suspense to keep the viewers intrigued while enjoying the Stephen King-ism and the always burning question "where do I belong?".
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Glee (2009–2015)
Gleeful over Glee
10 September 2009
I caught the pilot and knew this was the one new show I was positive I would be watching. It's a new, refreshing show that focuses more on people than situations and the writing is fantastic.

Jane Lynch (Sue), as always is hilarious and the bantering between her and Matthew Morrison (Will) is fabulous. The two leads, Lea Michele (Rachel) and Corey Monteith (Finn) work extremely well off each other and the rest of the cast shine in their characters.

Glee is the new must see show of the season and I will be recommending it to everyone and anyone.

Glee's a winner!
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Shutter (I) (2008)
Not Jump Out of Your Seat Scary, But Entertaining
26 January 2009
I was going into this movie with mediocre hopes. I'm a fan of Joshua Jackson and Rachael Taylor, so I was pretty much just hoping the two of them would make the film entertaining, which they did. I think they made the film a lot more realistic and relatable than lots of other 'horror' film characters. The story was simple but very interesting because the turns sort of kept you going 'hmm...'. Most of the remakes of Asian Horror haven't been very much to my liking. I did enjoy The Ring and The Eye but I found The Grudge to be a little bit less my style. Shutter has all the classical elements of a haunting but it's got quite a few good twists and turns. Not the most terrifying ghost film ever made but I did enjoy it, especially Jane's spunkiness and determination as well as the twisted ending and would recommend it to anyone not going into the film with hopes of being scared witless. I give it 7 out of 10 for good acting, chemistry, cinematography and story.
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Pushing Daisies (2007–2009)
I Love This Show!
1 October 2008
I love Pushing Daisies. I love the stories, acting and narration. I really love all the colors, everything is so vibrant and colorful. The stories are fun and attention grabbing. Lee Pace is an amazing leading man who keeps this show alive. I'm not a big fan of Anna Friel but I think she's adorable and sweet as Chuck. Kristin Chenoweth as Olive and Chi McBride are just pure wonderful. The show is very different from anything else on right now, with a different feel that I think really sets it apart from a lot of shows on. I suggest watching this show if you like funny and a bit silly shows that revolve around a very sweet and kind character with fun plots and great acting. Needless to say, I tune in every week and plan to continue!
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One Fine Day (1996)
One Fine Movie
9 September 2008
This is one of my favorite guilty pleasures. I saw this movie when it came out with my mom (we're both Michelle and George fans) and it's become one of my "feel good" movies, along with Sleepless in Seattle and Amelie. The film is great, with great performances, cinematography and music. It's the kind of movie that makes you feel good. I love all the things that keep happening throughout the course of the day and how Michelle keeps getting on her clothes! It's a bit like Pride and Prejudice with the dislike and banter the two lead characters. A real winner with charm and wit, that's a guaranteed smile-maker! One of the best films of 1996 and if you haven't seen it, what the heck are you waiting for?
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The Mummy (1999)
Sit Back and Enjoy The Ride
16 August 2008
I saw this movie in theaters, a week after it came out and it's been a love affair since. I went to see this movie because I ADORE Brendan Fraser whom I saw in Encino Man and George of the Jungle. From the first scene I was hooked, keeping my eyes glued to the screen. I thought the story was fun and fantastic with great dialogue by all the main characters and great action scenes that make you root for the good guys. Historically it may not be totally accurate (I see posts about the Plagues) but this movie didn't have a disclaimer stating 'this film is based on historical or biblical fact'. So if your interested in a fun, enjoyable, kick-back and enjoy flick this is the one for you. Great acting, directing, writing and fighting. 10 stars!!!
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She's the Man (2006)
She's The MAN!
23 April 2008
This film is so great! I have loved Amanda since her All That days and I was so glad to see her take on a transforming role that shows off not only her acting skills but her amazing comic abilities. As a Shakespeare fan, I was very impressed on how all the elements of the play were still present in this film as well as appealing to a younger audience with some extremely talented cast. Channing Tatum breaks out in this film and this film brings Amanda Bynes up to movie star rank in my book. A really great film!

I give this film 10 stars for clever writing, and pretty much non stop laughs, and great directing.
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Chuck & Larry
7 March 2008
Warning: Spoilers
First off let me say that I am a HUGE supporter of Gay Rights and have had lots of gay friends, and I'm also a bi-sexual woman. To me, love is love no matter race/sex/religion. I didn't find offense in this film, but it wasn't meant to offend. In the beginning, Chuck does say the word 'faggot' quite a lot which made me uncomfortable, but again, he was saying it as a word, not a derogatory term. I thought this film was very enjoyable and shows how Chuck goes from using that term, to defending them. He's accepted by this community, questions asked and he sees that they are just people living their lives how they feel they should. I think it's a good example of what people do think until they get to know someone who's gay. It was a movie about love, acceptance and respect and I think it excelled at it. Sure, there were gay jokes, but most of my gay friends loved to tell them and comment on how stupid and wrong they were. If this movie offended you, I'm quite sure that was not the film makers intentions, and just accept it as a eye opening film. There's lots of comedy, lots of good tender moments, and lots of some very sweet scenes showing the love these two men have for each other without being gay.
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Amélie (2001)
A Touching Film that Touches All the Big Things
5 March 2008
This is one of my favorite films ever, and every time I watch it my entire body tingles and my face hurts from all the smiling. This is a rare film that comes along every one and a while. Audrey Tantou is one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen and she brings a doe like presence to the screen as Amelie. A sweet story that shows us just how much the little things matter. A sweet and charming tale that leaves you satisfied, happy and longing for more. A masterful piece of art, it will be beloved for many many years, and I know I will watch it through out those years. This film will touch your heart and your mind. A wonderfully excellent picture!
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Not My Favorite Evil
2 March 2008
I love the first two Evil's, full of great action sequences, an intriguing plot and some great scenes and dialog. But after watching this one, I was left feeling a bit flat and disappointed. This was my least favorite and I thought some of the scenes were trying too hard to be like the other two films. Sure, it's better than some movies, but it's the worst and the let down of the series. The fact Jill and Angie's stories are just ignored completely upset me, and I thought some of the scenes jumped too quickly. I hope they make a 4th just to tie up all the loose ends and hopefully they'll get a different director who will be able to take this series back into the right direction.
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