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Hostel (2005)
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Only one word.... kabinky, 7 January 2006

My only question is this: Why is Quentin Tarantino's name even on this film???? They should rename the film "Breasts and Blood," maybe that way it would make some sense and the viewer would have a complete picture of what they were about to get themselves into. Lets talk about unnecessary nudity. Don't get me wrong, I like a little nudity in a horror flick, in fact, it's usually expected, but this movie goes far and beyond the point of normal. There is so much needless nudity that it actually becomes a turn-off. And now the blood.... oh boy the blood... I don't like ruining movies regardless of how bad they were, but lets just say you won't be gasping in terror... you'll be "cringing" at how they cover just about every way there is to make a movie goer reach for a body part and go 'ouchhh... i can almost feel that." Aside from the above mentioned, the movie does merit watching... but only in a group... and only if you'r willing to laugh through the entire movie with the rest of the audience. I personally hate when people cheer and comment during a movie... but in this case.. its simply necessary

oh... and as for kabinky? don't worry, it doesn't give anything away... its just the only think my friends and I took out of that movie... that and some nacho cheese...

Bloodsport (1988)
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Greatest movie of all time... fighting that is, 10 December 2005

Honestly... this is my favorite movie of all time. I'm a huge action fan and this movie remains to this day my favorite fighting movie... nay, favorite movie period, of all time. Granted, there is no good acting and there was no reason for all the splits the man performs, but damn it the tournament was the greatest in-movie fighting tournament I've ever seen. Never duplicated or improved upon. Yes, they did stereotype everyone in the world.... literally, but boy was it funny... and oh so entertaining to see how they put the fights together.

Greatest fighting movie of all time... a perfect cult classic... and the ultimate treat for the Van Damm fan

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Great movie... people should stop being so serious and enjoy it, 10 December 2005

First off.... I absolutely love this movie. It's such a treat to a fan with a good imagination.

Secondly, why would anyone in their right mind take this kind of movie seriously, to the point of bashing it for things like "being to fake" and "not sticking to the Mario bro's storyline." People, in the games all Mario did was jump around, bop things on the head, throw fireballs around, and fly. If they would have made movies about that people would be asleep before the first 5 minutes. This movie was meant to entertain and captivate, and it certainly does the trick.

They took the classic game and adapted it to a fantasy reality that parallels our own and for that, it was simply brilliant. The rendition of koopa-manhattan was great and is not something that people should criticize. The city adds life the the movie, it makes it real in it's own fantastic way. It makes the city so crazy it works. And boy oh boy did those goomba's make me laugh.

I love this movie for everything it relates to the game and everything it added to make it a more fun-filled ride. If you love the games and have an open minded imagination, this is a must watch movie

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Great, absolutely great, but won't make much sense for a non-fan, 3 December 2005

I just saw the movie and must say, it's a masterpiece. The graphics... well, they were just amazing. Although some fight scenes, at times, was a bit fast and hard to get used to, after the first couple fights there should be no problem following everyone around. Other then that, the visuals could not have been better. The sound was excellent as well. All of the wonderful melodies I remember from the game oh so long ago were there. The story was also great. It meshed very well with the game and the flashbacks were very much appreciated. The only point i would bring up is that in order to fully appreciate this movie you MUST be a fan and have played the game... all of it, all the characters, everything. There are allusions made throughout the entire film, and for those who didn't live through the experience, there is too much to miss, although the fight scenes make up for much of this since they're just breathtaking.

My final comment is this: great graphics, wonderful score, and strong story. A terrific adventure for the FFVII fan. If you remember the game and power it had, you MUST see this movie, if you didn't... well... it just might be worth it for the fight scenes.