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not as bad as people make it out to be, but definitely not good........, 30 May 2008

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one thing that bugs me about HM and a lot of other Disney shows is that they're about 14 and 15 year old's but are going to be watched by 8 and 9 year olds so they invariably present a candy-coated version of life and ignore most teen issues, since the little kids aren't mature enough to deal with them. that apart, some of the shows like Lizzie McGuire and Phil of the future are still quite enjoyable: HM however is just sad.the show is about average teenager Mylie Stewart, who lives a double life as teen pop sensation Hannah Montana...problem- how to keep her identity a secret? solution-a tacky blonde wig and clothes that are so glittery they take all the attention off her face......brilliant disguise. the show has all the stereotypical characters: the laid back, trying too hard to be cool dad, gross, stupid brother, complete opposite girl best friend, slightly dorky, trying to fit in boy best friend, plastic snobs who ritually make mylie's life hell etc etc. the acting is pretty bad, almost everyone overacts, SPECIALLY mylie Cyrus in the lead role. the sets are amazingly unrealistic, the gags overdone, the plots weak and the characters uninspiring. another annoying thing is the inconsistency. in one episode lily (the best friend) is totally going gaga over Hannah's designer clothes, in the next she's a "cool, skateboarder chick" who apparently couldn't care less about fashion. one day mylie's love interest Jake is a complete jerk with an ego the size of mt.everest, and in the next he's a complete sweetheart, having stars named after mylie and other cheesy crap. mylie is a horrible example- rude, obnoxious, narcissistic,treats her friends like dirt, has no respect for her family but always gets what she wants in the end anyway.

all in all anyone with half a brain who isn't a girl below the age of 10 should be able to see through the mediocre attempt at restoring Disney's status that is Hannah Montana

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better than i expected, 4 May 2008

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This movie was quite a bit better than I expected it to be. Though definitely not as good as the first one, compared to most Disney sequels (the worst being Atlantis:Milo's Return) it was fairly enjoyable. Simba, because of his own childhood experiences, is really, really overprotective of his daughter Kiara, and has Timon and Pumba on her tail 24/7. One day, after slipping away from them, she meets another cub, Kovu. The two hit it off instantly but their friendship is cut short when both their families arrive on the scene. It turns out that Kovu is part of Scar's pride(where were they in the first movie?) which Simba banished after Scar's death.The incident inspires Scar's mate Zira to hatch a plan to take over the Pridelands. When Kovu grows up she arranges for him to save Kiara's life and thus gain admittance into Simba's pride. Kovu and Kiara fall in love but when Zira ambushes Simba he becomes convinced that Kovu is destined to follow in Scar's paw prints( Kovu is Scar's heir but not actually his son) and re-exiles him. Kovu, who has detached himself from Zira's pride, sets of by himself and is soon joined by Kiara, who's run away from home to be with him. At the climax, the two young lions stop their prides from going into battle and the two groups resolve their differences and merge, except for Zira who refusing to accept Kiara's help, falls into a ravine and dies. The characters are interesting and the music, though not as good as LK1 is pretty good for the most part. All in all, it's definitely worth a watch.

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surprisingly interesting, 26 April 2008

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This show is probably meant for people younger than me but I actually really enjoy it. Its basically set at a teen magazine, where to get sales up, all the regular writers are replaced by teenagers. The show covers the lives of teen buzz magazine's five columnists - Rebecca, Amanda, Wilder, Noah and Michael who write about teen issues, fashion, gaming, music and gossip respectively. Its an interesting new concept and maybe the acting is not brilliant but it's pretty good for first timers. The characters are funny and likable and a lot of the humor is situational and slapstick but that doesn't make it less funny. I also like the undercurrents of romance, namely between Noah and Rebecca and also Wilder and Amanda. The best thing though is that 14&15 year olds are played by 14&15 year olds and not by people in their 20s. I think if you're looking for realism, intelligence or serious material then this probably isn't the show for you, but as a cute, leave your intellect by the front door kinda kids show, it definitely reaches the mark.

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god i love this show!, 3 September 2007

Gilmore Girls is my favorite TV show of all times. they only aired the first 2 seasons in India but i've watched the rest on DVD or read it online. it's very refreshing to find a show where the protagonist isn't sneaking around her mother's back but has an open relationship with her. the chemistry between Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel who play Lorelai and her daughter Rory is really great. all the acting is excellent and the characters, though extremely quirky, are still believable. the residents of stars hollow show all the amusing bizarreness of small town life, which is contrasted by the endless snobbishness and social norms that make up the high society life of Lorelai's parents. on one hand there are dance-athons and firelight festival's while on the hand you have cotillions, DAR meetings and cocktail parties. all the character's develop a lot and there's a happy ending for more or less everybody. there are dramatic elements but also a lot of very witty humor. Rory's boyfriends are all incredibly hot as are her friend Lane's. basically it's a cool, funny, very satisfying show which encompasses all the aspects of life and gives you a feeling of -if you work hard enough and wait patiently, you'll get what you want even if it wasn't what you intended.

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disappointed, 18 February 2006

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I am a huge fan of the first Princess Diaries but this movie didn't really live up to my expectations. In this film, Mia, now a college graduation goes to Genovia permanently to inherit the throne. However, she finds out that Nicholas, the cute guy she was flirting with at her birthday ball will inherit the throne unless she gets married in a month. A suitable suitor is found from amongst the British aristocracy but the devious viscount sends Nicholas ,his nephew to brake up Mia and Andrew's relationship.Though the viscount's attempts to publicly embarrass Mia are unsuccessful, Nicholas succeeds in charming Mia and she walks away from the altar.When Nicholas finds out about his uncle's plot to steal the throne, he cycles to the castle on a penny-farthing.Mia is crowned and along the way Clarrise and Joe get married.Lily also finds her Prince Charming in a police officer. The nicest part of the movie was that Eric Bragg who plays Bobby Bad in the first movie returns in another minor role. I thought that the size-of-a-room-wardrobe and the unbelievable sleepover were a bit too cheesy. The movie was cute and fluffy but it didn't hold a candle to the first one.

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wow!, 18 February 2006

This movie was absolutely amazing.Every single person in the theater was moved to tears.When you watch things like this happening in historical movies it doesn't seem as real.But when you see people in today's world making these sacrifices for their country , it really touches your heart. This movie made me realize that as the youth of India, it's our job to take the future of this country in our hands.The acting is superb.I really realized just how talented these actors are after watching this movie.The screenplay, direction and dialog were all excellent. Also this was one of those rare movies where the romantic angle is appropriately's there but it's subtle and natural.The songs also fit right in.The music is amazing.This movie is really inspirational and is a must see for Indians and non-Indians alike.

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i would summarize this movie by saying AAAAAAAAAARGH, 2 December 2005

OK I watched this movie. Someone needs to kick me. WHY must the Olsen twins insist on subjecting the world to this putrid torture? This was another movie of watching the Olsen twins travel to an exotic location, meet some cute guys,look pretty and have everyone drooling over them.the direction,the plot development,ugh the acting. i don't know about the U.S., but in my country it is considered extremely stupid to hop onto the bike of a guy u met like,10 minutes back. though i'm now convinced that these girls will never learn to act, i really hope that one day we'll get to watch a movie with an original,even slightly plausible plot.