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Prometheus (2012/I)
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Absorbing viewing - but yet more questions raised than answered., 3 June 2012

Everyone will have a different view on this film, you'll find some despise it, some think it's awesome and some like me, think it could have been a masterpiece but missed that "something else".

Cast: Wonderful cast and they seem to fit into their roles amazingly, I had absolutely no idea that Guy Pearce was Weyland. The star of the show is undoubtedly Michael Fassbender.

Plot: This is where you will either like it or not, I did, but I thought there could have been just a bit more given in terms of the agenda of those "Engineers".

Effects: It's by no means an Avatar, it won't take your breath away when it comes to the special effects, but you don't go away thinking it's exactly a low budget movie either. So I'm in between on this.

Go watch it for yourself and make your own mind up. I know people who thoroughly enjoyed it and have a completely different taste in entertainment to me, and there's others I know who enjoy practically everything I do and yet hated Prometheus.

If you do go to watch it, you'll come out with me questions that need answering, than where actually answered in the movie.

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The Most Boring and Dull Movie Ever., 9 May 2006

I watched this movie about 3 years ago, it was on the shelf sticking out in my local video shop and on the cover it send "one of the funniest movies of the year", I decided to rent it expecting a light comedy or something remotely close to that, instead I came across the most dull and boring movie that I have ever seen.

Lost In Translation is quite simply the most over rated trash that has ever come out of Hollywood. Recently someone told me that it won an Oscar or two that year, how on earth this got an Oscar defies everything the human species have come to be. I don't ever want to hear the words Lost In Translation again, it will make me cry.

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A Memorable & Stunning Movie In Every Way. The Perfect Movie., 8 May 2006

There comes a time once every few years when you see a movie which is so good it overtakes everything else that you have ever seen before. The Green Mile overtook every single movie that I have ever watched, it left Braveheart years behind the moment I watched, Braveheart was my previous favourite movie.

There comes a time in one's life when they you are left aghast, speechless and perhaps overwhelmed by a movie that you have watched. I was left heartbroken, overwhelmed and flabbergasted after watching The Green Mile.

Tom Hanks is talented actor, of that there is no question, we all know he can produce some very good performances in every movie he takes on, but we should acknowledge his ability to choose the better movies to act in, I have yet to see an awful movie which Hanks has participated in, they are all either OK, good or brilliant movies. Hanks doesn't disappoint us in The Green Mile, it is one of his 3 best performances for sure, in my opinion it comes slightly behind Forrest Gump and Philadelphia.

Frank Darabont doesn't have a big portfolio, but the one he does have, however small is may be, is very impressive. The Green Mile is his greatest achievement, he will have to go a lone way to even come close to matching it, but he owes almost all of it to Mr Stephen King, for the movie was based on his book and having read the book as well I have to say there is very little different from the book and the movie.

The cast is perfect, Michael Clarke Duncan, produces one of the finest performances that I have seen for a very very long time, he played the big, dumb, soft and lovable John Coffey in a way that no one else could. The performance of Micheal Clarke Duncan is very underrated, it is in the same league as Edward Longshanks in Braveheart, a very much overlooked performance that the Academy Awards failed to acknowledge.

The soundtrack for The Green Mile is very haunting and aids the movie very well, it is not one to listen to on it's own though, it would make one almost too depressed to recover.

I could go on and on, I wish I had the time, but I don't, The Green Mile is simply breathtaking. Is it really 3 hours long? I am not sure, it felt like 1 and half hours whilst I was watching it.

I don't think I will see a movie even half as good as this for a very very long time, that was my thought back in 2000 when I watched it. I am hoping that Tom Hanks delivers another masterpiece in The Da Vinci Code, otherwise I don't see a truly great movie coming out of Hollywood for many many a year.

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A Pulsating Action Thriller., 4 May 2006

I have seen EOS 3 times now, I watched it last night and enjoyed it more than I did before.

EOS is simply a riveting action thriller which goes at the speed of light. It is the best part of a decade since the movie came out, but if even half of what we saw in EOS is to believed then it is frightening to think of what technology is out there today and what it is used for.

The acting led by Will Smith, Jon Voight and Gene Hackman is top notch. The action scenes are roller coaster like and the climax of the movie is one of the best for an action that I have seen.

All in all EOS is a thought provoking action thriller, a very good one at that.

Con Air (1997)
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A Spectacular High Octane Action Movie., 4 May 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Con Air is perhaps slightly behind Face Off and The Rock in terms of the story and cast for the movie, but it is still a festival of carnage if ever there was one.

From the unusually tame start, which (hold your breath) sees Nicolas Cage get into a street brawl, to the stunning finale, Con Air is a thrill a minute ride.

Con Air is action, explosions, fights and swearing, it is nothing else, pure and simple it is a movie to to have fun watching. No story, no thought provoking drama is in this movie, it is just slam bang doree action from the to the end.

The bad guys are perfectly cast, perhaps John Malkovich is the start of the movie, he is the core and it is he who runs most of the show.

I was thoroughly entertained by this movie and advise you watch it when you can.