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Always surprising Belgium, 5 January 2010

I saw this movie yesterday. I was drawn to it because it won the golden Amphora at the "Festival de Quend du film grolandais", an independent movie festival. Seeing the film poster with naked hairy guys cycling, I knew that I would have some fun but how far will they go? In fact, the movie alternates quite hilarious scenes with drunk people with more dramatic sequences. With this consideration, the movie is finally closer to English dramedies that are used to show working class characters and, finally, whatever strange they are, you feel some sympathy for those guys. It's quite comforting to see people who don't care about the others (or perhaps even about anything) but you also see that there are consequences. For sure, this movie is not about preventing the audience from drinking or about giving any lesson. Following the story of Gunther, you just follow the day to day life of a hillbilly family with its ups and downs (a little more ups in the movie). Like they say in "Les cahiers du cinema", Felix van Groeningen makes you love and care for these model people in the same manner as John Cassavetes was able to do. In a nutshell, go and see it (except if you are a feminist of course).

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Scorcese is back, 27 January 2007

Today, I was wandering in Paris and by chance I found a cinema that was still playing it. I took my chance and was not disappointed at all. Forget about "Gangs of New-York" or the Aviator, Scorcese is back. Even DiCarpaccio rules!!! For once, he is credible in his role of a sensible, fragile guy. Even if the movie is quite long, you never get bored. The plot is very good, quite complex but always very credible. Violence is also very present, reminding me of Casino. Even some (funny) references to Taxi driver (movie theater scene)... I Haven't seen the Japanese version but I think I will have a look to see how different it is. Especially at the end, I couldn't help thinking of some influence of the Japanese way of filming. Go for it!!!!!!